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From the same forum we discovered Spelunky (but not the same dude), we have Minecraft!

Survival Multiplayer IP
Hosted by Gauphastus - from now on, I'll just put the IP in my signature when the server is up.
Hosted by Pixxel - nope

Dev blog

TIGSource forum thread

Game link

Here, I make tower.

The developer guy was inspired by Infiniminer, but wants to take the game into a more Dwarf Fortress direction.
He is currently well at work on multiplayer and adding tons of new tiles.

The only problem I see is that the software doesn't come in some package we can take away. It's on a Java applet on his site.
Trust me though. So far, this game has a much larger map with way less of the performance hangups.
It is in alpha though so you may have issues. If you can't run it, be sure to get the latest...  Java thing. I think the page should tell you if you're out of date or whatever.

Things I enjoy:
High framerate, great and stable performance
Huge freaking map. Looks like an RPG overworld from the sky.
Top-down shadows
Placing raw dirt blocks will eventually grow grass on top
Bright blue sky, vast ocean. I was getting tired of being on a near pristine space asteroid cube thing in Infiniminer.
None of that "This is probably the last major update..." dread. _
By that I mean the guy is working on making it more interesting now.

Let's keep an eye on this one.

More crap--

It was announced recently that Minecraft will later require purchase. Your immediate reaction to this --
Surprised, but willing to pay.    - 12 (24%)
Surprised, and not willing to pay.    - 25 (50%)
Not surprised, and willing to pay.    - 6 (12%)
Not surprised, and not willing to pay.    - 7 (14%)
Total Voters: 50

Minecraft's novelty value is starting to wear thin for some people. Which option reflects your thoughts the most?
Not bored at all yet. I could play this for ages.     - 9 (18.8%)
Getting a little bored, but I can hold out for the big updates.    - 27 (56.3%)
Totally bored now. Maybe I'll come back sometime.    - 12 (25%)
Total Voters: 48

It's been over a week (note: since the previous poll). Now how do you feel about Minecraft?
Not bored at all yet. I could play this for ages.     - 11 (22.9%)
Getting a little bored, but I can hold out for the big updates.    - 17 (35.4%)
Totally bored now. Maybe I'll come back sometime.    - 20 (41.7%)
Total Voters: 48

February 18, 2010
Seen some mighty big changes recently. How do you feel about Minecraft now?
Not bored at all. I could play this for ages.    - 21 (55.3%)
Getting a little bored, but it's still fun.    - 11 (28.9%)
Totally bored now. Maybe I'll come back later.    - 6 (15.8%)
Total Voters: 38

So where do you build your stuff?
On land! (incl. underground)    - 35 (62.5%)
Under the sea!    - 9 (16.1%)
High in the sky!    - 12 (21.4%)
Total Voters: 56

(forgot when I started this poll, but it ran until Jun 26, 2011)
Out of these choices, what do you enjoy the most?
Building! Construction, digging spaces, and crafting mainly.    - 39 (59.1%)
Gathering! Farming, killing creatures for loot, collecting resources and stuff.    - 9 (13.6%)
Exploring! Wandering the lands and caves, check out what other people have made, taking cool pictures.    - 18 (27.3%)
Total Voters: 66

Which of these would appeal to you the most if added to Minecraft?
More loot, treasure, crafts, decorations.. just more items, and mobs too!    - 11 (33.3%)
Alternate and varied gameplay modes (capture the flag, dungeon mode, RPG mode, zombie siege mode, etc.)    - 14 (42.4%)
Options to further influence map generation (hard limit/infinite map size, map height, water level, water amount vs. land amount, biome size and spread, etc.)    - 8 (24.2%)
Total Voters: 33

Tried it, but what's the point of those dudes?

this looks pretty awesome

once internet/map saving is here we can make a whole GS map where we just build all kinds of **** and eventualy make a huge freaking that dracula would buy


I found a huge undersea cave.



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