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Advanced Critique Exchange
« on: July 11, 2008, 08:55:43 am »
Ok so the purpose of this would be to do more than go "Hey that creature is cool" or "I really like those colors". I've taken a lot of art classes over the years, and I would like to see more advanced comments on peoples creatures. You know, stuff more thought out like "The colors you used really make his limbs pop out" or "I really like your use of the flower detail here".

I know a few of people do this already, but I was thinking of making a list of people. You pick 5 of each persons creatures a write comments on those creatures, then your name would be added to the list.

Every 6-12 hours we could resort the list so that it's not always in the same order, and you do it again picking new creatures (I realize eventually you might run out of creatures on some people to comment on). Hopefully this will encourage better design though feedback.

Would anyone be interested in doing something like that? Or am I just crazy XD

I'm pretty sure there isn't a post like this here or on the exchange. I know a few people have offered critique before but not an exchange of comments.
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Re: Advanced Critique Exchange
« Reply #1 on: July 11, 2008, 09:01:28 am »
Two things, well maybe three.

There are a couple of threads for this type of thing, though this idea is perhaps slightly more unique. Try talking to Gec or ilikesanta, as they run those operations (or I could include some aspects of this idea within a Creature Commission thread I'm making with Gec and ilikesanta).

You could also try the thread created by Skyward Descent. Unfortunately it keeps falling back because people don't seem to be interested in really critiquing others. This thread could suffer from that as well.

This is the wrong forum. The Sporepedia Exchange is a better forum for topics such as these.
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