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Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / Evolution of a Cell
« on: July 28, 2010, 11:43:07 am »
This is my first ever evolve game.  I will probably only have mid-quality pictures because I don't have a tablet or a scanner.  I intend to update every 20 votes, but if there is a clear winner, I'll update early.

In this game, we will start by choosing a starting cell, and then by voting and defending your option (in addition to the poll).

Cheers to 100 generations.

Generation One

Here is the cell.  I'm going to call it Dasul but feel free to recommend another name. We currently have a membrane, a nucleus, and some cytoplasm with water, ammonia, sugars, and amino acids.

Stats for Dasul:
Population: Sparse (1/6)
Diet: Floating Sugar Molecules
Reproduction: Mitosis
Habitat: Midlevel Ocean
Size: Microscopic
Speed: Slow, Pseudopods
Senses: Chemical (medium)
Intelligence: 1/10
Abilities: None

Storytelling and Roleplaying / The Room
« on: July 22, 2010, 01:55:57 pm »
You can't remember where or when you are, or who you are for that matter. You can't think or see properly.

You manage to focus your eyes and look around.  You're in a soft, comfortable bed in a small bedroom with two doors (one on the left; the other on the right).  The room also has a rug, two dressers, a desk, and a closet.

What is your name?  What year is it?  Where do you go?

Everything Else / Happy Holidays
« on: December 24, 2009, 11:57:21 am »
Hey, Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Diwali, Happy Ashura, Happy Bodhi Day, and of course happy new year.  Have a great holiday everyone. :)

Storytelling and Roleplaying / The Empire
« on: November 25, 2009, 08:10:55 am »
Alright, you are one of the ethnic groups who will want to dominate the world.  The planet is a nice planet called Jarmit, and we are not in an ice age period, like earth has been for a bunch of time.  Yeah. . . we're in a more tropical period.  And Jarmit has tectonic plates, and so there are volcanoes and earthquakes that might wreak havok on your country (and other countries, too).  One of your neighbors might try to invade you, or become your ally.  But you control our country.  We are NOT going to choose government, even though there is no Kenobro to bug the crap out of me for letting people pick communism.  Finally, I will pick the resources/technology for where you pick your territory. A political map of the possible territories we can choose from is below.  And you can't pick the ocean, we live on land.

Yes, I'm recreating this, the main difference is that we won't be picking government.

World Map

Blue: Yaritofia
Red: Dopsa, Militaristic, Few ground forces
Yellow: Sewquita, Diplomatic, Few ground forces
Green: Veclar, Religious, Few ground forces
Cyan: Kersgid, Commericial, Few ground forces

Of course, I have another, Physical map which includes river and takes off the grey border lines.  The rivers might have nice resources and tech, so hopefully you will pick that instead of desert.  Please consult the Wikipedia template article: Template:Biome for color codes.

As I already said, this planet's tectonic have not settled down.  They are still moving around and making volcanoes, mountains and earthquakes on Jarmit.  Watch out.  Mountain provide good boundaries, but they may have volcanoes and earthquakes.  Some plates are converging, some diverging, others transforming.  Some are building mountains.

And here is a basic map of Jarmit with the names of the continents and oceans.

Storytelling and Roleplaying / The Space Game
« on: July 30, 2009, 09:43:33 am »
During the years following 2015, space exploration began to increase.  Both the Russian Federation, the United States of America, the European Union and all other countries began working together and a unified space program was established on May 2, 2019.  It was called the United Nations Space Agency.  You are elected to lead the space program, and the whole solar system is in your hands.

Note: There are probably far more Scientists, Astronomers, etc. in a real one but I'm reducing it for organization purposes.  Same with the amounts of money UNSA pays and gets.

Year 1
            40 Scientists (-400000 Units)
            3 Astronauts (-300000 Units)
            10 Astronomers (-10000 Units)
            2 Agents (-10000 Units)
            60 Builders (-60000 Units)
            -780,000 Units Total

Since the UNSA is a large organization they automatically get grants of 5 Million Units, (about 2 Million Dollars or 1 Million Pounds) every year, to use on their space exploration stuff.

           Hire Scientists (-10000 each)
           Hire Astronauts (-100000 each)
           Hire Astronomers (-1000 each)
           Hire Agents (-5000 each)
           Hire Builders (-1000 each)
           Build a Unmanned Probe
           Build a Manned Probe
           Send a Unmanned Probe to a specified Location
           Send a Manned Probe to a specified Location
           Study Rockets
           Study Batteries
           Study Cameras
           Study Robotics
           Study Genetics
           Raise more Money
           Build Orbital Telescope
           Send Orbital Telescope into Orbit of a specified location
           Build Space Station
           Send Space Station in Orbit of a specified location

I will use a random number generator to find the outcome of building and sending probes and telescopes, and the success of everything.  Foundations will also donate to the UNSA, but how much is determined by the random number generator.

As we progress I will also add new options to the list.  You can pick three things and I will decide which have been picked the most.

Spore: Creation Corner / Heglarean, A creature
« on: June 28, 2009, 09:37:37 am »
This topic is about my Heglarean, one of my more recent creations that I made in Spore (June 26, 2009).  It's one of my favorites that I have made, and even though I suck at drawing straight from GIMP and don't own a scanner, so I'm just going to WRITE everything.  Unless you guys want to supply pictures for me because I can't draw.  I have NOT uploaded this on Sporepedia because I can't make an account for some reason. ???

Also, I'm new at Gamingsteve, I've been lurking for about a week.  Nearly all topics look great, so good job (especially creatures and RP). :)

Anyway, here's the picture from Spore. . .

Is it OK?  Please comment. :D  And here's statistics, too.

Name: Heglarean
Homeworld: Lynarra
Type: Quadrupedal Warmblooded Mammalian Vertebrate
Habitat: Various.  However do not prefer very polar areas, Tropical and Temperate usually are used and sometimes subpolar areas (tundra) and ocean shallows.
Diet: Mainly Various Fruits and Vegetables, also include various cow/deer-like animals, birds and fish.  Nuts, Roots, Eggs, Leaves and Seeds rarely.  Basically a Generalist.
Height: Up to nearly 1.7 meters at the maximum.  Babies tend to be more around 2 decimeters when born.
Length: Up to 2.3 meters at the maximum.  Babies are like 3 decimeters after birth.
Weight: Adults=150-300 Kg Babies=7.5 (Birth), then 7.5-30 before going into intermediate which is 30-150
Lifestyle: Scientific, Creative, Social, Religious Omnivore
Chemical Makeup: Carbon based as usual :P
Lifespan: Approximately 50 years naturally, eventually booted up to 600.
Locomotion: Four sturdy legs, that could also be used as weak flippers.  They cannot climb or fly.
Method of Communication: Spoken or Written Language
Senses: Vision/Visible Light (Average) Created Soundwaves/Sonar (Good) Odor/Smell (Average) Chemical (Poor) Texture/Touch (Poor) Non-created Soundwaves/Hearing (Average) Magnetism (Poor)
Basic Senses: Seeing, Hearing, Sonar, Smelling, Chemical, Touching, Magnetism
Temperature Preference: 15 C to 50 C
Gravity Preference: Around 120% of Earth's Gravity
Humidity Preference: 60% to 95% but can handle down to 30% though uncomfortable
Respiratory Gas: Nitrogen
Defenses: Venom valve jutting out of mouth can spit venom over two decameters.  Also Suction cup feet have small spikes in them that can penetrate average natural armor.  Also has spike on the rear to help defend ambushes.
Armor: Tough skin.  Also extra hard stone-like armor on back of neck and head (airtube is in back)
Weapons: Venom valve sticking out of the mouth can spit venom over two decameters, also their legs can be used to charge other creatures.  Their mouth has somewhat sharp teeth.
Tools: They have graspers, also their mouth can pick things up.  No special tools.  Some tribes have antlers, splicers, etc.
Hunt/Forage/Fish Success Rate: 40%-70% Hunt Depending on creature, 93% Forage, 80% Fish
Graspers: One set of arms coming out of spine.
Method of Digestion: Use graspers to bring to oral cavity and then given short amylase spray.  Then swallowed down into a gizzard-like organ which squishes it all up before passing it on the first stomach which uses chemicals and churning methods to break it down into small pieces (1 cm or smaller) before being passed into the second stomach where the animal's pancreas and liver spray in chemicals, breaking it down into even smaller pieces before being sent into the intestine where vessels pick up nutrients and give it to muscles and organs.
Method of Respiration: Intake through small opening above mouth which flows into their trachea and into their lungs.  The gas the comes back, Carbon Nitrate (as a gas) comes out a smaller tube and then merges into the oral cavity and is breathed out the mouth.
Form of Government: Various, these include Representative Democracy, Parliamentary Republic, Semi-Presidential Republic, Constitutional Monarchy, and a form of communism that is not like today's.
Reproductive Rate: Reaches sexual maturity around 16.
Gestation: 8 months then live young is born.
Number of Offspring: 2-4 usually, can rarely be 1 or even 5.
Offspring Survival Rate: Around 90%, Heglareans that are too old to hunt or fish and are not gathering fruits and veggies take care of them, or their mother or father gives them food when they are not doing so either.
Gender Differences: None besides sexual organs, which is simply either ovaries or testicles and then an organ which can either invert or extent.
Age Differences: Mainly size.  Also, the babies tail spike is tiny compared to their size but it grows.  Same as neck guards.
Color: Various.  Grassland has Reddish Orange color, with four dark Yellow legs.
Age of Time: Galactic Exploration Age.  I will post their history later.
Archetype: Ecologist

They have also created various inventions and have created new technology.  They vow to make life thrive as it is their religion to do so.  Their religion is also partially based on science though it used to not be.  The modern religion is called "Ubosada."  Ubosada is based on many science concepts and also believes that life is the greatest miracle in the universe and every specie should do it's best to help it.  Species that are life-hating machines or not literally alive as well as species that exploit life continually do not deserve to exist.  It also believes that terraforming is the best you can do to help the universe by spreading the miracle of life.  The Heglareans have never been in a war and would never de-terraform anyway.  They make alliances to prosper with other empires and help life on its way.

If you have any questions I would be happy to answer them for you.  These can be related to their religion, culture, economy, military, government, planet, etc.

Also there are different ethnic groups (aka Tribes, Nations), the one shown in the picture is one from the Yuret Tribe which lives in the Grasslands of Lynarra.

I will list the ethnic groups right here also.  Each ethnic groups controls a large part of the world, unlike Earth where there are hundreds, few of which have their own country.

Yuret: Lives on Grasslands

Afit: Lives on River banks

Venoui: Lives in the Lakelands

Dokay: Lives in the Forest

Juipoh: Lives in the Jungle

Cargi: Lives in the Ocean Shallows and Shore

Ziffar: Lives in the Coastal Reefs and Shore

Kiyuq: Lives in the Mountains

Terye: Lives inside Caves near the Mountains

Pado: Lives in the Desert

Rurbi: Lives on the Highlands

Hosaw: Lives in the Swamp

Ok.  That's it.  I will do their planet Lynarra later.

Table of Contents


Ethnic Citizens
(Grassland Tribe pictured above)
Lakeland Tribe
River Tribe
Forest Tribe
Jungle Tribe


Stone Age
Tribal Flags


Basic Statistics


Early Times
Stone Age Timeline
Stone Age Paragraph

Please note my Table of Contents does not want work and go directly to the message, it will instead go to the page the message is on, please scroll down to find the entry.

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