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TV / Torchwood: Miracle Day
« on: July 16, 2011, 06:08:35 am »
Oh my God this is so good.

Don't tell me I'm the only one watching this.

PC Games / EA is taking on Steam
« on: June 04, 2011, 06:13:33 am »
Well, at least with its own games.

And I guess this means the end of the godawful EA store, too.

PC Games / Project Zomboid
« on: May 31, 2011, 05:13:31 am »

Everything Else / Lá Fhéile Pádraig Shona Duit
« on: March 16, 2011, 04:31:41 pm »
It's nearly time.

Time for all you shmucks to bow down before me, and pay tribute to my country.





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PC Games / Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim!
« on: December 11, 2010, 05:52:30 pm »

Everything Else / Butt.
« on: November 26, 2010, 03:49:10 pm »

Art / 'One Story A Month' Challenge #1
« on: August 27, 2010, 03:19:20 pm »
One Story A Month!
Welcome to the One Story A Month Bonanza Extravaganza Write-A-Thon 3000So dumb... Note: Come up with new name later. Thread!

This is a thread for all our wannabe writers, who I know are just itching for some encouragement to get off their asses. The formula for this won't be too different from One Drawing A Day, just more... Monthly.

The idea here is that every month* you will be presented with some themes to choose from, and a different method of choosing or combining those themes, because why not?

Behold, the simple rules -
(1) Please take this seriously. That means no one paragraph long stories "for the lulz."
(2) We want people to keep coming back, so constructive criticism of other people's work only.
(3) Forum rules still apply here! Nothing offensive please?

Challenge #1

* Time limit, like everything, is subject to change before the next challenge.

Console Games / From Dust
« on: August 19, 2010, 04:36:38 am »
Gameplay footage of a new Ubisoft game called "From Dust." (Formerly Project Dust) It looks like a newer version of Black & White. Some of you may remember this trailer, shown at E3 this year -

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Forum Games / Oh Hi, Didn't See You There.
« on: May 17, 2010, 12:35:37 pm »
That's right, another one of these games. Only this time with someone who actually matters.

PC Games / Sleep is Death
« on: March 30, 2010, 08:08:50 am »
Sleep is Death is this awesome looking upcoming indie game by Jason Rohrer, the guy who made Passage.

It's a two player game about making stories. One player controls the main character and plays the game like a normal point-and-click adventure, moving his sprite around or clicking on objects to type commands. He has 30 seconds to do this. Then the control switches over to the other player, who controls everything except the main character. In 30 seconds, that player has to fulfill the main character's commands (which can be literally anything). He has access to a library of sprites, a sprite making tool, even a music editor.

I don't know about you guys, but to me this seems hella fun. If you preorder it now for $9 you get two copies of it on April 9th.

You can google around for reviews, and there's a pretty basic sample game on the website.

Storytelling and Roleplaying / A New World
« on: February 24, 2010, 01:07:56 pm »
Trying another story game. It'll be more linear this time. The choices made will have less of an effect on how the plot goes, but more of an effect on how you're treated throughout it.

   A collection of random thoughts, fragments of memory, brief images of a life long ago; Flying by. He had stopped noticing them, had mentally curled up into a foetal position. He wished he remembered who he was. Was it him? The man in the memories? If so, where was he now?
   Cold. He remembered cold. He was... cold. Darkness all around him. He wanted to scream, to shout, to beg, anything to get out of this coffin.
   “Hello?!” The words shocked him. He had opened his mouth and shouted before even remembering how. “Let me out! Let! Me! Out!” He underlined each word by banging on the walls around him. He was in a fairly snug container, 7 feet tall, 3 feet across and 2 feet wide. The walls were a dull grey metal, not rusty, surprisingly clean. Weird, where was the dust? Skin flakes are dust, right? He didn’t remember how he knew that.

  “I don’t want to stay here! I can’t stay here! The world has gone wrong, no one does anything anymore! You don’t do anything anymore!”
   “Can’t you stay here for me? For the kids? We don’t want you to leave us!”
   “Don’t you understand? I don’t love you anymore! The kids are all rude little brats, just like everyone else their age today! All they care about are the screens they stare at all day, or our next vacation, or who to **** next! When was the last time they went outside? When was the last time YOU went outside?”
   “You know we can’t-“
   “Can’t or won’t?”
   “Just stay with me please we’ll make this work I’M BEGGING YOU! Stay with me?”
   “I can’t!”
   “Can’t or won’t!?”

  More memories were coming. Vivid ones, first person. He had left, he was here willingly. Why had he left? He had loved someone.
   “Good morning Mr. Hara, it has been 198 years since last you were conscious. How are you feeling? Any severe memory loss? Motor functions normal?”
    The voice rang through his chamber, though he couldn’t see any speakers. It was a female voice, with no hint of emotion, but not like those computers. It was a real voice. You could always tell.
   “Can you tell me where I am? Will you let me out?”
   “Memory loss then. Just relax, Mr. Hara, it’ll come to you... sooner or later. In the meantime, you’ve been rented.”
   “On a contract, Mr. Hara. Our client read your book on panspermia and xenobiological studies. He thinks we may have use for you. Just say the word and we’ll have you out of that nasty box and into bed. I know how exhausting Deep Freeze can be. What’ll it be Mr. Hara? Adventure or another 200 years in a tin can?”

Site News / Follow Steve on Twitter - New Podcast!
« on: November 14, 2009, 06:33:05 am »
Meant to post this a while ago.

Almost two weeks ago, Steve tweeted this;

Okay, here is the deal. If I can get 1000 followers I do a new podcast. How about that? At 761 right now, shouldn't be too hard to get 1000.

He's currently at 776.

Follow him here!

Everything Else / Omegle!
« on: June 18, 2009, 06:36:11 am »
This is a great little site that you can really waste some time on. Basically you start a chat and you instantly get a 1 on 1 anonymous chat with someone somewhere. It's fun to strike up a conversation with a new person and I've found surprisingly few trolls so far...

Anyway it's called Omegle and I'd love to hear about your experiences with it. :)

Storytelling and Roleplaying / Outworld - A Game
« on: June 05, 2009, 10:15:33 am »
Decided to take a stab at this whole text adventure thing. I'll sorta by following the same formula as the Octopus theory. I''ve had this story in my head for a while now, and this looks like a fun way to tell it.

   The bus comes to yet another stop. It's taking 30 minutes just to cover a few blocks! You lean your hand against the window, looking up and down. It's not fair, the levels above and below you have no traffic, save for the occasional taxi. Soon you'll be old enough to drive, and then you won't need the bus anymore.

   You look below you, admiring the city, with it's gleaming archways and beautiful parks, aqueducts criss-crossing the buildings, mainly just for show. The traffic extends all the way to the horizon, clearly marking out the road ahead.

   You can't wait to get home - Two full weeks free from school, to sleep in in the mornings and maybe watch some TV.

   "Oh my god! That car just fell!" A woman ahead screamed, staring out the front window of the bus.

   Immediately everyone is clamoring to get a good view ahead. Cars never fall. Even if they do fail, the emergency battery would always kick in so it would slowly drift to the ground. But there it is, you watch as a car ahead of you falls the mile drop to the ground, crashing into a sidewalk below.

   You suddenly feel vertigo. You're standing in a floating box that could fall to the ground at any minute.

   "Those poor souls..." An old lady sighs.

   "WHAT IS THAT?!" More struggling to get a good view. This sight is ten times more horrifying - Rising from the ground is some sort of rippling blue... energy? It looks like water but streaked with rays of light. It's approaching you very slowly, maybe 10 mph. But it's still almost here. How is it coming out of the ground? What's it made of? Suddenly you're glad you're at a higher level. As you watch, one of the cars below is engulfed. It shudders to a halt and then falls. They're all falling now, every car touched by this thing. It resembles a meteor shower, with the ground lighting up with hundreds of tiny explosions as the cars hit.

   The driver desperately hits the Manual Drive button and steers the bus upward, ignoring oncoming traffic and causing many people to fall towards the back of the bus. Holding on to your chair, you observe as the blue energy penetrates the back end of the bus, passing over many terrified people. You're relieved to see that it doesn't kill them, but that doesn't mean it's not lethal. You can only stare as it slowly wraps around you.

   It almost feels like the skin of a bubble. You feel it running over your entire body, and then it's gone, finishing it's journey through the bus and passing through the front end.

   A silence for ten seconds, maybe the danger has passed? Perhaps the bus has an extra emergency battery that remained intact. You almost feel like laughing.

   But it just gets worse. Suddenly theres an ear-splitting sonic boom, probably the sound catching up with the light. That seemed to be the last straw for the bus, as it, too, started falling. You feel butterflies in your stomach as you hurtle screaming towards the ground, but then your head bangs against the window and everything goes dark.


  What happened?

  Your arms and legs feel numb, but they still work. You're almost afraid to open your eyes for fear of what you might see, but you do. An entire side of the bus is missing, open to the sidewalk. How could you possibly have survived? There isn't even any dead bodies, but there are several blood stains. You stand up, but promptly fall back down again. Man, your legs feel like jelly. You pull yourself up and stumble out through the side of the bus.

   A deflated parachute is covering the bus, so that solves the mystery of why you're not dead. Why only buses, though? Maybe nobody believed those huge, non-aerodynamic hunks of metal would ever fly.

   There isn't any other people on the street. An alarm is sounding in the distance though, and you see another crashed car up ahead. Looking up, you see that there's a large chunk missing from a building overhead. Perhaps your bus crashed into it? You also notice several pillars of smoke rising to the sky, there's bound to be a lot of fires around the city.

What do you do?

Everything Else / Philosophy Thread
« on: April 27, 2009, 02:28:00 pm »
Me and Flisch were arguing about this.

If I attach my brain to a computer, and then transfer my memories, personality, and opinions onto a hard drive, simultaneously wiping the brain, is that computer now YOU? As in, with your consciousness - A seamless, unnoticeable change? Or are you now dead, a computer simply believing it is you, but really just being a doppelganger?

I am of the latter belief, simply because I think that if you were not to destroy the biological brain after uploading, you wouldn't be experiencing both minds simultaneously, because that would suggest some sort of psychic link.

However, Flisch believes that if you were to do this, your very being, your "soul" (I shudder at the use of this word), your consciousness, is made up only by memories and personality, and a robot with a mechanical version of your brain may as well be you. Believing this assumes you'd be perfectly fine with destroying your body and brain after the transferal.

This is the same issue as if I were to teleport myself by vaporizing myself and assembling my molecules elsewhere - Would I not simply destroy myself and another copy of me be created out of my molecules? Or is a copy of me the same as me?

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