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Spore: General / Discovery Channel's "Alien Planet"
« on: May 02, 2005, 04:21:43 pm »
Finally, science programming! (Hi, first ever post. *waves*)

I came across a banner (on for something called 'Alien Planet.' After blinking a couple times, my first thought was: "Is this Spore, in some twisted marketing campaign?" Well, bad news is that its not Spore and I realize the EA media gag order is still presently in effect. Good news is that, come May 14th, we can all salivate over something that could resemble Spore gameplay.

Here's the 'about' section -
...and here's the splash screen, the page the banner took me -

There's a lot of stuff on the site including the fictional back-story (including a tour of the fictional interstellar ship -- USS Enterprise it is not), video interviews with "big thinkers and scientists" such as Steven Hawking and Michio Kaku, and an image gallery.

So yeah, do you know what you're doing the night of May 14th?

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