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This topic is the place to go to find information relating to the Gaming Steve RP scene! First up is a list of Valuable Links that will help make your RP experience a bit easier. After that we have the list of Active RPs, this list contains the RPs that are currently being played as well as their associated Out of Character (OoC) topic. Next we have the prestigious list of Completed RPs, these RPs are finished, there's nothing left to do but sit back and read the wonderful story contained within! Finally is the list of Inactive RPs, these RPs are no longer being played due to lack of interest or other issues; remember, if you see a spark somewhere in them feel free to help it burn bright!

Please note that aside from the 'Valuable Links' and 'Specialized RPs' lists, the rest of the lists are in alphabetical order.

If you have any questions about the RPs here at Gaming Steve or if you've found an error in this guide please please please, send me (PatMan33) a Personal Message. Have fun out there!

Valuable Links
Forum Rules
The rules that you must abide by everywhere on the Gaming Steve forum.
Guidelines for Role Playing at Gaming Steve
An explanation of what an RP is and the rules of engagement. If you are going to RP with us you MUST read and understand these rules of play.
The RP Creation Guide
A short guide that talks about the secrets to making a good RP work. Everyone should read this.
The RP planning thread
Do you have an idea for an RP? Post it here, you might as well do it anyway because we will just move your suggestions here if you don't.
The Out of Character Lounge
A place where all of the Role Players and Meta-Gamers can chat about things that are happening in the Storytelling & Roleplaying section.
Spore RPs
Not in the right place? Do these RPs look a little off? Maybe you wanted to go to the Spore RP section instead!
Meta-Game List
Are you really lost? Don't even know what an RP is? You probably wanted the Meta-Game list.
Dungeons & Dragons
So you're looking for that kind of RP, eh? Head on over here and let the resident pros get you set up!

Active RPs
The Micro-RP!
It's an RP... that's micro! More details after the link.
Voyage of the Perihelion - OOC - Information Station
Embark on a journey across the galaxy as you try to discover your own path in life. Fight giant space monsters, woo green women, and save the day in this action-packed space RP!
Voyage of the Sidereal Hour - OOC - Information Station
We ran our of room in the Voyage of the Perihelion RP so we had to make two! Yay! Embark on a journey across the galaxy as you try to discover your own path in life. Fight giant space monsters, woo green women, and save the day in this action-packed space RP!

Completed RPs
A Brief Fantasy Adventure RP - OoC - Information Station
Enter a world of fantasy delights and try to save the world from the forces of evil! Will you be a knight in shining armor or a wolf in sheep's clothing? This RP welcomes any and all players so don't hesitate to join today!
Phlogiston: A Steampunk Adventure - OoC - Information Station
The Steampunk RP is risen again!  Join the adventure in a massive city where corporations reign supreme and ever-advancing technology rules the day!  Use clever steam and clockwork devices to thwart the dark machinations that threaten the populace!  Pick a side in the war amongst the corporations!  All are welcome, don't miss out!
The Grand RP Volume I - Whetstone's War - OoC - Information Station
The Grand RP is an ever-changing series of stories that take place in all sorts of different worlds with different characters and different circumstances. Joining The Grand RP means you are a part of an troupe, if you will, of people who will play various roles in short single-arc RPs. The First Grand RP - Whetstone's War takes place in a futuristic sci-fi setting filled with manipulative politicians and an age-old struggle between humans and Augs (humans that have been modified with technology). A horrifying plot to rule the world is fast approaching and only the heroes can prevent it from coming to past. Will you be able to save the world or will you just die trying? Anyone and everyone is welcome to join and it is a great way to learn how to RP.
The Grand RP Volume II - Rise of the Mutants - OoC - Information Station
Gaia, 2XXX; technology is at an extreme boon, all areas of science are expanding at incredible rates. Registered freelance vigilantes and various villains have used all forms of technology to aid their work, "super powers" are not a rare sight on Gaia. However, space travel is the one withered path of science. For unknown reasons, the Unified Gaia Government (UGG), outlawed space travel, both its research and execution, many decades ago and has been entirely successful in making space travel an entirely lost and forgotten technology. However, less than a year after space travel becoming lost, a rash of extreme and nearly disabling mutations spread throughout the human race on Gaia. Worse, the mutated people are recently starting to grow violent, fighting against people they call "normies", the unaffected populace. Heroes of this world, stand, for it is your time to really make a difference, drive back the violent hoards of mutated! Anyone and everyone is welcome to join and it is a great way to learn how to RP.
The Historical Superpower RP - Volume I - Information Station
Our second completed RP down here in the general RP section, this is a shining example of what an RP should be. The action is well directed and the pacing is near-perfect, everyone that has read it so far has enjoyed it. The first chapter in The Historical Superpower RP is great as an example of a good RP as well as a fantastic story! Additionally, it uses the current rules so feel free to use it as a reference.
The Historical Superpower RP - Volume II - Information Station
The Historical Superpower RP is a spin off of the highly successful NEW Superpower RP. This RP takes place in a very detailed universe that sees the forces of good and evil squaring off against each other during different periods in history. With high production values this RP is everything that it's parent RP is and more.
I'm Going into The Story I
This is the first RP that was completed at the forum. It follows the tale of a rag tag group of citizens and a clever dog who shares a name with one of our Moderators. It's a good read to understand what an RP is about however it predates the written rules so there are some parts that come off as a little sloppy when compared to a more recent RP.
The NEW Superpower RP - Information Station
The NEW Superpower RP is the most successful and most detailed RP in this particular section and arguably on the entire forum. It takes place in a not-too-distant future where technology has seen some key advances and the greatest golden age of humanity is beginning to take shape. Fight the forces of good or evil as an extraordinary person, use magics to thwart those who seek to do wrong by you, or embrace spectacular new technologies and vanquish your foes. It took over a year to finish but it was well worth it, congratulations and good work to all who were involved (You guys are AMAZING!) and enjoy Part II.
The NEW Superpower RP - Part II - Information Station
This is the much anticipated sequel to The NEW Superpower RP, rejoin some of the memorable characters sixty years in the future and attempt to revive a broken world. Crime is rampant and order has all but broken down, save for a few safe 'Green Zones', Obano is a very dangerous place to be. This RP requires no knowledge of the previous RP in order to play and has be designed so that anyone can join. This RP is for those of you who are dedicated and can post regularly and with some consistency in post quality.
The NEW Superpower RP - Part III - OoC - Information Station
Another one!? Yeah! This is the sequel to The New Superpower RP Part I and Part II. Enter Obano once again and try to change the world. It will not be easy this time. The world has been ravaged by evil and billions are dead. Those that remain have been forced to glean an existence from a dying planet. Time is of the essence! Will you be able to crush the evil that now rules the world and begin the healing process? Or will you be the one to finally crush what little hope remains and lead the world into the darkness? This RP is open to anyone and everyone; however, be aware that this is an obligation and that you will be expected to post at least once every day.

Inactive RPs
Phlogiston: Return to Adventure - OOC - Information Station
Revisit the world of the first Steampunk adventure with all new characters and all new baddies to square off against! Business has taken a barbaric turn and the streets run red with the blood of failed competition. Will you be able to survive in this brave, new world or will you become just another casualty? Join today!
Space Opera RP - OoC - Information Station
Join the passengers and crew of the SCSS Hawking as it explores the farthest reaches of the universe in hopes of finding some semblance of intelligent life. Visit strange and exotic worlds and ensure the continued survival of the human race in this exciting and accessible RP. This RP is ideal for people of all skill levels, make sure you reserve your seat today!
Space Station Farsearch Four - OoC
This RP is a testing ground for the new Hybrid System of Role Play. Join if you are interested in learning more about the new alternative system!
The Government RP - OoC
Ever wanted to run your own government? Well now you can!! Create your own nation today and experience the thrill of international diplomacy, lawmaking, the exploitation of indigenous peoples, and forcing your agenda down everyone's throat! The Government RP is a different kind of game that requires a cool and calculating mind. Only the strongest will survive, will it be you?
The Grand RP Volume V - The Deep West - OoC - Information Station
Journey under the sea to the new wild west and try your best to survive the lawless, corporate wasteland of the Costa Tira Mining Facility. Any and all players are welcome. Great for first-time players!
The Medieval RP - OoC - Information Station
Join us in a world filled with kings, queens, knights, dragons, and wizards! Help fight off the forces of evil or try to crush the hopes of dreams of the world! This is the Medieval RP, a new RP in a new world filled with opportunity for all. Anyone and everyone is welcome in this Medieval-themed RP! Don't miss out!
The TestDrive RP - OoC - Information Station
The TestDrive RP is a place to test out characters that you may plan to use in other RPs. This game is a little different than normal but a great place to spar and test abilities with other players.

There you go, that's the list of RPs here at the Gaming Steve Forum!
And as always, if there are any questions, comments, or corrections, please send me (PatMan33) a Personal Message!

**3/15/10 LIST UPDATED**
Added the second Steampunk RP and did some housekeeping. Way to go, Pat! Go get those Pop Tarts out of the toaster now.


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