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Console Games / Re: Halo 3
« on: October 03, 2007, 09:29:34 am »
I have to say, the best bit of sound I've heard so far is when a Brute said, "I heard a noise, I'm gonna go check it out. No inappropriate touching!" to his squad of Grunts.

Also, when I was on the second level, a Marine jumped out from behind cover and sprayed some bullets at a Jackal and yelled, "This is for all the honeys I'm not sexin' up because I'm here fighting you!"

Nathan Fillion FTW

Movies / Re: SUPERBAD
« on: August 14, 2007, 02:12:24 pm »
I've been planning to go see this for a long time. It looks like a really funny movie, and since it's coming from guys who have a proven track record with me, I'm sure I'll enjoy the hell outta this one.

Movies / Re: Cloverfield-1-18-08
« on: August 06, 2007, 06:31:10 pm »
Though official connection is still being denied, two leads intrigue me.

1. Triton Enterprises. In Alpha Omega, name of similar organization in Lost. Friend told me. Big Lost fan.

2. Confirmation email from AO forums. From a "Rob". Very suspicious. Two trains of thought. Concrete connection, but why not change name to avoid suspicion. Or game is riding coattails of movie, and changed name purposely to create the illusion of connection. Fishy.

Movies / Re: Cloverfield-1-18-08
« on: August 02, 2007, 07:13:04 am »
According to Empire magazine, the slusho site has everything to do with this movie.

Duly noted. It is as we thought.

Ethan Haas has updated. Confirmed connection to Alpha Omega. New site not working for me. Anyone seen it yet? Still seems fishy. Investigation continues.

Movies / Re: Cloverfield-1-18-08
« on: July 17, 2007, 11:50:36 am »
Also, I just want to put this out there. I hope this movie isn't about Cthulhu. I really, really hope it isn't. I've seen other movies based off of Lovecraft, and none of them can convey the cosmic horror that permeates his writings. Also, there's just no way they could ever pull off a convincing Old One onscreen, because let's face it, any human representation of them can't actually induce the mind-shattering horror that drives men insane with just a glimpse that the stories stated they were supposed to have. It's a shame, but I just hope they don't butcher Great Cthulhu like other literary monsters that couldn't live up to the written horror visually.

Movies / Re: Cloverfield-1-18-08
« on: July 16, 2007, 01:12:33 pm »
While I have no proof but my own gut instinct to go on, I believe that the Ethan Haas websites and related game are connected to the movie. For instance, the videos from the website were taken down off of YouTube by Paramount's request. Apparently, they have ownership of them or something. Secondly, the Mindstorm Labs site really seems to have no actual information on the game, and no real contact information aside from an unresponsive email address and a phone number that leaves you at a simple voicemail system. The scant information about the game seems to be focused totally on throwing around eye-catching words that will many RPG players will recognize, but offers no information on mechanics or anything substantial.

So, I believe, if there is a game, it ties into Cloverfield and may be one more component of this ARG to advance the plot leading up to the movie.

If there isn't a game, this is all just fluff to throw us off until August 1st when the big reveal rolls around and people like me get our vindication.

Or, the two are totally unrelated and the people at Mindstorm Labs are busting their butts to work on the game and not updating the website.

Movies / Re: Cloverfield-1-18-08
« on: July 15, 2007, 09:54:31 pm »

Movies / Re: Cloverfield-1-18-08
« on: July 15, 2007, 08:12:34 pm »
Alright, so here's my theory, which you can feel free to critique or ignore, but I figure it can't hurt to put my thoughts down for people to see.

Let's start with the eponymous trailer, which is the root of this whole situation. Now, there are various clues that scattered throughout it that have linked us across the Internet to more of the mystery. is one such site, which is referenced by a t-shirt worn by a character in the trailer. Another site is the site which mysteriously asks for information regarding the driver of a car in the trailer, who's license plate number is seen only briefly. The release date of the movie itself has been traced to a Bible verse, Romans 1:18, which reads: Gods Wrath on Unrighteousness,For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who suppress the truth in unrighteousness. This has been linked to the site, which referenced this passage and other apocalyptic verses as well.

As to the Ethan Haas saga, we know this. EHWR seems linked to the game studio Mind Storm Labs, which is developing a tabletop RPG known as Alpha-Omega, which apparently deals with after the apocalypse, when angels, demons, and humans fight it out for survival. So, this game seems to have the same quasi-religious overtones as Cloverfield, but apparently nothing else. However, after looking at their website, which is almost totally barren of any real information, I doubt their legitimacy. I think that MS Labs and their game are either real and tie-in to the movie or they are totally fake but may have relevance to the plot of the movie or the ARG.

The Slusho site seems unrelated except for the t-shirt. However, the domain name was registered only a week before the premiere of the trailer, but the website purports that the drink has been around for some time. The History link as well seems a little suspicious, as the story sounds like it could be related to the monster of Cloverfield or other plot points, despite the childish tone.

ABZ 3239 seems to be a totally legit viral site for the movie. After all, there's too much of a coincidence involved for it to be anything but a front for the movie.

As for the Anti-Christ site, this further reinforces the religious overtones or plot points of the movie, which seems linked to the movie based on the 1-18 1:18 link and the other related verses.

To draw attention back to the trailer, there is a line in the trailer, as they are coming into the street, that has many debating. Some say that when someone asks "What is it? Is it coming this way?" a man shouts in reply, "It's a light, it's huge!" Which would seem to make sense, given the massive fireball seen in the trailer. However, others hear, "It's alive, it's huge!" which also ties into the supposed giant-monster theme of the movie. The last, and most intriguing phrase is, "It's a lion, it's huge!" This is interesting because apparently, in the Book of Revelations, the Beast that shows up during the Apocalypse has the head of a lion. Very curious.

Now, while we wait to see if JJ was just trying to mislead us with his comment on EHWR, we'll work with only the other evidence at hand. Maybe we can come up with something that makes a lick of sense, or maybe I'm just crazy and my shift at work today could've been spent more productively than scribbling this on the back of an old receipt.

Movies / Re: Transformers movie!!!
« on: July 04, 2007, 09:12:36 pm »
Well, I just got back from seeing this and Live Free or Die Hard in the same sitting. Now, they're both action movies at heart, so I'll compare the two on that point. The action in Transformers was cooler and more visceral, but at least in LFoDH, I could tell what the heck was happening.

Now see, I grew up as a Transformers fan. I watched the TV show, I owned the toys, and the movie was the only one I rented from our town's first video store. I always liked the basic idea behind aliens that take the form of human vehicles and technology to hide among us and pursue their own goals, be they benevolent or insidious. But despite all this, I never was a hardcore fanboy of the franchise, and I never really understood the mythology behind the saga. I pretty much knew that Optimus Prime was the hero leader of the good-guy Autobots and Megatron was the villain and leader of the evil Decepticons. Beyond that, I could've cared less as a kid.

Because of that attitude, I think I was able to love this movie rather than hate it like the hardcore fanboy faction. I can dig the new designs, which are much cooler and more alien and awe-inspiring than the cartoon ones, and I can deal with the overall irrelevance to the larger Transformers mythology since I never really cared for it in the first place. Prime and Megatron and the basic plot of the Cybertronian War are probably the simplest examples of Shakespearean characters and plot. They're timeless and their personalities, ideologies, and the conflict can be placed anywhere and still be just as entertaining.

So, this movie is no exception. It is unashamedly cheesy, much like the cartoon seems to me now. It uses the Transformers as both dramatic and comedic characters, which works quite well to get that tongue-in-cheek feel of the film. The lines are more often than not corny and unrealistic, but that all fits with the charm of the movie. The characters are paper-thin and the lack of development is unsurprising, given both the characterization Michael Bay is known for and the unimpressive source material given to us. However, the best characters in the film are not the humans, oddly, but the Autobots and the Decepticons. Why? Because I already knew them from the cartoon and understood the archetypes they were based on. Also, logic in this movie took a backseat to just getting us to the action.

And how was the action? Well, it was actually pretty incredible. Industrial Light and Magic now reign supreme, even above WETA with this marvelous achievement. Every punch, every firing weapon, and every time a Transformer goes flying looks and feels totally real. There's a real sense of weight and balance conveyed in the animation. I saw Transformers overbalancing after a missed move, compensating for weapon recoil, and basically appearing to be real, physical beings rather than CGI special effects. They look totally real and I was in awe at the appearances.

The problem, however, is in the directing. Bay uses so many close-up shots, shaky-cam moves, and spinning aerial pans that it is often hard to tell one character from another as they do battle. The Autobots all look distinctive and were easy to tell apart. The Decepticons, however, were not, as they all had a dark, pointy look to them. Luckily they never took on the Autobots more than one at a time, so I could usually infer who was getting the snot beat out of them. And trust me, even if it's difficult to tell who is winning, every attack is sickeningly real, with crunching metal, flying bits and pieces, and excellent sound effects to convey the damage being dealt.

The only real standout among the humans in the cast was Shia LaBeouf, whom I see as a quickly-rising star with some real talent. The females among the cast, while giving decent performances, especially Megan Fox, were obviously chosen more for their looks than to portray strong, interesting characters. John Turturro was entertainingly campy, and Jon Voight was doing a good job up until the point that he turned Rambo on us. The soldiers were largely forgettable, and Anthony Anderson turned in a pretty good comedic performance that made me laugh quite a bit.

The real treat here, though, was Peter Cullen reprising his role as Optimus Prime. Every time he spoke, I got chills as I was taken back to my childhood to all that time spent with the Transformers. The force and vision behind that voice drives both the character and his narration in the film, making it quite inspiring to listen to. Other than that, the concept of Bumblebee communicating through his radio was a nice addition, and the strange noises made by the tiny Frenzy were both funny and corny enough to be considered camp. Hugo Weaving did well as Megatron, and sounded more true to the character than Frank Welker ever did, in my opinion.

All in all, I enjoyed the movie greatly, and I'll be going back to see it again. It gets some things right and some things wrong, but in the end, it's Transformers, a film based on toys. I see it as a good, campy film to be added to the other lore of the universe, though some want to see it as a serious alien-invasion movie. Not me. It's just another incarnation of the Autobot-Decepticon conflict, and it is just as entertaining as any other version. Peace out.

Movies / Re: Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
« on: May 25, 2007, 03:40:23 pm »
I just got back from seeing it, and I really enjoyed it. The story was just one twist after another, much like the second film. And the ending (especially the small portion after the credits) wrapped up the series nicely, while still leaving the possibility of a fourth film, depending on how you interpret it. Either way, a fitting end to a great series of films.

And from the astounding amount of people going to see it at our theater, where it's showing on five screens, I do hope it breaks Spiderman 3's record.

Everything Else / Re: Zombie fighting tactics
« on: April 29, 2007, 08:52:54 pm »
Now, I know the minigun exudes an aura of total destruction, and yes, that is a well-deserved reputation, but in a zombie-fighting scenario, it's probably close to the last weapon you want.

It eats up ammunition like nothing else. The bullets aren't even small-caliber either, so keeping enough of them handy becomes a problem. Second, it's a stationary weapon, as no human can carry and fire this gun. Since mobility and speed are essential to survival, the immobile and ammo-eating minigun quickly becomes a useless weapon unless you have several tons of ammo and a perfectly defensible location to fire from.

Everything Else / Re: Zombie fighting tactics
« on: April 17, 2007, 04:33:50 pm »
I disagree. In the initial stages of an attack, they'd be fresh and just as sturdy as a normal human being. Depending on the rate of decay, it could be days or years before their skulls weakened enough to make blunt objects a logical weapon. Also, the durability of bone is a major reason that it was used for so long as a material for weapons, tools, and utensils before the discovery of metal.

Everything Else / Re: Zombie fighting tactics
« on: April 17, 2007, 03:49:57 pm »
Actually, when you consider the hardness of a human skull, a baseball bat wouldn't exactly make the best melee weapon. Cutting/slashing weapons are likewise ineffective when you take into account the thickness of the spinal cord and the energy expended per hit. Now, a piercing weapon, if you could were in the thick of a melee, would be effective since you could concentrate the stabbing power onto a single point and likely pierce the skull to deactivate the zombie.

Everything Else / Re: Zombie fighting tactics
« on: April 15, 2007, 09:26:02 pm »
you know, i wouldn't mind supernatural zombies...

super soaker filled with holy water, anyone?  :)

Supernatural doesn't mean it has to do with the divine either. By supernatural, I mean that they're operating on scientific principles that we cannot, and may not ever grasp. Basically zombies would be another natural phenomena that we can't explain without the proper advances in science.

Everything Else / Re: Zombie fighting tactics
« on: April 15, 2007, 09:06:14 pm »
My thoughts exactly. That is the standard zombie on another site I frequent, and we all use it as the standard.

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