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PC Games / Re: X-com Alliance : what could have been great
« on: March 14, 2006, 07:07:57 am »
Any new X-Com games would be unbelievably awesome. Even dos-free ports would be a blessing. I know the developers made some email-based variants, but it's not the same as huddling around the monitor with a friend planning out how to save the planet.

I know Altar Games has made a couple real-time games that feel pretty similar and are a lot of fun, but I just wish their games had that little bit extra. The last X-Com game I can think of was X-Com Enforcer, the third-person action shooter. It looked like garbage too, not at all like their previous efforts. I still think Apocalypse is my favorite, if only because they added gravity to combat. ;)  I remember reading that you could make your troops climb objects in that game, but it never seemed to work, although I did manage to accidentally order a soldier to do a suicide jump from the second or third story. Too much job-related stress or something. ;D

PC Games / Re: Oblivion Countdown!
« on: March 14, 2006, 06:49:10 am »
8 days  :D

also my first post hey all

I'm sure I'm a bit late, but welcome to the forums! I pre-ordered the special edition (because I'm a sucker ;)) a week or two ago and I've realized that I watch my oblivion videos over and over when I try to kill time. It's anyone's guess how I'm going to get much work done these next few weeks.

Podcasts / Re: Episode 42 Posted
« on: March 14, 2006, 06:44:55 am »
Great podcast, as usual. I had actually thought that Game Talk had disappeared some time ago, but it always seemed to be just an expanded section of the news, so I could never be sure. I just remember the music. ;D

I think the podcast will be stronger with sections being more malleable. Being able to pick 'n' choose what sections to include will probably make each show shorter (or probably not) but I'm sure it'll save lots of time producing each episode. I already thought that a couple sections were dropped from time to time, but I must've been wrong.

Podcasts / Re: XBOX 360 is making me sick!
« on: February 21, 2006, 03:46:01 am »
Lol. Cotrienla's a speedy editor like I am. ;)
In trying to realign with your original post, even though I know it was made back in October, I don't think that the 360 is currently getting enough coverage. Admittedly, Steve's podcast is the only one I listen to, but I visit several gaming sites on a near-daily basis, and this is the only game page that comes to mind that makes any mention of the failed deliveries and shortages. I could argue that articles about a new console are more valuable than articles about gaming, especially when something goes awry.

If we were to imagine this were televised news, then game news would be like the daily news. It's always current, and always has an undertone of urgency. I know family members have become obsessed with watching the news, because it is always late-breaking information, and it's hard to realize how unimportant all of it can be. (I happen to be the same way with gaming news. :P) Console releases, on the other hand, are like elections: that's the real barometer of what is taking place in the (gaming) world, and it's an event that happens regularly but infrequently. Console releases should be huge, and people are getting fed up with the 360 because it's the only real candidate on the floor. I actually find that more interesting than a standard release, and I want to hear all the info that I can about it, good or bad, because this might set an odd precedent. If this release had gone flawlessly I think it'd be more common to see consoles no longer worrying about being released in sync with their competitors. Instead consoles would be released when they were ready for release.
So, would that mean that multiple generations of the same system will be active in the market at the same time? Imagine how important an issue like backwards-compatibility would be then! The PS3 could relax and learn from all of 360's mistakes, and the bashful Revolution could hide away for another two years only to be revealed as the greatest console ever, simply because the pressure to stay current would be even more relaxed than it is now.

Hopefully no-one will get carried away with my metaphor here. I don't want this thread to result in drawn party lines or bomb-throwing. :-X

Then again, this is all politics to me anyways. It's just a different subject. And I'm apparently fond of run-ons. :)

Podcasts / Re: Episode 39 Posted
« on: February 21, 2006, 02:58:38 am »
I'm still listening, but I've heard most of it. Lots of good stuff, and I had a couple questions answered. I don't currently plan on getting a 360, but the info about the accomplishments is not what I was expecting, and I think it's too bad. I don't really think private has much of a pedestal, but hopefully no posts will pop up that will reveal any info that may get Steve in trouble. ;)

PC Games / Re: Am I just not for MMOs?
« on: February 14, 2006, 07:15:49 pm »
I would say try as many MMOs as you want, then you'll be more likely to find something you like. Most offer a free trial at some point or another, so even if you don't want to buy a game you can try it out if you want.

I think one's interest all depends on how people chose to play these games. Lots of gamers like to log on, sit back and wait for the fun to wash over them by fighting baddies and finding new equipment. I couldn't maintain interest in WoW if I did that, and that's how I lost interest in EQ1, and DAoC. So I try to become more involved. I end up killing less, but become more immersed. I've spent hours at the library in Ironforge, reading up on different lore, and have explored zones on Kalimdor for hours while killing almost no enemies. I've been playing since release, and my highest lvl character is only 36, so I guess I'm a casual player if anyone is. :)

Anyway, I guess my playstyle is kind of abnormal, as all of my friends quickly surpass me, but that's ok. I'm paying to play the game my way, not their way.

So, I probably should've asked this earlier, but what was it about these MMOs that you disliked or found boring?

PC Games / Re: Ask Your Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Questions
« on: February 09, 2006, 01:08:46 am »
48 hours makes more sense. That way they can cover each hour of the day in 4 minutes. :P

As far as draw distance, I don't believe it's infinite. I haven't seen a game that can do this, and even human draw distance in real life isn't infinite. Still, I'm sure it'll cover a kilometer or two at least, I'd be interested in finding out. ;D

PC Games / Re: Ask Your Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Questions
« on: February 07, 2006, 03:53:40 am »
Hiya guys. It's been forever since I've posted. The forum memberlist has exploded over five fold since then! Fantastic job, Steve!  ;D

A couple questions on a couple topics:
1.The NPCs are reported to have dynamic conversations, how long are these conversations expected to go on? Is every conversation designed to provide a quest or dialog option, or are some merely for atmosphere?
2. How many cities or towns will there be? Will inhabited areas run the gamut from small camps to full castles? Will there ever be friendly or 'safe' dungeons? Will more evolved forms of friendly NPCs inhabit dungeons than in Morrowind (such as merchants)?
3. If we can change how a NPC feels about us, is there a way to impact their schedules to a degree where we can form allies for quests or combat, without shifting the emphasis to group management?
4. How will saving work?
5. With such an emphasis on procedural generation of the game world, just how far is the draw distance, and how noticeable will object 'popping' be?
6. Do the developers feel that they have enough hours of recorded dialog?
7. Are they currently accepting applications? (just kidding ;))
8. How varied/customizable is the horse?
9. The day/night cycle has been reported to be 40 minutes (I think), is there any reason why this span of time was chosen?
10. Is the training of skills going to be more developed in Oblivion? Could I actually spar in the Guild Houses?

I'm sure the devs are tired of answering the same questions over and over again. Hopefully a couple of these are relatively original. I ended up with more than I planned. ::)

Spore: General / Re: Sexual Dimorphism and Alternate Reproduction
« on: June 21, 2005, 08:21:55 pm »
Jaleho, you read my mind, especially the part about me peeing my pants. :D

PC Games / Re: Grand Theft Auto 4
« on: June 21, 2005, 12:33:50 pm »
I think I read somewhere that the maker of the original GTA (the 2D one) is working on an MMO called All Points Bulletin, which seems to be GTA, but players can play on cops too. I don't know anything else really, but S0lidmetal reminded me of this.

PC Games / Re: Battlefield 2
« on: June 21, 2005, 12:31:02 pm »
Yeah I know the feeling Janos. The exact same thing happened to me when Joint Ops came out, and I played the demo to death. Then my order arrived and I uninstalled it within a week of intermittent play. Of course, I though Joint Ops would play more like this game (which is surprisingly realistic by comparison)... so I should have known before-hand. :P

I do hope the final version makes a couple changes, though. One thing I'd like to see is a buddy list, as I've met some really cool players in games, and then I never see them again. Also, when people get team-switched, I wish the server would switch people who aren't in teams first; it's so lame to be pulled to the other side once I find a great squad. Oh, yeah, and waiting for the main menu to show up should definitely go. ::) Anything that bugs anyone else; or is there anything that people hope they don't change?

Spore: General / Re: Sexual Dimorphism and Alternate Reproduction
« on: June 21, 2005, 11:57:38 am »
what do you think of this idea Zealousy?

you get two statue versions of your creature and a minimal clay modifier (pull around the skin not bone) and some options spikes, hair, coloring, ect to give creatures character.

you modify two statues and they can be the standard of variation for the species.

or for the gender minded, the gender modifier

I actually think that's a pretty cool idea. When I mentioned how cool it would be to have an actual mating ritual, I was thinking of one of Will's creatures with some peacock feathers trying to win over another of his species. and that seems pretty doable with this idea. Good one. ;)

When I said earlier that mom and pop don't raise their young, I was referring to what I saw in the Spore presentations; and once an infant was born the members of the previous generation were gone. I wasn't talking about how things actually work, only what I've seen in the game videos. Just thought I'd clarify. ;D

Again, I don't care what ends up in the final version, and obviously things will be different than what's been presented at the GDC and E3. If the developers add some kind of family dynamic, where sporians must be raised, then I still don't care what ends up in game, especially because there are/were certain species of animal that laid eggs and were not 'loner' creatures (various forms of dinosaurs, various birds, termites and other insects all have either a group or colony dynamic).

I definitely think an option would be cool though, and I don't see any disadvantage to adding this feature as another way to customize a creature; I just tend to be a bit of an empiricist over here, and so unless I see a feature mentioned by an official dev, I'll view it's implementation with some skepticism. It just makes surprises better that way. 8)

Spore: General / Re: Sexual Dimorphism and Alternate Reproduction
« on: June 21, 2005, 12:37:42 am »
I just noticed that I never actually made a point in my previous post; just argument for argument's sake, I guess. ;D

So anyway, to be clear, I don't really care what ends up being in the game, and it would be interesting to have a choice. At the same time, I can understand various reasons as to why various forms of birth won't be included (the gross-factor being mentioned by golgrig ;)) and I don't think it's very high on the list of priorities at Maxis. I don't mean to sound like one group of people is right while another is wrong, because none of us have any concrete facts, except that we all saw the use of eggs in the GDC and E3 presentations.

And I do agree, seeing variations between the sexes would indeed be a welcome feature. It makes me wonder how elaborate winning-over the opposite sex will be. It would be entertaining to have to coax other creatures, instead of merely sounding a mating call and seeing who's receptive.

Spore: General / Re: Sexual Dimorphism and Alternate Reproduction
« on: June 20, 2005, 09:54:49 pm »
I don't see how using an egg is cheating at all, because the adults are not looking after their young. There is no rearing of infants. I think an egg is the most appropriate, because once the baby's born mommy and daddy are gone; it's time to focus on the next generation. The background of the creature editor was mentioned by someone on these forums (perhaps even Steve) to resemble the inside of the egg. Plus, the fact that we're actively interacting with unborn life out in the wilderness seems to make an egg more appropriate: we can't walk around outside, find a random animal and look inside them to discover what's growing, but it's very easy to pick up an egg found outside and see what's inside. Besides seeming intuitive (at least for me ;)) I can also see its impact on gameplay; I'd rather click on an egg than a mother's stomach, especially if she's running around. I can understand the argument that mothers can stay at the nest and such, but I'd have to ask why. If I were playing I'd want all my creatures dripping with life, and not watch as certain members of my race are rendered immobile. With an egg I can have not only fully active creatures, but also a stationary point in the game world where I can interact with the next generation of my species.

I don't see a problem with using the egg as an icon either. Yes it's representative and is unrealistic, but I could use the same logic to dismiss the use of interfaces, or discredit RTS games (and even Spore) because of the way structures just 'appear' and aren't actually 'built,' and no-one from my army actually eats or sleeps. I'd say that all of Will Wright's games are exponentially more representative than realistic. This is extremist, but Spore is a game first, and a simulation of life second.

Of course, that's just one weirdo's opinion. :D

PC Games / Re: Battlefield 2
« on: June 20, 2005, 09:31:01 pm »
Has anyone been playing the demo of this game? I've been playing almost nonstop, schedule permitting, this whole week. It's a lot of fun so far. My copy has shipped, and I'm thinking of uninstalling the demo so I don't overplay it. Has anyone else checked it out?

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