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DSiWare: Photo Fighter

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New from Nintendo, and free for the next few days, a simplified fighting game where you take a total of 13 pictures and take ten sound effects to turn yourself or any unwitting victim into a playable character.  It's free for now, but even in a week or two it's only two bucks, and although it (adequately so) isn't really worth a lot, it can be worth a good amount of entertainment, especially with a multiplayer option that allows both players to play AT THE SAME TIME on a single DSi.  Also, this is one hell of a lot easier with a DSi XL, one of the few reasons to spend the extra money on something a bit bigger.  Seriously, the XL is like an iPad you can't fit in a manila envelope.

Anyways, it's still not worth buying a points card though if you don't really want anything else, but if you're one of those people that bought something for 800 and don't know what else to do, voila.

I want more knowledge, what should I do?

hey its justin rolyland creator of dick and shorty

This is actually a good game.

Krakow Sam:

--- Quote from: Slinky on April 05, 2017, 06:01:10 am ---hey its justin rolyland creator of dick and shorty

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Shorty you gotta turn into a boat Shorty.



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