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Spore: General / Re: people in the forum where are u
« on: June 01, 2012, 06:17:28 pm »
I'm not here. I'm just seeing if I can post still.

Spore: General / Re: Spore GA Physics
« on: January 03, 2011, 12:39:31 pm »
well, I made a level where you kill the 'boss' by destroying the platform it was on, droping it into the lava

Your princess is in another castle.

Portable Games / Re: Pokémon: Diamond & Pearl
« on: June 11, 2008, 05:35:17 am »
Impish nature with trace. Impish is like, +spdef -speed right..?
I have no clue what to do about training a Porygon. Any ideas? Like maybe what moves to get before evolving and stuff..?
Oh, and I have both of the evolution discs.

Spore: General / Re: 1 week! It's getting closer! :D
« on: June 10, 2008, 06:19:36 am »
Just 7 more days.. I hope it doesn't take a dvd drive, I doubt I'll have one before I can get my disc.. Cursed ancient technology! (this computer I am currently on, which I do all my posting from is awesome, and has internet, my computer... meh.. it is not-as-awesome, and has not-internet.)

Can't wait either way. I MUST HAVE THIS "DEMO"! >.<

Portable Games / Re: Pokémon: Diamond & Pearl
« on: June 10, 2008, 02:33:29 am »
Finally got a Shiny Porygon.. Oh wow, it is awesome indeed. Blue and Pink colors are traded, then the colors are different still.. Really cool. (not anything like the more generic shinies. Green, gold.. etc.)

Portable Games / Re: Co-op DS games?
« on: June 10, 2008, 02:30:45 am »
As far as I'm concerned, the DS needs more Co-op games.

However, I do have three games with Co-op, all good. (In their own way.)

Firstly, Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Ring of Fates (or whatever it's called.) is a very good multiplayer game. This would be the one to buy for the Co-op, I haven't played the story mode yet.

Then there is Metroid Prime: Hunters... Well it DOES have co-op, but it's just team deathmatch, capture the flag, etc.

And Pokémon has co-op battle tower. But that takes forever to get to. Of course there is still all the other mess. Trading, battling .. 2v2 (maybe someday I'll get to do this...) etc.

So, Yeah, Crystal Chronicles would be the one true Co-op game that I own. It's good.

Portable Games / Re: Pokémon: Diamond & Pearl
« on: June 02, 2008, 01:58:31 am »
Has anyone got to 100 wins in single battle at the battle tower yet? Seems like it would be rather difficult, and involve a great deal of luck.

Spore: General / Re: SPORE Theme Song
« on: May 31, 2008, 05:18:24 am »
Bow to the vision that is SPORE!! (Screamed repeatedly in a Zim-like voice atleast one too many times. or eight.)

How's that? Maybe change the words a little.. But that seems about right.

Shrunken to 3pt for being off topic:
Oh, and the Pokémon Animé sucks. I can say this freely, because I've been playing the real/main Pokémon games since they came out, and I watch a good deal of Animé: It's too repetitive.

And remember the first gym, Brock using an Onix, Ash's Pikachu takes it out with an electric move. Pikachu can't do that. Onix is part ground type.  And no, it doesn't matter how much you walk on an old water wheel while shocking your pet rat (EV training), electric still can't hurt ground. Animé or not.

And Ash sucks, he used Charizard against a newbie's level 5 or 6 Chikorita. And much earlier used Charmeleon against a Paras.   Ash is a cruel person who steals and breaks bikes.

Portable Games / Re: Pokémon: Diamond & Pearl
« on: May 31, 2008, 04:56:31 am »
Mr. Consideration.
 I'd probably go with a "Normal" move for the STAB. Return basically the best, but Secret Power (if you can get it) has it's merits as well, 30% chance to paralyze. Giga Impact has too much drawback unless it is a final move.

Quick claw isn't reliable enough to use on a pokémon with 90 base speed. Though it alone has won me quite a few fights.
If ya want hp, leftovers is way better than shell bell. unless you have only attack moves, then it might be useful, doesn't heal enough.

Other moves could be used too however. Attract would probably help a lot with focus punch for example.
Rest might be usable, with a chesto berry.
Something to fight fighting types, which will probably kill you very fast. Maybe Earthquake. (Though, as the most boring choice, I'd say no to earthquake.)
That's about all I'm gonna say about that.
Have fun.

Portable Games / Re: Pokémon: Diamond & Pearl
« on: May 17, 2008, 03:23:10 am »
Oh did I forget to say the missions would be optional? Well.... Hmm, I MUST have been sleepy again.. lol.

Pokémon needs:

More Boxes.
There needs to be a lot more boxes. We need to be able to have several of each pokemon.
I have basically nearly ran out of space, and can't ditch my Unown, I'll need them later.

Type Fillout.
There needs to be, when fully evolved, atleast 6 pure of every type, and of every two-types. Someone do the math, I don't want to.. LoL.
Of course that won't happen any time soon, but still..

Battle Options.
Besides being able to fight at level 50 with players using pokémon levels 50-100. It would be nice to have ranking based battles an option, like that whole tier thing you guys use. And of course the option to double HP (or cut damage in half..), it would make stat moves WAY more valuable.

Unlikely to ever ever ever ever ever ever happen:

Hybrid Pokémon center:
You bring two Pokémon, pay a fee or run around for an egg or whatever makes sense.. And you get a hybrid Pokémon. Of course this would mean a staggering variety of unique Pokémon, so 2D sprites would take a lot of work. It would have to be seperate from the normal daycare. For egg moves reasons.
Assuming the game stays drawn Sprites:
Egg hybrid: Only breedable matches can be a hybrid, this can be done. Easy
Any hybrid: Takes so many sprites the game would probably be it's own console/portable gaming device. Not easy.


Will Wright and the Pokémon people (Game Freak.. Right?) Join forces to create the ultimate:

Pokémon: Spore Brown, and Pokémon: Spore Teal.
Or just Pokémon: Spore. So a single cartridge/whatever can be the best selling game in the history of the World...

I wish I could play this with you guys so bad!! still on the list to buy:
A Wii.
Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
A Retro Controller. (oh YEAH!!)
The Nintendo Wi-Fi connector thing.
Way overpriced DSL.
  it's like $200 a month here, and limited to 10GB a month, or some stupidity like that. Maybe someday..

I'm good at Ness, except his recovery is really hard to use. But what is up with his Yo-Yo smashes? I dunno about Brawl, but in melee they suck.

OH almost forgot, the thing I actually intended to say!... uh.. Oh right.
I finally got to see a good quality vid of Kirby fighting (against Diddy Kong).. He is vastly improved!

Portable Games / Re: Pokémon: Diamond & Pearl
« on: May 16, 2008, 06:46:45 am »
Take out storyline, in the end nobody cares.

Here's all the storyline (and some additions) we need:
You wanted to be a trainer, your uncle is the professor tree, he gives you a Pokédex and all that other mess at the beginning. And that's it. Of course your mother stands next to the table at home waiting to heal your pokémon.

You will be able to pick How you look, and some newbie clothes, with better clothing later. These do nothing, but are used for how you look in the friends list thing it will have.

You can save up to $999,999,999 and there will be awesome stuff to buy, including an extremely expensive PC upgrade that lets you burn CDs (make TMs.) from any move of any Pokémon in your team.

There will be either items you can buy to lower the level of a pokémon, or you can choose to drop level to 50 in player battles. I opt for the latter.

As for the Team whatever people trying to take over the world by controlling a pokémon the N00B way (not using a Master Ball, even though you find it in their base.)
There will either be none, or it will be a loosely mission based campaign system or something like that, with more missions unlocking as you beat gyms. or both or something weird like that.
After all, each land already has a superultrahypermaster trainer (us), and there are the leagues, so there shouldn't be much chance for Team Wimps to take root. Which is of course where the missions could come into play. As totally optional stuff.

All lands will be available after you beat the league, and all Badges can be collected. Including the Orange Island minigame zone/league/whatever that mess was.

I have already stated my other opinions on a better pokémon game in previous posts.

Portable Games / Re: Pokémon: Diamond & Pearl
« on: May 15, 2008, 01:01:03 am »
Guessing the fifth gen huh? Well I've been wrong every other time, so I'll give it a shot!

Oh, first I think the D&P "Expansion" will be called Platinum.

Ok, Onyx (basically black) and Opal (basically white) and the legends will be Dark and Psychic Dragons. That look too powerful to be trapped in a little half white sphere. One made the stars, the other laid eggs which hatched into planets. Or some other stupidity like that...

Oh yeah, I forgot.. My l'il bro wanted me to tell y'all his Shiny Nincada evolved, and the Shedinja came out shiny too. That's two shinies for the cost of one.  We think the Shedinja will always be shiny if the Nincada is.

And I got me a Shiny Lickitung, preeeetttyyy cool shade of greenish yellow, kinda lemon colored, and shaped once it evolves.. hmm. "Lemon".. Yeah that'll work.
It's currently got Max HP EVs, and an even as I can get split for Sp.Def and Def EVs..

I have discovered the power of small fonts to release END my boredom!! HAHAHAH!!

Crazy Pokémon idea time, yeah yeah whatever. I'm bored.
Guinnea Pig with blue Ram horns.
A Pillow with big gnarly muscles.
Give me a Pizza with stalk eyes and tennis shoes.. And hairy, ugly legs with knobby Knees!!
C'mon! think of some! They don't gotta make sense!... Heh..

Portable Games / Re: Pokémon: Diamond & Pearl
« on: May 14, 2008, 03:47:37 am »
Always wanted to do this!
If you rent a movie, It's two hours long. Lets say, for $3.50, you watch it once. That means you paid $1.75 an hour for entertainment.

If you count your play time on Pokémon as $1.75 an hour, you only have to play about 92 hours for the game to pay for itself ($30) and a ($130) DS. Weird huh? Better, you get to keep the game, and play more, basically beating the entertainment money black hole system thing.

My play time locked at 999:59 hours about 2 months ago or something like that. And if I add my play time from Ruby and Fire Red (Transferred almost everything over).. That adds up to..
..365 hours Ruby.
.+240 hours Fire Red (about 300 probably, but just to be safe...)
.+1000 hours +about 280 on Diamond.
=1825 Hours X $1.75
= $1042. OK, so my Diamond game would be worth over a thousand dollars at the rate of $1.75 an hour. Or $571 just for the capped 1000 hours. At a lousy rate.

Purpose of this idiocy.. Pokémon is worth the money. (Kinda like Spore will be worth the money many times over.)

Was this stupid? Whatever, I'm outta coffee.

I'm gettin' bloody sick of tha noobz sayin' lies 'bout dem games makin' us angry like HULK!

... Er.. uh.. (Smacks himself in the head, violently, because he played a game) Type right IDIOT!
It is exceedingly irksome the way those journalists and cranky people try to blame games for violence. Been gaming since before I could read, and I learned to read very young, can't even remember not being able to read. And I can tell it's only made me a better person, it taught me there is more to life than money and.. that other thing people obsess over.

The violent people are the people who suck too much to win at games so they hurt people or try to get them taken away from the people with thumb and finger skills, that's what I think (sometimes, but not always. I've got a brain with lots of angles).

Thank you, and good night.

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