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Also we use the universe, not galaxies. I believe weve gone into quadrents so far.

No goddamn maps.


Read this:

--- Quote from: nuclearchinchila on March 14, 2007, 05:56:26 pm ---2.) People have tried doing this sooooooooo many times before and it never ends up working, its a great idea but everyone's races already established and it's a little hard to get everyone to pick locations that work and then there's the problem with boundaries.  I think this would've worked if we had established an RP galaxy at the very beginning.
3.) I am in no way trying to tell you this is dumb, on the contrary, I always wanted the RP locations to be on a map BUT I am saying that I don't think this will fly due to prior attempts.

--- End quote ---

Also, use the search button.

i think if we tryed it wouldn't be hard and would be a valuble source of RP info, so please, just try.
also i found a better image.

Mr. Consideration:
Remember, Space is 3D. What is one Empire existed underneath another?

Also, we already know where our Empires are. The Urshans and Auyuelcliads are very close, and beyond the Urshans are the Icthians, Forthi and Yunmuis. The Thoons are somewhere on the edge of the Urshan Empire.

What about the Arkibals, Tropals, Wexxians ect.

Well you make a good point, but we should still amke a list of RPing races


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