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They should have missions that are optional, and not be necessary, but could give your civi some extra stuff (technology, money, ect.).

I like the diverse enviroment sugestion. In the demo it didn't look like there was much diversity in the enviroment, I would still like large climate differences for different parts of the planet.

they r a hole in space. whats so interesting about that?

why are we dicussing the phisics of a black hole in the spore wish list thread?

Sort of an add on to my other post, but the senarios could be made similar to a random map in age of empires.

Something else, we should be able to, once we reach God Mode (UFO), start new creatures from the cell stage, live thier life, and then go back to our first creature.

I think we should able to, after we reach the tribal level, be able to control one of our creatures, like in the earlier stages of the game, as well as being able to build our city(s).

I like the online multi-player thing, but maybe you could senarios of sorts that is compleatly seperate (except for the base stuff) from everything else.

I think this game should be made avaliable to all us mac users.
This is all i've got atm, but I have some other ideas later.

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