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Basically, yeah. You draw harder as you want the shadow to get darker.

I do it like this:

First i draw the shirt
Then i put on the basic colour
Then i draw a "border" for the shadow
Then i select the base colour, darken it in the colour box(it's called Farge, in my case. Norwegian :) ) I marked the colours i used with red, You have it in MSPaint, so you don't really need flash.
Then, i remove the line after i have filled with the darker colour.

You just need to, sort of imagine what the shadow would look like.

Flash is the best universal means of drawing.

Stealing is bad.

That would be a good idea, flash is my favourite tool when it comes to drawing and animating.


--- Quote from: Eligecos on December 06, 2007, 11:53:31 am ---Stealing is bad.

--- End quote ---

Already have, my dear... already have.

Do you draw with your mouse? i heartily reccommend one of the Wacom tablets, if you are going to draw hardcore, that is.


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