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Primary Version: Old Galaxy

Fall Galactic Version

Secondary Version: Old Galaxy

New Galaxy map in progress.

1.) I can't read whatever is next to that dot, use jpeg not gif
2.) People have tried doing this sooooooooo many times before and it never ends up working, its a great idea but everyone's races already established and it's a little hard to get everyone to pick locations that work and then there's the problem with boundaries.  I think this would've worked if we had established an RP galaxy at the very beginning.
3.) I am in no way trying to tell you this is dumb, on the contrary, I always wanted the RP locations to be on a map BUT I am saying that I don't think this will fly due to prior attempts.

Full size version:

1. You can't read the dot because the actual image is 2700 pixels wide and tall, but for some reason auto-fit

2. I had to convert it to giv because it was like 3 MB before I did.

3. We should really try this time, Maybe everyone could list their species and the ones they contacted, and I'll make a template. Then we can debate the borders until they're right.

This'd be a lot better as a flash, with zoom functions and functionality such as clicking coloured regions to get more info on who it belongs to and such.


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