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Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / Re: The Iron Fist of The Gosaan
« on: August 08, 2008, 09:39:33 am »
[to kenotai]

GalaxyMaster (and decorated Total War space veteran) Balek Ieh'koles watched the stars serenely, and, since the games had been cancelled, felt at peace stargazing, imagining what it was like to be a primitive Gosaan, before the Firm overran his tribe eons ago and polluted the skies and raising their skyscrapers and... immediately banishing the thoughts, he returned to his function as one of the few Gosaan capable of independent thought, and his duties as GalaxyMaster.

Sitting in his command throne, he watched Shiplords and minors go about their tasks, never bothering one so great as Balek Ieh'koles. Until a panicking Monitoring officer ran up to the thrown spouting gibberish about another contact, similar to the one described by ShipMaster Vol'eos. Ieh'koles calmly watched the idiot spout gibberish before raising a red-garbed hand in a silent order for the minor to calm himself. After a few deep breaths, the junior started where he left off "another contact, GalaxyMaster, but no transmissions sent. THey might be trying to stealth they're way in system". Ieh'koles stroked his small, scale 'beard' and spoke "Maneuver us on an intercept course, and be sure to present a small target signature to these...OutSpacers. Once we close 25% of the distance, begin broadcasting anything-poems, gibberish, numbers, messages..." Bowing, the minor scurried off to inform various officers of the GalaxyMasters decision. Soon, Ieh'koles felt the ship move and saw the chains that tethered atmospheric wings to the mast wave as teh ship accelerated towards the OutSpacer

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / Re: The Iron Fist of The Gosaan
« on: August 08, 2008, 09:18:15 am »
The primitive, barely flyable diplomatic craft ripped it's way out of Brightspace, and immediatly ignited forward thrusters to slow the ungainly craft.  After broadcasting several numbers and short sentences.Eventually, recieving only more numbers from these 'Konz'quars' they passed into a planetary zone that ignited a planet awash with lights and cities, and blank spots where nothing shone. Coming into the control center, Vol'eos ordered the pilots to scan for the city with the densest population. The pilots roled their eyes, since it was simple andcommon sense. Returning to the hold, Vol'eos strapped on his personal armor, doublechecking suit dentacles, the scissor-machete on his right arm, and helmet functions. Behind him, the two assassins doublechecked the weapons they had hidden in scale-braids, boots, cloaks, and their own mouths, they felt the ship touch down and the chains that held the atmospheric wings wind up the mast and the landing ramp come down. Almost as an afterthought, Vol'eos put his helmet back in his locker and pulled out a pair of aviator-like combat glasses. Putting on his best smile, he moved in front of 'diplomats' and walked down the ramp onto the landing pad.

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / Re: The Iron Fist of The Gosaan
« on: August 08, 2008, 08:28:40 am »
it's noncanon, so you can join

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / Re: The Iron Fist of The Gosaan
« on: August 07, 2008, 06:16:30 pm »
Being a lowly soldier, Vol'eos was unable to sit in on the Firm's meeting, but saw several SpaceMasters, LandMasters, and PlanetMasters arrive and leave. Finally, he was called in. The room was covered in shadows, but the overpowering presence and voices of the Firm rang out. "Shipmaster Yartan Vol'eos; The Games have been cancelled, and every ship is on combat alert. You will take this battlegroup and find the starship of these fools, and attempt to steal a BrightSpace (lightspeed) drive. Or, you will take a small diplomatic crew and pose as friends. Gather as much information on them and their technology as you can pinpoint Wealthworlds and targets of Opprotunity, and report back to us." Vol'eos dropped to one knee. "I will perform your duties to the best of my abilities" Bowing, he turned and left. After a long moment's thought, he popped into a Comm Booth to drop a line to the Assassin Corps. After outlining the mission to them, he went off to commmandeer a diplomatic shuttle.

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / Re: The Iron Fist of The Gosaan
« on: August 07, 2008, 02:14:06 pm »
As Yartan watched his score update, an ensign stumbled to his station. "Shipmaster, sir! We're recieving a transmission from somewhere in-system!" "Broadcast, ensign, and send copies to the Firm (Gosaan government)" Almost immediatly alien characters and strange speech patterns apperaed on his screen and were broadcast across the ship PA. "Control, move us to the stardocks on Firmworld, and make it quick!" "Speech, broadcast a ceasefire- I think the other shipmasters would like to hear this"

If you'll need enemies, count the Gosaan in

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / Re: The Iron Fist of The Gosaan
« on: August 07, 2008, 11:28:06 am »
post away, Grievi!

Serves him right. If you're on the East Coast, don't expect much army help, since most "essential" units have been evacuated to Alaska, Hawaii, and possibly NORAD, and those that are left are either blocked in by infected (like us) or fighting scessionists in the Appalachians. Our base and the houses and apartments behind it are surrounded, and Dover Air Base has been evacuated, so we are tackling the infected from DC and Annapolis by ourselves. We've finally converted our generator to a muscle-powered one, so, as long as we don't run out of ammo or food, we should be able to hold out for quite some time.

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / Re: The Iron Fist of The Gosaan
« on: August 05, 2008, 04:54:10 pm »
It's pretty much a story, although if anyone wants to join in they can do some RPing

We've had some trouble with the electricity from our "base's" generator, so I think I'll be able to post occasionally. After losing contact with the Annapolis naval base, we've radioed for assistance to Dover, but I don't know if there'll be any response.

You left-coasters are lucky- there's been a total breakdown of any resemblance of order in the general Maryland/Virginia/Delaware/West Virginia area, which makes the East Coast worse and worse. New Jersey and everything north of it are still OK though

Me and a buddy were inspecting an abandoned rowhouse on Fell's Point about a week ago. The search went by without a hitch, we'd cleared the ground floor and were preparing to go upstairs, when I stepped into the bathroom to drain the ferret. Apparently, my West-Point congenital retard of a comrade decided to clear the upstairs himself, and jumped from the frying pan to the fire.

Apparently, the owner of this house somehow had his whole family infected, and just decided to lock them in a bedroom and leave. Unfortunately, my buddy broke down the door and had 4 infected jump him. His screams reached me almost as soon as they got hold of him, but it was already too late, since they managed to get his mask and helmet off and had pretty much turned him into a pile of stained fatigues and body armor by the time I got there. At least they were too busy eating his remains to see me, so I managed to get a burst off. This did little but get their attention, so I backed up and began firing my M-16 full auto. I don't know if I caused any kills, but I'm sure I managed to damage them to the point of immobility. The house (and most of Fell's Point) was destroyed today by some idiot with a molotov trying to kill a looter. Hopefully, those infected are little piles of ash, and not in the sewers, 'alive' and contaminating the water supply.

Books / Re: What are you reading?
« on: August 01, 2008, 06:04:08 pm »
Finishing Skinhead Army by Sab Grey. Starting Robert Holdstock's Celtika

After a few months off-duty, I've been called into active service to protect Baltimore, and my first 'mission' was to interview the crackheads and the homeless (the shelters are already overflowing with idiots who believe that "prayer and service to the Lord will cure the infected"), along with "tagging" them. Surprise surprise, the Army is sending these commando squads to kill the tagged homeless.

Oh, and trying to get into DC is like trying to get into the Forbidden City. There are an insane amount of checkpoints, sniffer dogs, and armed convoys. Airports are being shut down too (in fact, Dulles was shut down immedietly after Air Force One took off). I've heard reports of Israel sealing themselves off.

Good idea, but, as a reservist; if I joined you, that would mean my immediate discharge and a lack of information from on-duty friends, and possible execution or life imprisonment. But I was watching the news, and all these troops in cities like Philly, NYC, San Diego, LA, and DC are wearing gas masks. Is this stuff airborne now?

How're things in LA? I've heard some news about cases amongst the homeless and more looting, but it seems so unreal.

Everything Else / Re: Who are you?
« on: July 31, 2008, 05:01:50 pm »
Well, my names Nathan, and I'm a junior in high school, and a hard-working, Hispanic-girl dating socialist skinhead (a S.H.A.R.P. mind you). I don't often play games, but spore and a discovered love for RTS's may change that. I read, play soccer, and write while moving around the odd nexus that is the American High School.

You can leave me PM rants on how I have poor choice in politics, girls, and youth subcultures, but don't expect a response

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