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So you know when you've waited years for a game and... (a Cyberpunk thread)

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So you know when you've waited years for a game and it comes out and the result is a buggy, sloppy mess? I hope they can patch a lot of this stuff out as quickly as possible. But a lot of the pre-release communication from the developers was concerning. Especially the comments about there being bugs that the developers are aware of. I hate day-one patches, especially when the game itself is already SEVENTY GIGS. Jesus Christ that's a huge file size.

I don't know... I guess you'd think after such a long time in development that the game would come out in a pretty decent condition. But I've watched a bunch of streams of the game over the last week and change and each one presents more and more odd bugs and strange behavior in the game's engine that I really didn't expect from CDPR. As buggy as Witcher 1 or Witcher 3 were, those games weren't anywhere near this bad when they came out.

You've got an outrageous range of NPC health anomalies from extremely weak enemies to immortals. Props and NPCs flying off the map and hovering up through the ceiling to their doom. Partner and player character animations that absolutely should have been smoothed out before shipping. It's really really weird. A lot of it seems like at some point within the last year or two something happened and the development team had to change course drastically in several of the game's key areas, resulting in a lot of rough edges.

Rumor is the day-one patch is going to be around forty gigs. FORTY. Fuuuuuuck!!

I'll definitely be sitting this one out and waiting for a Game of the Year edition. I don't care how enticing "penis 2" is.

The 40 gig patch is a "day zero" patch that reviewers got. Word is it will ship with the game.

The day one patch has not been detailed yet, but it is a thing.


Well, we have to hope for them to pull a no mans sky.

Hope so!!

But they'll likely pull a Fallout 76.

Can't comment much about Fallout 76. Problem I have with that is still (last time I looked) no in-game chat support. And that is just dumb in any game that is about player cooperation. But I have complained about that before.


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