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How about an Online Games Section?

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Mostly online games have been posted eigther in Everything else or in PC games. Why not add an online games section specificly for them. Yes they are on the PC, but they aren't really PC games, or at least not in the general sence of the term.

Gaming Steve:
Perhaps, but I don't like splitting up the sections too much. Believe it or not the forums that do the "best" are the ones with the fewest divisions (i.e. just "Games" instead of "PC Games", "Console Games", "Portable Games", etc.). I tried to make a happy medium where there is SOME separation, but not too much.

I agree. Why split them up when the PC forum definitely isn't the hottest one right now. You can post about MMOs there and not be bombarded by tons of other PC games in the process. We'd go from a good sized PC forum to two smaller and slower ones.

Is there another way to do this

Hi Nikocruz! 11 and a half years later, it turns out the PC Games section has worked just fine for posting about Online Games!

To my knowledge, you're still 100-percent welcome to post about online games there!
I hope that clears things up!


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