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The best system I've ever owned.

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This is a heck of a statement because I still play my SNES regularly. But now that we are in the extreme twilight of the DS series of hardware, I think I can say without a doubt that the DS/3DS system has been the best video game device I've ever owned. That little thing has so many great games, many installed directly to the 250GB microSD. So many great moments in so many great games; plus access to the combined DS and 3DS libraries which are sleek and portable.

And now that prices are coming down on games and systems, I may grab a spare so I can keep it in-box just in case I require a new system someday. This thing still gets a lot of use. The games are cheaper now as well and you can even find them at yard sales.

My SNES will always be the "nostalgia" console, but I really can't sell the DS short. That handheld is the best system I've ever owned.

Great Distance:
Meanwhile some of the old Pokemon DS games only rise in price. Especially HeartGold and SoulSilver.

I kinda want to get Pokemon White 2, so that I can transfer Pokemon from the Pokemon Dream Radar on 3DS. I'd like to get it on discount, but I guess I'd be lucky to get it at the original price...

Yeah some of those games are very uh... prestigious. :3

It probably doesn't help that all the prices are inflated right now due to current events. We sold a bog-standard Wii for over $200, somehow.


Who the hell did you sell that to? Was it a comprehensive package with the system and best games and a bunch of controllers? Were they time travelers from 2007?


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