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Lush City:
Seems to be enough a lul.

Well you still need to take into account the rest are still involved with the other RPs. And even if they are done, they still need a break from that.


This is depressing.

So many neat ideas for this game and we couldn't make it happen because of our egos. A lot of the topics I go to seem to follow this thread. Was it my fault? Maybe I had tunnel vision. I dunno I feel like it's my fault a lot of these games failed.

Hey, I remember this one!  I even tricked Gec into drawing something for me.

At a quick glance, it was a lot of Lush and Raz yelling at each other.  Beyond that, I don't really remember.  I wouldn't put all the blame on you, Pat.

But I know I have caused a lot of our problems in the past. And I know a lot of our players also kept things private and in discussions with everyone but the person they needed to be talking to.

Is it a lack of communication that has done us in? Is it taking things too personally? Maybe it's both.

My personal gripe is one that came up again in the Dawn of Worlds game, and that relates to feedback. Players and GMs that only dispense negative feedback are a terrible risk to the game they take part in. Worse is when you get someone like me that really desires feedback, especially negative feedback. My desire is to try to fix any problems that people have with what I do.

But the lead is lost a bit when positive feedback is eschewed for negative feedback only. I know with my personality, I get very upset when the same person or people only tell me bad things without thinking to have the courtesy to soften the blow a bit with something kind. As they say, if you have to put **** in someone's bag, make sure you try to take a little out before you put your own in.


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