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About time we gave Lord of the rings it's own thread (and so  we don't have to disrupt the fallout 4 thread))

So about  eagles flying to Mount doom.bunch of nonsense,am I right?

Also,what would have happened if Durin's Bane had obtained the ring from Frodo? (in this scenario Frodo is captured and tortured)

Also,do Balrogs have wings?

 No,I don't know about that reddit thread,do tell..

The problem with the theory that the dwarves would all ally with Durin's Bane in order to reclaim Moria for themselves is that dwarves are notorious for holding grudges and the balrog won't be exempt from this, six thousand years later or no. I could see dwarves waiting for the balrog to march with his army and then come in from behind to retake their ancestral home by force, but not an alliance. If anything, the dwarves or a subset of them might be more willing to join Sauron's invasion force in exchange for the promise of being vanguard troops in Moria. They won't trust Sauron, but that doesn't mean they'd think they could get rooted out of Moria a second time, not when Sauron's forces would be depending on the dwarves to guide them.

If memory serves, the Eagles didn't get along well with other races.  They had a habit of stealing sheep, so Men had a habit of shooting at them.  So they only helped when Gandalf called in a favor or there was extreme circumstances.  Mordor was heavily fortified and had the Nazgul, so they probably could've shot the eagles down with ease.

Krakow Sam:
Guys what if Farmer Maggot had acquired the ring?

He would have handed it over to the ring wraiths in short order.


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