Author Topic: So on the one hand it has trains, on the other hand it is made by Kalypso...  (Read 1406 times)

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This looks pretty okay. Reviews on it are alright and it seems like a newer version of Sid Meier's Railroads. And on Switch I would be able to get all the expansions and whatnot. Here's the problem: it is made by a studio called Kalypso. Who are Kalypso? They're the people that make Tropico. Tropico reviews pretty well, too. But then you play any game after Tropico 2 and you realize they've gone and sold you the same damn game all over again and barely changed anything. I hear the newest Tropico changes things up a bit, but that it is still Tropico at its core.

So I dunno. I don't trust these developers over at Kalypso.

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It's oddly realistic and beautiful; it seems like the go-to style for strategy games these days is a bit more stylized like Civ 6. Interesting