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Name: Irkkuf
Age: 20 Galfibri years (5 human years)
Species: Gribarif

The Gribarif are a race of crablike, silicon-based creatures from the planet Galfibri. The planet's rotation being quite fast, the creatures there have had to adapt to a life of high winds and heavy waves. Most mobile life lives underground or in the oceans, whereas the life on the mostly desert land area is immobile. http://i275.photobucket.com/albums/jj310/StickBomber/Gribarif.jpg
(Warning: large image) They feed mainly on the small creatures that swim around them. It is to be noted that they occasionally venture onto land for food. When doing this, their immense weight becomes not a liability, but an advantage. With this adaptation, they can move freely on land without falling prey to the winds. Eventually, they built small cities in the shallows using stones gathered from land. This was the beginning of their civilization. The cities were built because a new predator species had arisen in the oceans, much larger than them. However, it could not enter water shallower than 300 feet deep. The cities were at only about 150 feet, keeping them safe. It was only natural that they would, using materials from the land, learn to tame the great deserts. Inside a ring of mountains, a small group found an oasis. The water was just right for them; not too fresh, not too salty, and far enough from the sea that depth was not an issue. They settled there, and built a great, peaceful civilization. They never grew tired or bored, for their lives were short and filled with purpose. They managed to find, within their wall of mountains, a strange object that had fallen from the sky. Thus began their mission to return this thing, which they thought to be alive, to its home. (It was a scouting drone.) They succeeded, and eventually, they began to expand. It is still unknown which race sent the drone. They have colonized their planet's more stable, but smaller, dual moons and set up a mining station on its closest neighbor, Ckhnilfs. An interesting note: all Gribarif are, by comparison to other species, male. The race that sent the drone to Galfibri is entirely female. This has led to disputes neither would like to talk about these days.

Bio: Irkkuf, being a mostly aquatic being, was not entirely thrilled upon recieving news that he had been selected to go on a mission into space. However, as he got used to his role as a sanitation worker, he became proud of the Sidereal Hour. He also noted that it was a lot easier to clean than the things he had to work with at home. Despite his seemingly innocuous role, he has also been trained extensively, as all Gribarif are, in hand-to-hand combat.

Voyage of the Sidereal Hour - Lore

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Voyage of the Sidereal Hour - Information Station


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Krakow Sam:
Name: ADVISOR (Autonomously Determined Virtual Intelligence for problem-Solving, Organisation and Really difficult arithmetic)

Role: Ship's Artificial Intelligence

Model number:  7b2b34

Manufacturer: DiRossi Experimental Technology Concern

Bio: ADVISOR is a supplementary AI assigned to the ship's archives and tech labs with the plainly stated directive of advising crew at their request. ADVISOR is, however a civilian application and has no authority to give advice on military aspects of the ship such as tactical situations. ADVISOR also devotes any spare cycles to mundane shipboard affairs such as crew assignments, refit schedules, debug sweeps and laundry rotas.
ADVISOR is fitted with an adaptive personality core, the stated purpose of which was meant to allow AIs to gradually alter their behavior to become a cohesive part of the crew. The model in question was actually discontinued several years ago, but political forces acting on behalf of DiRossi mandated ADIVSOR be fitted with one as a means of shifting surplus units gathering dust in warehouses.


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