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Taking GS Aliens

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There is some weird guy who I have spoken to multiple times to stop is basiclly claiming he made all the stuff from Pre-Spore Golden Age on Gaming Steve. Including the Naucean, ViS, Torpals, Kazea and even Sagan 4. Here are some example ...



He also had a wiki which since has been taken down.


I know "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" but I really think this guy thinks he made all this stuff because he can
copy paste". Also he apparently invented Pandora from the movie Avatar.  ::)


Never thought this would happen again. It's almost like the old days again... almost.

Hydro should we assemble the posse and ride? Or do you have this handled?

Well before it was just my Nauceans and Sagan 4 stuff so I tried to handel it but now he has expanded out to claiming just about anything from the old pre-Spore golden age.

If you have a Deviant Art or YouTube account I suggest you tell him what you thing of blatant and unapologetic plagiarism.



Also a shoutout to Dragontunders and XxGarrysmodFTWxX for informing me I was even getting plagiarized in the first place.

Krakow Sam:
Ha, weird.

As he doesn't seem to be making money out of it or misrepresenting any of us I'd be inclined personally to let it slide as the sort of dumb thing that happens on the internet. Thanks for keeping an eye on it though.

Haha, this kid isn't even a good thief.  He left the names of the people he stole from on the image.

Is there some kind of system to report plagiarism on deviant art?  I'm sure it happens all the time.


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