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Spore: General / Yet more GA problems
« on: June 27, 2009, 10:25:59 am »
I can't seem to find an answer in any other topic, so I'll make my own.

I installed GA yesterday, and what do I get? THE ENTIRE COMPUTER CRASHES! 10 FREAKING TIMES! Reinstalling fixed the random crashes, but now that I can actually PLAY the game, I can't run any adventures! I run windows XP by the way.

Help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

This I dea I've kept for a while. The idea is that a huge race is held by the United Federation of the Bino. Any race can join with any vehicle. The prize I have not determined. The challenges, (Not necessarily all competitions of speed) would be held on multiple planets, each with unique and special features. There really are no conditions, except win, and no killing unless completely necessary.

Character and vehicle sheet:

 Team name:

 Character (Can be multiple)
Bio (I require this):

Name(Not required):
Max. Speed:

You can have as many teams as you want.

Spore: General / Spore isn't loading my creatures!
« on: April 29, 2009, 08:42:42 am »
I can get into spore, the sporepedia loads, but none of the tabs appear! Only the loading sign. Can someone help? ???

Spore: Creation Corner / Just a creature idea.
« on: April 20, 2009, 08:26:43 pm »

I originally intended this outlandish creature to fill the space of the Ni'Calls, but... it didn't.
The design began with the question "How crazy can I make a creature and still have it look realistic?" So it's like this.
The head is very, very hard, used for hitting trees to knock food out of them, and stun opponents/prey.
It was originally a biped (Not really) but its 'back' leg evolved into a basic grasper.
The respiratory system is highly efficient, with a constant in one hole and out the other system. The air comes in through the gills behind the head and flows through the body and out the legs to carry oxygen more directly. The back leg was made to look like a tailpipe, like a hot rod, going with the fast runner attribute.

What do you think? I have no idea where to take them... If you like this, I may continue it.

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / The NEW fanfic scale thread!
« on: March 24, 2009, 07:31:39 pm »
I want to make a chart showing sizes of all the ships used in recent RPs. So if you would be so kind as to either PM as many pictures of ships as you can, or post them here. Thanks!

Spore: Creation Corner / Riethera
« on: March 11, 2009, 08:39:19 pm »
This will most likely be my last creature.

Okay, frist and foremost, "Riethera" is the plural form in their language of the name Riether, this species:
(This gives you and me a good idea of body plan, which, though, I'm still working on.)

The Riether are a race of reptillians originating on Brithora. After their planet slowly started heating up, even their heat regulating back fans could'nt cope with it, so they moved to the more temperate caverns lining their planet. These caverns are a spelunking enthusiast's dream, some tunnels go on for hundreds of miles. Despite their violent looking exterior, they view all-out war as "A waste of valueable time and energy". Riether are obseesed with status, and are determined to be the best.

Alien sheet: Riether

(Section 1 -- Biology)
Type                 : Underground
Appearance           : Reptillian
Gravity preferences  : 1.35 - 2 g
Temperature pref.    : 15 to 21 °C
Atmosphere breathed  : Nitrogen/Oxygen
Body cover           : Scaled
Body color           : Iron Oxide
Hair                 : None
Hair color           : None
Eyes                 : Two, Luminous, Slitted Pupil
Eyes color           : White, Glowing
Body characteristics : Long Tail, Claws, Very large spinal fan
Diet                 : Omnivore, Primarily carnivore and insectivore
Sexual reproduction  :
Reproduction method  :
Limbs pair n° 1 : Primary set of arms, used for running
Limbs pair n° 2 : Smaller, more dexterous claws
Limbs pair n° 3 : legs
Mass :  218 kg
Size :  366 cm

(Section 2 -- Culture)
  Militancy       : 18
  Determination   : 20
  Racial tolerance: 15
  Progressivness  : 12
  Loyalty         : 15
  Social cohesion : 10
  Art             : 14
  Individualism   : 19
  Body            : 17
  Mind            : 11
  Speed           : 15
  Lifespan        : 100 earth years
  Tech level      : 7

(Section 3 -- Government and Religion)
Government type   : Meritocracy
Religion          : Elementism
Devotion          : Good

(Section 4 -- Extra things you should know)
Special abilities:
Acute Hearing
Acute Vision
Bonus skills
Cold blooded biology
Fast healing
Field sense
Heat sensitivity
Light sensitivity
Night Vision
Odious racial habit
Perfect balance
Spatial orientation
Spectrum vision
Time sense
Ultrasonic hearing


(Still working on this part)

Their homeworld was named Xofiram by the Ni'Calls surveying team that found it, it's called Brithora by the inhabitants
(Section 1 -- System)
Star: (Name of Star)
Star Type: (Color (blue, white, yellow, red) and size (giant, medium, dwarf, etc.))
Planet #1: (Name of the planet closest to your star. Is it a hot rock? An ice ball? Asteroid belt? Gas giant? Habitable?)
Planet #2: (Rinse and repeat. Put as many of these as you need.)

(Section 2 -- Terrain and Atmosphere)
Size: (Compared to Earth)
Gravity: (Earth = 1g)
Average Temperature: Mild to Cool
Liquid: (Where's the water/magma/ice/other fluid on your planet. Are there oceans? Or are they more like lakes? Or puddles?)
Land-Liquid Ratio: 1% Water Topside, 70% Water Underground
Average Terrain: Topside is evenly cooked all around, with few mountains but spectacular landforms like canyons, buttes, mesas, etc. etc. etc.
Continents: (How many major land masses are there?)
Density: (How thick is your atmosphere? No Atmosphere, thin, average, dense, very dense)
Composition: (Gas list below)
Length of Day: (In Earth Hours)
Length of Year: (In Earth Days)

(Section 3 -- Life)
Main Species: Riether (Native)
Native Animals:
Imported Animals: None
Native Plants:
Imported Plants: None

(Section 4 -- Development)
Structures: Surface structures look like those of Tatooine, relatively small, domed structures, Underground more expansive, though still made of plaster
% Urban: 2% Topside, 30% Underground
Spaceports: None as of yet
Imports: see above
Exports: look up

Atmospheric gasses:
Carbon Dioxide
Carbon Monoxide

I hope for comments and constructive criticism soon! ;D

Spore: Creation Corner / The Ni'Calls
« on: February 07, 2009, 10:18:18 am »

Fist of all, the name Ni'Calls come from the rule of their language that a possessive like belonging to, or theirs, or came from. Ni'Calls means "From Calla", The Ni'Calls homeworld.Their system is simple, with 3 rocky planets, 3 gas giants, and a relatively large star. An interesting part of their system is that it's shrouded in a nebula.(this was the reason for that seemingly random question in the Bino thread. They are amphibious, originating in Calla's oceans. They have adapted to withstand wild temperature and pressure fluctuations, and can "swim" in the nebula. A popular Ni'calls sport is cross-system swimming, from space stations in orbit. Physical features are:

they manipulate objects with their tentacles by the aid of suction cup-like depressions on one side of their tentacles

They breathe by their skin

Their eye is adapted to see in very low light, useful in the ocean depths.

They have no bones, only stiffer areas inside their bodies, this is how you usually find Keyal in the student life RP crammed down the toilets. :P

Kikat's answer hour!:

Race name: Ni'Calls

Reason or meaning of name: Technically, I thought of the name after seeing this: Ingalls Turret Cab Locomotives

Nickname(s) given to the race by other races/groups: They're called Squishies by other races.

Reason(s) or meanings of nickname(s):  because they are squishy, and they are your friend (Get the reference for the win!)

Where does this race live?:

What is the environment around them like?: Nebula, a very interesting surrounding.

How have they adapted to it?: Their biology is adapted to be able to fly, so they can even fly from the planet to space.

How does it affect them?: They don't have rockets, untill the discovery of empty space they used airplanes.

How is their society organized?: Children, adults, elders

If there is a hierarchy, what is it based on?:

How do these people govern themselves?: An established set of ethics and logic govern the behavior of their society.

Do they live in an empire?: As of this moment they are part of the Bino, which in turn are part of the United Society, composed of the Goonal, Perrachi, and Bino.

A league of nations?: They have individual nations in a union

How are leaders chosen?: The most intelligent adult is used, advised by a council of elders

How large is the society?: the society encompasses all of their solar system.

Is this race the only intelligent species on their world?: yes.

If so, how do they feel about this? Proud? Lonely? Do they know/care?:They are proud that they developed intelligence, but since the beginning of history they have pondered of life outside of their system.

===Biological Anatomy===

Is the race unicellular or multicellular?: They are multicellular, but have characteristics of a single cell.

How does the race breathe?: lungs, but can also use their skin directly.

What is the circulatory system like?: Every cell gets an individual portion of blood; their circulatory system is very intricate.

What/How does the race eat?: They typically enjoy sour/sweet foods. They ingest it by making a cavity in their skin, adding digestive cells to the skin in the cavity, and moving the food into their "mouth"

How does the race grow/mature?: Their body plan stays almost exactly the same way from birth to death. They grow from the nutrients in their food.

How do they reproduce?: Male and female, or ambiguous genes, are combined in the female, and the New One grows to a certain size, than breaks off.

Are they warm or cold-blooded?: warm blooded, to survive the cold ocean depths.

What kind of symmetry does this race possess?:

Where are their sense organs located?: Their eye and digestive system always stay where they are, but other organs move around, come and go, whenever they need to.

How are bodily wastes eliminated?: Liquefied, than sweated out.

From where are they eliminated?: Their skin expells it.

What is the body cavity like? Are the organs specialized/highly developed?: Their body is filled with jelly-like cells, which can compile into organs.

What kind of structural support does the race have?: a substance similar to cartilage.

How does your race move?: Either by flying, of hopping on their single leg. The latter is much slower.

Does it move?: Uh, yeah...

How does it grip things?: The tentacles are very dexterous, and the suction-depressions help grip things.

Does it have opposable thumbs?: No individual fingers at all.

Or prehensile tails or limbs like an elephant or octopus?: Yes, five tentacles

From where did the race’s "hands" develop?:  They were originally double-ended, so the tentacles were once toes

What kind of opposable thumb do they have?: None.

Could the hands have evolved from something other than the forefeet?: No.

What is the nervous system like?: Like the circulatory system, it is very intricate and dlivers info and instructions to every cell.

Does the race have a central nervous system?: Yes, a fairly large one.

Is the race intelligent?: Definitely, brainiacs by galactic standards.

Do they operate on instinct alone?: No, not at all.

Physical Appearance/Physiology:

===General Anatomy===

Common eye color(s): Bone white.

Common hair color(s): No hair

Common skin (or scales, or etc…) color(s): Jet black

Average Height (male/female): 5"

Average Weight (male/female): 80lb.

Average type of body/build (male/female): cephalopod

Predominate features:

Distinguishing marks (head crests, spots, tails): Their large eye is distinctly Ni'Calls I think.

Number of Sexes (male, female, neuter, hermaphroditic, etc):

Number of Gender(s):

Means of locomotion: Hopping about like a frog (or Gocket), of flying, blimp-fashion.

Average Lifespan (does it vary according to sex?): 200 years

Means of reproduction (egg laying, live birth, budding, etc.): budding/live birth not sure which it would be.

Number of children/birth: 4 on average

Number of limbs (arms, legs, tendrils, tails, etc.): 5, 10 counting the toes

Number of sense organs (eyes, ears, noses, mouths, etc.):1 eye, the rest is undefined

Most dominate sense (for humans, it tends to be sight): sight

Other senses (telepathy, pyrokinesis, etc.): again, undefined

Other abilities (flight, increased strength, etc.): flight in very low air pressure; swimming in very high water pressure.

Looks like: A bit like a squid octopus to me


Are there subraces/subcultures?: really only one well known

What are the ‘rules’ of the society as far as gender is concerned?: Gender doesn't matter in their culture.

How are children treated?: Respectfully, as they are a New Generation. They are also looked upon as hardworkers, helping the community whenever possible.

Is there some kind of coming of age ceremony?:.

How does this society educate its children?:

Are children taught by their elders?:

Is there a state-supported system of public schools, open to all citizens or are there private institutions open only to certain classes/groups?:

If there are limits, how well are they enforced?:

What sorts of knowledge are unallowed?:

How severe are the penalties for breaking these laws for the teacher?:

For the student?:

Do certain professions require different schooling?:

What is considered the minimum level of education necessary to be a successful adult?:

How are pregnant females treated?:

How are the elderly treated?:

How does this affect the raising of children?:

The transmission of knowledge?:

The concept of lineage and family?:

How does this race view the physically/mentally/emotionally disabled?:

What is considered to be disabled?:

What are racial views on intoxication?:

Is there a stigma associated with being intoxicated or is it just part of life or is it viewed as part of a religious ceremony?:

What makes people intoxicated?:

What does this race consider to be deviant behavior?:

Why are these people considered deviant and is the label fair or not?:

What is considered criminal behavior?:

How is this crime detected and how is it punished?:

How is marriage arranged?:

What type of marriage is common?:

Where do married couples/groups live?:

What is a marriage ceremony like?:

What other ceremonies are important and why?:

How is death viewed?:

What is the funeral ritual?:

How is grieving handled?:

How long do they last?:

How is inheritance determined?:

How important is birth order?:

How is the family organized?:

Who is in charge?:

How are children named?:

Is there some kind of ritual to it?:

Does a person’s name change through time?: Yes, once a child goes through the coming of age ceremony it chooses a name for itself.

Are names considered powerful?:

Does a person have a private name and a public name?: Not really.

How does this race relate to other sentient beings?:

Do they recognize other beings as sentient?: Yes.

How is this race perceived by its enemies and/or allies?: They are viewed as good friends, because their mastery of technology can be valuable.

Why are these groups enemies or allies?: They are completely

Have these alliances changed over the years?:

What does the race consider to be the ideals of their society?:

What is the worst thing you could do if you were a member of this race?:

What is the best/most noble thing you could do if you were a member of this race?:

What personality traits does this race admire?: Frendliness towards strangers (you wouldn't want a stranger to just randomly shoot YOU, would yow?), and intelligence instead of violence

What personality traits does this race despise?: Destructive and warlike tendencies. They can go so far as to quarrenitne them to their system(s)

Who or what does this race consider beautiful?: Art, specifically stylized patterns.

What makes up that image of beauty?: I'll make a picture.

What is valuable to this race?: Above all, Knowledge is the most important.

Do they like pie?: Yes!

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / First contact of the Bino
« on: January 19, 2009, 04:19:38 pm »
First Contact Was a massive feat of engineering for the Bino. It wass a giant Parabolic radio prejector designed for one thing: to contact an alien race. It was specifically built on its location on Khuris to be aimed at what appears to ba a habitable extrasolar planet. This was its transmission:

Spore: Creation Corner / The Bino
« on: January 08, 2009, 08:22:20 pm »

The Bino are a race of bird-like mammals originating from Khuris.
Name: Bino (BYE-noe)
Homeworld: Khuris
Type: Warm-blooded mammilian vertebrate
Gravity Preferences:0.85 earth gravity
Temperature Preferences: -25°F-45°F
Lifestyle: Social herbivore
Preferred Habitat: Temperate forest
Height: 4 feet on average
Weight:60 to 80 pounds
Diet: Various fruits
Forage Success Rate: Forage 90%
Natural Armor: Thick fur and primitive down feathers act almost like a bullet-resistant vest
Defenses: Relatively sharp claws
Graspers: Two hands with three fingers and one thumb
Method of Eating: They usually use their two-foot long, sticky toung to grab things to eat
Lifespan: 120-150 earth years
Gestation:2 earth years
Number of Offspring:1 to 3
Offspring Survival Rate: 75%
Gender Differences: Females have spot markings, while males have stripes
Civilization: Galactic Exploration Age
Archetype: Shaman

More to come later...
An organized handbook to the Bino

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