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Everything Else / I miss you Steve!!!
« on: September 28, 2006, 11:04:46 am »

Steve, my man...where are you? I've been stuck listening to all the other podcasts--but my favorite one (yes you), hasn't been released in a while. Now, of course I know you're busy as hell with new games, your kid, your wife, your life...but throw us a freak'in bone here...


Oh, and you know I'm still going to bug you about us NYC gamers meeting for a drink in the city. Still want to meet'cha man.

PC Games / Not just another GW vs. WoW thread:
« on: February 06, 2006, 09:30:07 am »
Hey Earf People,

Ok, so needless to say I started playing WoW, got really into it, reached level 40, and decided I'd had enough. The monthly payments got on my nerve-sack, and it was the deciding factor for cancelling my account.

So, after about 4 months, I began to itch for the MMO genre again. I had been hearing about GW for a long time and always wanted to give it a try, although when I was into WoW there was no need to, and to be honest, I was a bit of a WoW snob. Well after hearing a recent Glicker-cast about GW, I decided it was time for me to give it a day in court.

After loading it up, giving it a nice 9 lvl trial run, I have to say I really like the game. BUT ALAS! I have several major issues:

     *Where the heck is the ability to enchant weapons and armor? I understand that you can "upgrade" items in GW, but nothing compared to WoW. And you can customize a weapon for yourself making it more deadly in your hands...but this seems like a corner-cutter to me. I know this was all purposeful and that they didn't want people hording around a ton of inventory...but the "upgrade" enchant feature could have been made a little more interesting.

     *The statistics on players and weapons. Can someone tell me why they couldn't add a LITTLE more depth to the actual statics on a player or know like DPS or what your strength and armor and dexterity do to your AC...little things.

     *Another thing which I thought was great was the ability to examine other players (their weapons and armor, etc). This is an easy addition to the game. I want to be able to look at what another player is wearing or using. I really miss this.

     *The amount of actual armor and weapons is so much smaller than WoW. There are pretty much no unique items at all. The weapons and armor people are wearing are all similar. Where is the individuality? Weak.

Ok, well there are a few rants I have about GW. It is a beautiful game don't get me wrong...but there are certainly some patches that need to be put out to add a few simple (and not so simple) additions. Perhaps I'm just spoiled to death of WoW...which let's face it is a much better just ain't free.

Podcasts / Episode 32 Posted
« on: January 04, 2006, 08:42:37 am »

Now, don't get me wrong, I think Steve has great tastes, and I mostly agree with everything he says about games...but, I just couldn't sit idly by and let this massive misrepresentation go un-noted.

Battlefield 2:

Steve's mention of BF2 was tepid at best. In fact, it sounded like either he just doesn't like the BF series, never gave BF2 a real chance, or is one of the very small percentage of people that has trouble running BF2. He talked mostly about how it had major problems, and not one mention of how amazing it is.

Let me explain something first about myself--I am a FPShooter junky. I've been rocking every form of FPS for over 12 years...since the beginning of Wolf3D. I am extremely picky about all features of a FPS (graphics, sound, singleplayer/multiplayer, gameplay, balance, options, detail, physics, innovation, etc).

With that said, below are my top 5 FPShooters of all time:

1. Counterstrike-- (scores #1 because of the absolute silky smooth gameplay in every department. Also, the community and competition. And lastly the responsiveness and weapon/damage model) I am including CS:S and HL2 in this list as well, they all take that fair? Why sure it is. Valve is the king of the FPShooter genre, so be happy I'm only giving all their games one slot in this list.

2. BF2-- leagues above any other game which tries to do a MMOFPS. The shear detail and size of the environments are fantastic. The balance and gameplay is silky. The graphics are superb. The sound is amazing. The community is fantastic. Introduction of VOIP is a great addition (finally dammit). Squad and Commander implementation is a major plus. 60 player maps are so fun to play. The weapon/damage model is perfectly balanced.  And lastly but not least, the amount of vehicles/aircraft and weapons available.

BF2 not only scored an average of 90% on Gamerankings, but has also been praised all over as being one of the best FPShooters ever. Just recently, I was listening to PCGAMER Podcast and in doing their game picks of the year, several of the speakers mentioned BF2 as their top pick, and what they can't stop playing.

------------The ONLY problems with this game are the load times and server browser (browser almost fixed with latest patch).

------------and another thing, I'd like you all to be aware of something--my system specs:

*Dual PIII 1ghz
*1 gig SDram
*GeForce FX 5600 (256)

My video card isn't even supported, yet gameplay is smooth enough for me (on all low settings) that I not only enjoy the game, but personally give it GOTY! This IS my genre folks...and it is among the best ever!

***So why Steve practically trashed it on his '05 game picks is beyond me.

3.) Call of Duty-- again, another FPShooter with silky gameplay and responsiveness. Both the single player and multiplayer are fantastic. Everything about COD is a superb pick for FPShooters.

4.) Quake 3-- hell, for twitch based FPShooters...this is the best of the best. Move over UT.

5.) Farcry--no need to talk this baby up. It was amazing.

Honorable Mentions:

*Quake 2
*SOF 1 & 2
*Chronicles of Riddick (not a true FPShooter, but close enough to make the list)

Anyhow. This was a long post, but I had to get some of these things out. I just can't believe Steve spewed for minutes about certain games which I find boring, yet he downplayed BF2 like crazy, and practically said don't bother, it's too buggy. WRONG!

No offence Steve.


Spore: General / I Implore: The Lore of the Spore
« on: January 03, 2006, 02:49:11 pm »
Hello everyone, this is my first post on the forums, although I've been listening to Steve's Pcast for around 5 months now.

I just recently (after all this time) watched the Spore GDC video, and OH Muh Goodness! This game looks freakin' amazing. I could not believe the scale of this title. The demonstration just kept getting better and better, deeper and deeper, more impressive as it went along.

This new way to utilize procedural game mechanics is absolutely fascinating to me. Everything from the character creation to the environments. I think this game has the potential to become the biggest game ever--yes, even bigger than WoW. And if this game itself doesn't reach platinum cubed, then at least a game which follows this procedural methodology.

(Possible Podcast Propaganda)

I wonder a few things:  I realize this game isn't an MMO in the traditional sense, but there certainly is an element of it (ie. the upload of and implementation of all user-created content). So let us say that I create a planet in a particular solar system. This planet is chosen by the game engine/servers to be one of the many user-created elements which will bring harmony to Spore. Then, another traveler finds my planet and destroys it. I imagine, this means my planet is destroyed permanently in his universe, or will it be again uploaded in the future? I understand it will not effect my in-game reality, but is there a chance my content planet will be seen in his universe ever again?

Till the next post...


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