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Well, you get the picture.

I am gonna have some info up on the Obano policing force made up soon.

--- Quote ---I'm gonna be Truth, a superhero who can fly, cling to walls, shoot red and grey energy out his hands, and read peoples minds. Oh and hes really agile and fast.

P.S: Is it possible for a charecter to have an evil opposite, or turns evil for a bit or something like that?
--- End quote ---

1 character per person, if you want that you have to have another to agree to play it.

I'm totally in on this.

My guy will not be a superhero per se...

Name: Richard B. Likely

Age: 27

Occupation: Machinist

Bio: Richard B. Likely was born in a small town in the United States. He spent most of his time building contraptions and after sending the dining room table into the neighbor's house, was sent off to a trade school to hone his "skills". After many years learning the ways of machinery Richard found his way to Portland, Oregon where he found work as head engineer maintaining the flagship of the Obano Travel Corporation, the Golden Heron. Work on the Heron has exposed Richard to some of the most intricate and powerful systems in the world and his knowledge is unmatched. Too bad nobody really knows about him. The Heron is considered the most luxurious way to travel to Obano and only the super wealthy board the ship.

In his spare time (There is a lot since he is just so darn good at his job) Richard spends time in his quarters constructing things and experimenting. He has the whole lower level of the ship to himself and his workers and there are plenty of places where he can disappear to in order to further his work. His pride and joy is what he calls the "Resonance Inhibitor". This device is a pair of gloves that are attached to a mid-sized backpack and when calibrated properly, cause massive resonation to take place within the target. It is enough to take down most walls and materials and can kill a person, however Richard does not see his invention as a weapon.

Aside from his regular work, Richard has a small clientèle that bring him things to "modify". He has seen much of the world and is back and forth between Portland and Obano regularly. He finds the whole concept of Obano fascinating and has had the honor of seeing the terraforming machines that made the continent at work. One day he hopes to improve upon their design and maybe even find a mechanical solution to the global warming problem.

Super Power: Evaluate. This power is the product of Richard's years spent working with machines and the like. He has the uncanny ability to diagnose a situation and figure out what has to be done to get out of said situation. Think Macgyver.

How is that? Tell me if anything is wrong.

Once I get your "okay" I will start.

Great! Everyone else who wants to join post in this thread and use a format similiar to Pats, you can then start immediately.

Krakow Sam:
Name: Arthur Fab
Age: 31

Occupation: International  Super-Spy

Bio: Arthur Fab is undoubtedly the world's greatest secret agent. Years of training and such have left him with the skill to kill anyone with anything and always come up with a pithy remark afterwards. Although he can employ stealth, he prefers the more direct approach of shooting people with big guns and driving around in his latest super-car. He also has at his disposal a series of gadgets of varying effectiveness.

Super Powers:

Super-mental discombobulation: A minor psychic field generated by Fab causes any villains who may have captured him to reveal to him their plan in its entirety, and then leave him to die in a very elaborate but very slow manner from which he can surely escape.

Super-Not being hit by bullets: Although this may not in fact be a superhuman ability, Fab is almost never hit in a large and extravagent firefight. Any shots which do connect are always to non-vital areas, or those padded with tea-trays or bibles.

Super-Toxin-tolerance: Fab can drink endless cocktails and smoke endless cigarettes without suffering the ill effects of cirrosis or lung or heart disease.

Super Sexativity: Despite clearly being a smarmy jerk, Fab is incredibly attractive to all women and most men.

okay, guess i'll elaborate here...

Name: Dr. Julius Sutherford
Age: 53
<--(since I know you all love it) :P

Occupation: Megalomaniac

Bio: As a boy, Sutherford was raised in Indiana by his hippie parents. Being a genius, he craved knowledge, which was not to delivered to him by his hippie parents' hippie home-schooling. He longed for the day when he could escape to a real school. After discovering at an early age his psycic powers, he honed his skills until, on his 15th birthday, he calmly looked at his parents...and made their heads explode.
Put into foster care, and finally able to live like a normal boy, Sutherford quickly made his way through high school, and attended a remote, ivy-league college. After 20 or so years, he had earned a doctorate in all of the major sciences and mathematics. It was at this time that he perfected many of his psycic skills.
After becoming rich, and deciding that the rest of humanity was undeserving of his power, he became a recluse, buying a large mansion in eastern Europe. After brainwashing numerous inhabitants, he converted the mansion into a gigantic, underground base of operations. This included a state-of-the-art laboratory, where he invents and experiments with new weapons, bio-weapons, and other technologies. Apart from his inventions, he spends the rest of his time covertly stealing money from European countries, and taking part in other shady operations, to provide ever-more funding for his work.
He hopes to one day take over the world, using his numerous creations, and become the Earth's Supreme Leader (leading from a secret moon base, of course).
Super Powers: After years of training, practicing, and experimenting with his psycic powers, Sutherford has learned numerous techniques. These include, among other things: making one's head explode by looking at them; mind control of the weak, and general telepathic communication.


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