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Title: Arkibals 2.0 Thread, by munchkin5
Post by: munchkin5 on March 31, 2007, 07:33:32 am
The original Arkibal detail:

now updated with C.A.S, (creature attribute system)

The Arkibal evolved on a planet called Sankash they grew trough many ages for millions of years until finally achieving space travel and the mastery of traveling "the beyond" they now occupy an empire over 10 galactic systems, and 53 planets encompassing in an area of space about 500 light years across.

An Arikibal.


Physical characteristics: A round upper body tapered into many dexterous tentacles with three protruding muscled leg with a hoofed foot, and two arms coming out of its body with hands at the end (one thumb and two fingers each) coated with thick green slime sweat/excrement, witch is also a mild Nuro toxin used for killing small animals (about rat size)
Name: Arkibal
Locomotion: tripedal
Life expectancy: 120-150 years.
Aging: maturity: 20 years, elder: 110 years
Reproduction: live young, pregnancy 11 months, reproductive 17 years.
Size: 2 - 2.5 meters
Weight: 70-100kg
Diet: Omnivorous
Social Structure: Small family group in a single household (typical: mother, father 1-3 children, although there are many different ways they live in, see later) Many small groups of families bunched into a city/town area or a single one as a sort of village.

Sankash is a world covered in rivers and with many freshwater oceans, the oceans make up about 40% of the water mass on the planet while the rivers  make up about 60%. The ratio between land and sea is Land 36% Sea 64%. Around the poles the rivers and streams have frozen creating the famous "lace glaciers of Sankash", at the equator a vast marsh stretches across the land that steams during the day, The Arkibals inhabit the areas around the poles and temprate areas and away from the equators. The 5 nations of the arkibals are: Gaalyina (20 islands), Sormee(12 islands), Deraisy(18 islands), Bauler(21 islands), and Seradiah(14 islands) each one of these is a separate land mass and its associated islands. There are also 3 more uninhabited continents around the equator called Gerian, Frynaser, and Basehil. It also has 2 moons called Requar (a desert moon) and Tupiluia (a rocky moon) Tupiluia is about the size of our moon but Requar is about 1 and a 1/2 times its size, meaing that Sankash's rivers are highly tidal, which has become a large part of Arkibal agricultural heritage.

Sankash is second from the sun and just infront of the first astroid belt, the other planet in front of it is Huntari, a planet thats entire crust has melted leaving a surface of bubbling lava, the other 3 planets in the solar system are Derinai a giant rock ball in between the first and secont asteroid belts and Seritai and Gaerina the two gas giants outside of the second astroid belt of witch Seritai has rings and Gaerina has 7 moons called
Farbau, Gertim, Boustrian, Sernutian, Anbiratia, Frech and Yinsder. The star of the solar system is called Abry.

The ten galactic systems of the empire are named after there main suns and are:Rybros system ( 5 planets), Colynher system (7 planets), Geraki system(8 planets) , Huns system(6 planets), Kilandani system(5 planets), Terts system(3 planets), Kai system (3 planets), Derina system(5 planets), Baldsey system(4 planets) and finally The Abry system (7 planets).  and the other suns are nubered after that such as (Abry #2, Abry #3 ect.) only solar systems with inhabited planets are named.

A map of all the Arkibal systems


AoY (Arkibal origins year)- 1756: the Arkibals evolve into there current form
AoY 0: The Arkibals form the form the first loose tribes in the northern hemisphere, on Gaalyina, near the pole, and discover fire.
AoY 736: The Arkibals float over to anouther two continents on ice burgs floating in the sea, also the first forms of arkibal lanquage are made.
AoY 881-910: The Arkibals on Gaalyina buid more complex huts and villages but still have very primitive technology, on Sormee they create carts and boats and set of to find there lost bretherine across the sea, and on Deraisy  the Arkibals form religion and the first real art.
AoY 1087: The arkibals first recognise nations and have three at this time: Gaalyina, Sormee and Deraisy and form a common lanquage.
AoY 1123-1142: The War of The three nations, after a disagreement over religion between the industrious Sormee and the religious Deraisy, a war breaks out on the Gaalyina continent and the Gaalynians fought and protected themselves from inside there great fortress cities, the war lasted for niteen years and it looked grim for the Deraisy nation as the supperior arms of the Sormee prevailed over there fanciful shamans, and misplaced trust in false gods. When the Gaalyinians managed to force The Sormee and Deraisy apart across there lands it sent ambassadors to each nations forces  requesting peace, The two forces wern't going to argue over it, the Gaalyian forces were much stronger due to the intense fight between the other two nations, so the treaty was signed and the two nations agreed to co-operate, although religion was abolished Deraisyns are still to this day conbsidered the most cultured of Arkibals.
AoY 1143-1249: The march of the arkibals technology increases rapidly and soon steam powered ships are exploring the equator and southern hemisphere.
AoY 1250: The grand colinisation, a stem powered medieval age takes over the entire planet for several hundred years until....
AoY 1404-1505: The Half war, The two continents of the soutern hemisphere unite under one ruler and take it upon themselves to storm the Gaalyian nation but meet heavier resistance at the capital city of Gertimash than they expected and are left in a stalemate with Gaalyina, a group of traders coming from Somree, noticed the fighting and one man made it to Somree alive he warned the other nations of the maruding southern armies and they sent forces and as a whole they crushed the rebelion and united under one flag of Sankash
AoY 1505-1609: into the Modern age The arkibals reach the modern age and colinise their two moons and so begins, the arkibal empire years
AeY (arkibal empire year) 0: the colonisation of the moons
AeY 12: the Arkibals need more room, so they move outside of there solar system after developing new hyperdrive tchnology with zero point energy, and set out in the great fleets and complete the first galactic colonisation of two systems: Baldsey and Derina.
AeY 50: the founding of the great council, the great rulling council is formed to oversee the empire
AeY 125: the second phase war: as the arkibals moved deeper into intergalactic space, they met a hostile race of space-farers, they tried to communicate with them but were fired on and boarded, the Arkibal fleet won a narrow victory losing 50 of the 60 lightly armed colonisation ships, the few marines on board the fleet fought the aliens with valour, but they were few and the enemy were many it was on-board the capital ship of Admiral Gesryill that they were repulsed, and many of the ships were evacuated with the aliens still on board and destroyed by bombardment, the ships retured crammed with men, the grand millitary fleet was sent into the system and within a few months they had purged the system of the alein threat and colonised it naming it Kai, the other two came easily and were named Terts and Kilandani
AeY 293-356: the age of technology: the technology of the empire was increasing and over 500 diffrent species had been brought into the empire under promise of better lives, and the government of each was approaced by an abbasodor and brought under the arkibals wings. with this new technology and booming population they moved out to colinise the two largest systems yet, Huns and Garaki.
Aey 361-now: Joining of the galactic senate, the arkibals joined the senate and found peace among the many other spae faring races of the galaxy.
Aey 365: the great governer is replaced by the new emperor after the great storming of the palace
Aey 371: the expansion takes the Arkibals into 2 new systems, Rybros, and Colynher.
Aey 390-391: the axis-alliance war, the arkibals assisted the grand union in this great historic war against the alliance of protectors, they were pined on  vii at the start of the expansion, and would soon be returning home to escaspe the dictatorship uniting the other races together.
Aey 391: after the war the Arkibals moved onto expansion into three new syatems these were contested until Aey 395
Aey 395: Arkibal's loyal to the ways of the old union fight communist red-star powers in the great sliting of the union, the redstar is eventually over thrown through the combined might of the arkibal and urshan forces along with resistance organisation across the enemies systems.

Pics of arkibakls today:
an arkibal house
an arkibal hover car


The Alphabet:
this is the Arkibal alphabet, this is all that reamins constant trough Arkibal lanquage, it differs in prnunciation from place to place, spelling from planet to planet, the whole lanquage is influenced and changed by the new races they meet, time in other systems and has many different vraibles.


Arkibals dont have religion and haven't done since the first war, (see history), but they are a very cultured race they build huge statues at the centre of every city, usually with the city government hall being at the base, many great artists of the galaxy come from  the Arkibal empire, there is a common practice of culture taught to the children troughout the empire. The hirachy of the Arkibal empire used to be headed by the great governor, he had passed through the ranks and proven himself in many fields. In recent years the government became decadent and was replaced by a rebellion, the palaces remained regal and a similar system of voiting with planetary governers being selected from a planetary counsel and system governers being chosen from the planetary governors, and then the emperor being chosen from them, although now the popualce has much more say in the elections and the official races for titles can last for years in the case of a new emperor. The system governors meet often t the restored grand palace to discuss issues of importance, along with their hand selected commanders and enyoys from their personal staff.


The Arkibals have a strong economy and have two main exports mineral rocks and space craft, they also export counless other things and have fantasic trade with other empires since they joined the galactic senate, 98% of the arkibal population lives at or above middle class the population is also constantly growing at a high rate due to the technology to prolong life into infinity through regular care and maintanence of the treatment. Thus the Arkibals are expanding into space constructing new planets and forming new systems all the time. Arkibal technology is advanced into the unbilevable (at least to non galactic races) they may be only a small empire now but the technology they have is only comprihendable to that of the great races of the galaxy, mastering the ability to do just about anything, there minds are stretching into the reaches of inter universal travel but they do not wish to travel there they wish to harness the power of that universe entirely to drive there race forward while leaving this world completely unaffected exept by the wake of their expansion, however in the new regime this goal was dismissed, the technological advancements they have made has bee theorised to only be a fraction of what is possible, new programs have been put in place to continue the strengthening of the empires power.

The Arkibal's have an elite military, they dont use robots to do their fighting, they do it themselves, they don't think A.I is a good idea, although they have the technological capacity to easily accomplish it, they have had some nasty incidents with crazy killing bots running through city streets shredding up the local populace so since these incidents A.I has been banned execpt for recreational home use, the military uses its best soldiers as its tactical commanders believing the most hardened vetrans know what combat works best, they use many vehicles and war machines, and even the infantry fight in hevily modified battle suits , but some regiments have been known to employ suits of full metal, making their soldiers almost like walking light tanks, howver due to the cost of this these have been restirced to small and the most elite regiments. The military is fond of units of light tanks and mega walkers, although alot of Arkibal fighting is done from space, through bombardments and blockades, an Arkibal invasion isn't something to look forward too.


The arkibal race is embeded into Galactic politics at this current time, with an empire to be proud of, modest in a way it is mighty in others. The empire they control is united under a single flag of common prosperity, and with this lies hope in the future of their race. The home planet of Sankash is indeed a mighty one it's fresh flowing rivers spread across its surface and through it's cities, through the forests and trees that flood the world of the Arkibals, The capital city of Sankash- Yorina-bahk is the hub of the empire, it's towering trees reach up into the skys as the bustling of the city goes on around it, the Arkibal races cities are situated in the vast forests with raised platforms and gangways leading up into the trees, and with the many rivers flowing below and the subterrainian industries even further below that. This is the ideal of the Arkibal Empire, living amongst the natural surroundings of there homeworld in a modern technological society. But war plaques the Empire on its foremost borders with lesser and major races alike and it is the military of the arkibals, who march to war against the Empires enemys with courage and determination to defeat them, and potect the ideals of the Arkibal Empire.


This thread is going to be for disscusion, updates and i'm also going to be adding to the original post to make sure everything is up to date. Please vote & enjoy.
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Nice, I was looking forward for some more Arkibal information.

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well, i'm going to put up a poll asking what people will want me to do next.
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i've been gone for a couple of days but by tommorow i'll have up the next update, it's going to take me a while to prepare.
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Pretty good.  Can you take it out of the quote box please?
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Creatures of The empire:
The Grethians:
These are one of the first creatures encountered by the Arkibals, they had acived only a limited amount of space travel and quikly gave in to Arkibal rule, they now serve as equals with the Arkibals, fighting in their wars, trading in their citys and enjoying full citizenship to the Empire. Their home world is within the Derina system, they worship a sun and the two moon gods of their planet, they belive that the sun god lives within all stars and that the moon gods live within all earth. They are an itelligent creature and only slightly younger than the arkibal race.
A Grethian

The Aspirlians:
A six legged creature, that uses it's front legs as arms. A creature encontered by the arkibal race during later expansion, at the time of the meeting between the Arkibals and the Asprillians, the Asprillians had a reasonbly sized nation, stretching over 30 planets, the Arkibals met gurrila resistance from nationalists over the coming months. They eventully subdued when rebel groups assisinated their leader and welcomed the Arkibals into rule. They worship no gods, but they lead a spiritual and creative life, their religion is mainly based on the common good, and how the combined mind of the species grants them eternal life, they also enjoy full citizen ship in the empire, even after years of segragtion and racism, following the dispute over their land.

The Cuersions:
One of the least advanced races to be incoperated in the Empire, little more than cavemen when the arkibals found them, they are mainly used for millitary service, in return for the enligtenment of the Empire.
They are huge creatures, stretching to five meters tall, and have thick skulls, they walk on their hands, as well as their back feet. They are peaceful creatures though, and quickly welcomed the Arkibal pioneers into their huts on meeting, the pioneers were scared but soon learnt that these gentle creatures meant no harm and they then offered to them to join the empire.
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Interesting creatures. It must suck to know your entire civilization since stone age was based on that of an alien race.
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i'm back after being away for a few days, but i'm going to need some more votes to do my next update, if anyones intrested.

@biocat: they haven't yet evolved out of their primitive brains, and don't know much better.
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Ships and vehicles of the Empire Millitary:

There is a simple system of ships used in the military but all a formidable foe in a space battle, after all space battles are the empire's finest quality, it's naval fleet is one of the best in the known universe.
ship classifications:
System ship: the largest of the empires naval vessels, it is 2000 kilometers in length and is always crafted by the royal engineers court, a congregation of the empires finest technical minds, it's armemants are among some of the most deadly in the empires arsenal, ranging up to the zero point giga-cannon, a ten kilometer wide beam weapon, that puts holes in the hulls of ships that could drive through the middle of super novas.
Lightning and destoryer class cruisers: A range of cruisers about 6-8 km long, suited to quick strike attacks and heavy bombardment respectively. These are crafted by the system engineer corps, a large group on hand all the time, and constanly churning out new vessels and vehicles. it carrys some deadly weaponry, and when the system ships can't make it a large group of these will lead the fleet. These vary from planet to planet but follow most of the same design techniques.
Intercetor ships: an escort ship on mass production in the empire, capable of quick surface drops and extractions, and also carrys most troops around to the battle field and to board ships, it's about 200 meters long and is also built by the system engineer corps.
Fighters: The empire makes a huge array of fighters, usually built on planets under the orders of governers, they travel with fleets for quick responce and garrison space station and surface forifications.

All vehicles in the empire atre based upon the hovertank design, although they vary greatly in size and weaponry. They travel with fleets, and can carry most weapon types, artillary heavy support, light assault weapons, or just very light armourments for troop carryers. They serve a basis for all military purposes, and the technology is also used in trooper suits, the suits worn by arkibnal troopers on the battlefield.
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A nice little flag with added Union symbology, so you can clearly see their relationship to the Enlightened Union: members!
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Considering we're refreshing the R.P, i thought i might start updating my topic again.
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Nice idea :) I'll dig up the Yunimius too.
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I've been doing some work on google sketchup for some ships, here my first the Arkibal Interceptor:
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Cool! I'd love to see some of these (including the Arkibals themselves) made in Spore.
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the arkibals, with two outfts and their houses aremade in spore, but unfortuantely the body sahpe was difficult to work for that  ship, i'm going to use it as a refrence eventually though to see wether i can do it.

Arkibal house woooo: