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PC Games / Great (and maybe not so great) 4x games!
« on: May 31, 2020, 04:17:10 am »
So I think we live in a pretty good era when it comes to 4x games. Lot's have come out lately great. And while not everyone might like where Civilization is right now I think there plenty of other good one. I am going to start off suggesting two. First the one more traditional. The one with more wider appeal.

Age of Wonders: Planetfall
It is the latest in a long line of Age of Wonders games and it is as strong as ever. The previous games where all Fantasy games but this one is more of a Science fiction space opera kind of thing. So more towards the science fantasy vs Sid Meier's alpha Centauri and Beyond Earth (two other games I like). Planetfall is very much a refinement on the old formula but innovate quite a lot to. The strategy is fun and focus more on unit interplay then before which make it a stronger game in my book. And the visuals are awesome with a great soundtrack that is made by Michiel van den Bos, the same guy that made the soundtrack for the first game and number 3. But if Fantasy is more you thing then you can always go back to Age of Wonders III or... if you ready for it... my next suggestion.

Dominions 5: The Warriors of Faith
Do not let the old school graphics fool you. This one of the most unique 4x games out there. The series have been around for a while but it was actually hard to get a copy with a steep price take to boot. But ever since the series have come out on Steam it has become more accessible... Though this game is still not that accessible with a arcane UI and game graphics that make it look like they have not been updated since Dominions 1 (which they have, though not a lot). But if you can get beyond all the exterior stuff and in to the game it a game like no other. The game have scores of nations all with a unique flavour over 3 era. With over a thousand different units to pick from, hundreds of spells and items and huge set of events. Yeah this game is like no other. And if you in to myths and different cultures then this is for you. Most of the nations are based off historical cultures with there myths. You have Russians, Vikings, Japan, China, Aztec, Mayan, Inca, Renaissance Spain, India, Transylvania, Germany, Ireland, Rome, Greece (Both Athens and Sparta), Egypt (both Ptolemaic and Old Kingdom), Babylonian, Canaan, Carthage, Arthurian England, Prester John and many more. All based on real cultures and there myths. Sometimes more of a modern take and sometimes but often very close to there original source martial. There also some pure fantasy stuff base more on modern myths. Like the Atlanteans and R'lyehian are very much based on Lovecraft's mythos. This gives the whole game a very unique feel and I really do recommend trying it out. Or at least look up videos when people play it Multiplayer with each other. It is a acquired tastes but boy when you do start to get in to it is hard to stop.

Aethernautica (WIP)

At the dawn of time there was only chaos. A pool of shifting energy stretching filling up all existence. A time before the light was separated from the darkness. A time when the first rifts in reality was created.

What is know in the popular mind as the big bang was nothing more then a early state of the universe. From as far as we can tell the universe expanded from a singular point of infinite density to what it is today. And it is continuing to expand, never stopping. But that is not what I am here to talk to you about today. What I am going to talk about is that a specific feature that existed in this early part of the universe. Some of you might have heard of primordial black holes or the term wormhole being thrown about. Well the early part of the universe was indeed fertile grounds now only for these primordial singularities, but also for primordial Einstein-Rosen bridges that where created though the interactions of some of these black holes. Most of those, as well as the primordial singularities, have destabilized and disappeared from our universe. But not all. Some. Some are in fact every stable and as we all know is not that hard to cross them. But the hard part is finding them. But what if I tell you all that we do not have to any more. Not track down these tears in reality like we have done before. What if I told you all we have found a way to access the Aether, a realm of metaspace that lets use have pluck the very strings of reality and travel between countless worlds and not just a few!
- Dr. Kim Young at a lecture at the Institute for Transdimensional Exploration

The setting of Aethernautica is something I have been thinking off for a while. A sort of "everything and the kitchen sink" setting which may not be appealing to everyone but I hope to make it far less crazy then something like Rifts or even DnD. We have to see how well I manage. The setting is made both to be use for compelling storytelling in computer game world and it own RP setting orginally. The idea actually was what I would want out of a MMORPG and how to make a more sensible MMORPG world. That being said the table top RPG which this will mainly be focus on will not use traditional MMO tropes with the holy trinity (Tank, Healer, DPS) like for example 4th edition DnD tried to implement.  No this is more about lore of the setting and making rules that fit well for a table top setting then anything else.

(There is not much to see here right now as I need snooze right now. But I figure I need to get this posting or I will never get started. Hook me up for questions if you see me on Steam or something. ;) )

Everything Else / Looking for a good pair of Headphones
« on: February 08, 2016, 02:47:16 pm »
The title says it all. Well almost all. I would like them to be sturdy so I do not have to replace them in at least a couple of years. Generally is the cord that goes broke. Also I would prefer headphones that are over the ears. I am not so sure on wireless. I have a pair now that is wireless but again. The charging cored (or rather the contact) just when broke. I would also like to avoid spending a fortune on them. But yeah I know is a bit you get what you pay for. But if anyone has any suggestions I would be thankful.

Everything Else / Desigining a new crafting system for MMORPGs
« on: January 01, 2016, 06:36:23 pm »
I am not sure if this is the right section for it. But hay the topic can allways be moved. And I see this is a sort of experiment on how well a topic about game design would do on the forum. Hopefully quite well.

So I set my self this challenge. A lot of MMORPGs have crafting systems. But almost all of them boil down to some form of rescepy crafting system. And it well... Not the most engaging system I. There is little to no real player skill involve. If you do not think girding is a playing skill that is. I want to go further. A lot further. To get people more invested. And to have some form of skill to crafting. Be it twitch of smarts. Something at least. At the same time the complexity need to be manageable. It can not be a simulation that cost way to much to develop. Some form of abstraction is likely needed. But capturing the feel of crafting I think is a must.

Hypothetical setting
First lets decide on what sort of setting this is. While it should not be tailored to much to a specific setting I think going with the classical high fantasy background we see in games like Guild Wars and World of Warcraft is a good start. Just to have some form of familiarity when we talk about crafting. So in such world we would see Armssmithing, Armoursmithing, Alchemy and so on. We have freedom but also some expectations. If we want to retool the system for a other setting then we can do so.

Random ideas
Just to get the creative juices flowing.
  • To make the choices you make while crafting matter for the end product. Make every Item unique.
  • Ether make a task depended on twitch or smarts or both. make a task in to a game and not just a dice roll
  • Possibly break down one big task, like crafting a sword, in to smaller tasks
  • Skills and tools give you abilities to effect the process. What you have on had makes it easy for you to preform it something or open up new way to tackle problems
  • A risk reward system. High risks leads to better rewards. But go safe and you have a easy time
  • What you craft should matter. Best gear should be player crafted. Make the player economy matter.
  • CCG style Deck building?
  • The build?

I plan on going in to greater detail in all parts. But I though I post it now. I have already lost a work copy of this that I had before (Computer crashed while I was wring notes) and I have been procrastinating to much already about trying to tackle this problem. Better get it down now while I still remember the whole thing. Any input ideas are of course welcome. I did not make this post just to my own amusement after all. So all are welcome with critiques or there own ideas. And of course if you know of a game with a awesome crafting system just say so.

Storytelling and Roleplaying / Aetherspace lore (WIP)
« on: October 18, 2015, 03:43:24 pm »
In the beginning there was the Multiverse. Or should I say. There was no beginning. There was and has always just been the Multiverse. And we are just a small part of it.

What we see is just the tip of the Iceberg. A small little realm of existence. A small forgotten corner in a multitude of infinities. But today your going to take a dip in to the cold waters and see how big it really is. Today your going to learn about the Aether.
~John Grey

So this is one of my long little nasty dream project that I have yet to get the ball running on. A RP setting which takes place in our reality, of sorts, and beyond. This setting has it core in what I would like to actually see out of a MMO. A game where I can mix fantasy and Sci-fi as well as the modern world and still keeping some coherence I hope.

I post this both to actually get to ball running rather then just keep it all lock up in my little head, and so that other could join in if they wish. I hope to build a large living world with a lot of history to it. One which would be fun to RP in. And hopefully construct a nice system to support it. So I invite you all in to my little creation.

So what is about? Well form the intro you can see it about the multiverse. The idea that what we live in is just a small little bubble in a larger whole. In this multiverse our plant, Earth is just a small part. Earth is actually not actually that special. Life, even humans exist on lots of worlds. Is this due to convergent evolution? No. Earth was once and still is to some degree linked to a lot of worlds and species did wander between these world colonizing worlds smiler to earth. Life might not even have originated here but rather have come from some other part of the multiverse. Transdientional panspermia hypothesis you could say. But no one is really sure.

What seem to be the case however is that Earth of today has very few gateways to other realms of existences. This might be a reason why Earth actually have developed to the degree it has in is relative isolation. The last centuries have had a exponetial growth in population, technology and industrial output. Something that seems rare in the rest of the multiverse. But the ruins of other great civilizations like our own paints a dark picture of where we might be heading.

A lot the back story of meant to be in the dark. Alternative idea on what has happen. It is part of the theme of this great world. To explore alternatives. Both in different potential worlds, but also in is own past.  The full truth behind matters should be in the dark. But speculation is something that should be encuraged. Leaving more for player and especially, game master interperation. 

Well I will add more to this later on. Now I will have to snooze. But I hope to get back soon to it. And please feel free to post questions and suggestions.

PC Games / Shroud of the Avatar (aka Ultima Online 2?)
« on: October 15, 2015, 11:32:33 am »
So anyone playing Shroud of the Avatar? Pretty much Richard Garriott's new MMO that has a very Ultima Online feel to it. If anyone else play maybe we should hook up. :)

Everything Else / How to start a Wiki?
« on: July 27, 2015, 11:12:49 am »
I know a lot of you have experience with Wikis and I have plans to start one for a project. My goal is to make a sort of forum (Not this kind of forum) where I and some friends from school can work on game concepts. A wiki would be good as it would give you the history. And you can follow up who posted what.  Of course if some of you are interested I would not be totally against inviting some of you to this community. Just know that I want this to be semi-serious. Hoping it could potentially lead creating game projects.

So I am interested in any of yours expert advice.  :)

Everything Else / Old Gaming Steve IRC hideout issues
« on: April 20, 2014, 03:16:40 am »
So I am having issues with trying to connect to our old hideout. Anyone else having issues?

So let me give you a bit of a background story about Elemental: war of magic. Not long ago a game called Elemental: war of magic was released. A game made by Stardock. A game had a lot of issues and was in general not well reserved. A sad thing for all of us that love games like Civ, Master of Magic and of course Stardocks own masterpiece, Galactic Civilization 2. Well Stardock is not a company that gives up in the first place and wants to make things right. So what do they do? Well they make a relaunch of course! Now Elemental is back better then ever and if by any chance you got Elemental: war of magic when it was new then you get Elemental: Fallen Enchantress for free (And at discount price if you got it later.)

I have been playing the beta now for a few days and I have to say. This is a game that could very well become a equal to the likes mentioned before. I have had a lot of fun with it and considering is pre-order price I say it well worth it. Now the game is still in beta and do have months of work ahead of it. But this game is still a lot better then tons of other games that are apparently finished products. If you buy it you get to play the beta wile you wait for the finished product.

Please tell me what you think off the game if you have had a chance to play it.

PC Games / Might and Magic Heroes VI
« on: October 21, 2011, 08:44:22 am »
So how here plays the latest installment of the Might and Magic games and what do you think? For me it feels like there trying to make it more of a compensative game with less randomness and less extremeness. I like it though i think V is probably still my favorite of all the games. (2 and 3 are also old favorites but more for nostalgia.) I have spent most of my free time playing it now (uninstalling rage)

Btw i have two extra unlock codes for extra content for the game. Both have Staff of Asher. Willing to trade if someone wants to.

PC Games / Kerbal Space Program
« on: August 21, 2011, 05:19:17 am »
By chance i found this little indy gem. Its pretty fun. Check out Kerbal Space Program

Looking forward to see all of your designs.

PC Games / Saints Row: The Third
« on: June 18, 2011, 09:54:34 am »
I did not see any topic about Saints Row: The Third so i though i make one. Anyone else here looking forward to the game? I do hope is better optimized for PC then Saints Row 2 was. It does seem to improve on a lot of aspects to. So this could be very fun. If you have not checked it out then a good start is the official web page at

Storytelling and Roleplaying / Rogue Trader RPG
« on: July 22, 2010, 10:52:40 am »
This is the Rogue Trader Topic. More a general discussion of this new game form Gamesworkshop more then a announcement for any game yet. Rogue Trader is Smiler to Dark Heresy. Both games are set in the Warhammer 40k universe. But rather then working for the Inquisition you work as a part of exploratory fleet. You belong to the group of adventures that boldly go where no man has gone before (and probably for a good reason) You mission is to seek out new world and new civilizations.. and kill them for the name of the emperor! (Filthily Xenos) Though Rogue Traders have more freedom then most in the Imperium of man which might make this game more interested for those that though you had to little freedom in Dark Heresy. Is a different but smiler game. One full of adventure in the unknown.

Oh and some other cool stuff. If you have a Dark Heresy character you can import it to Rogue Trade with minimum effort (If your to low level you get a bit of XP to take up you to minimum level ;) )

I will post a character creation system soon that is made to give out Quasi-random character for those worried about fairness.

Art / Emoticon makeover
« on: February 03, 2010, 09:58:53 am »
Welcome to Emoticon makeover! Take you standard Emoticon and make it so that we can actually see what is suppose to be! I will post a Emoticon and is up to you to try to make out what it is suppose to be. Lets start out with a big one! Winner of the best suggestion gets to choice next Emoticon.


Welcome to my Fallout NV mod project Zenyxis. A add-on about a Pre-war company that the Lone wander can explore the ruins starting with fining one of Zenyxis many research labs experimenting on far out technology like Teleporation, Cryogenics and Force fields. A company that at is hight spanned the globe but now like most pre-war organizations exist only as ruins for the brave waste landers to explore.

In no particular order
A: To add a story that fits well in with the Fallout world full with interesting characters to interact with.
B: To expand on the use of some skills like Medicine and Science by giving the player access to a lab though his adventure in the add-on
C: To expand on the locations in the world via the use of a teleporation system.
D: To add new enemies with unique or rarely seen qualities and therefor pose a new interesting challenge to veteran players.

Extended Goals
These goals are secondary i hope to be able to let be a part of the add-on. At least in the finished product.
A: To Voice all the characters dialogs including any new Enemies added to the game.
B: To add Scavenger System where you manage scavenger teams. This is meant as a cash sink.
C: To add anything else that would enchant the add-on  ;D

If anyone is interested in contributing to the project feel free post right here. Does not matter what skills you have or how much time you can spare. Only thing that matters is how motivated you are. ;)

That being said i would like to know what you would like to do and at times i might ask you to give me a estimation about how the work is going. This is so we all can work together in a efficient way and do not have to wait for others. If you know you can not handle a deadline then say so form the start and we we will find a solution. And remember a small contribution is still of value so if you just make a weapon, heck even just the skin or sound effects for that weapon then is still helps. Just being willing to discuss ideas you have is enough if you do not wish to commit to anything.

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