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At http://collage.topsters.net/ you can make matrices of album covers, like this:

This is a quick and probably lacking favourite-albums-of-all-time-5x5-matrix that I made. The idea of the thread is that you post your own matrices, whether they showcase music you've been listening to recently, your favourite music or anything really. Discussion and recommendation of music based on peoples matrices is also encouraged. Go!

Did you just add the text on the side yourself?

No, you can customize the layout if you click 'Click here to configure the layout of your collage!'!

Oh, rad, thanks. Not sure how I missed that.

Anyway, favorite albums:

I always stress about picking my favorite anything of all time, so this is mostly stuff I've been listening to recently plus a few older things.  I chose a few albums to represent an artist not necessarily because I think its their best work, but because I like the artwork.


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