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Nintendo announced that they will be introducing yet another DS iteration, making it their 5th generation model of the DS.

The main feature to the 3DS will be a new 3D effect, requiring no special 3D glasses. I can assume this is accomplished my an accelerometer, but I guess Nintendo won't want to mention that yet, being that it sounds a lot like an iPhone. It will be going on sale between April 2010 (JP) and March 2011 (US)

It is backwards compatible with both DS and DSi games. There are also other "features" rumored to be in it as well.

-3D Joystick
-Built in Force Feedback (rumble)
-Improved wireless speed and battery life.
-Slightly smaller than the upcoming DSi XL, but larger than DSi

Many speculate that after with DSi and DSi XL, it's worth more to upgrade to this than any of the two DSi models. So if you have yet to or are planning on buying any DSi... don't! I'm glad I haven't. But with such features, this may even be more expensive than what the DSi XL first sold for. I also find it very unusual for Nintendo to be going through handheld lifecycles this fast. Though in a market where the iPhone is quickly rising as the new portable gaming device, Nintendo doesn't want to lose it edge on this market. And they are viciously holding their turf after being perched undisturbed until now.

Your thoughts.

Oh, and a list of release titles.

Looks neat! I'll have to try an in-store demo some time.

from what i've seen on this, it's a next generation handheld rather then just another ds upgrade.

Nice, I'll be able to buy it in October then, hope it wont be region locked like the DSi games. :S

what does that 3d stuff do for gameplay exactly? sounds kinda gimmicky >>


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