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Title: [CoA] Lands of Auralon IC
Post by: SimplyNecro on October 19, 2011, 06:00:03 pm

Arc 1

You All Meet in a Tavern

Dartterkirk. That was the name of the town that had taken to feeding off the nearby Sky-Giant ruins some time ago. Dartterkirk wasn’t always a big town, it was just a simple village before, at least until the first relic hunters had ventured into the ruins and actually managed to return. And return they did, with priceless artifacts, works of art, lost technology, and other dood-dads that would make a nobleman jealous. That was when merchants, archeologist, and people of a learned nature began to flood to the quiet little town, all hoping to cut themselves a slice of profit, knowledge, or whatever their addiction was. Dartterkirk soon transformed from a sleepy little village of mixed race to a center and staging area for relic hunting and adventuring.

Today, and recently many days before, however, a darkness had fallen over Dartterkirk. The town simply seemed… quiet. A gloomy air had overcome the town’s very nature as shops laid locked up and empty, doors and gates where barricaded, people looked as though they where plodding through muck (which they where), and an ever murky sky loomed above them. It was obvious that for some reason, Dartterkirk was losing its former prosperity. Throughout all this gloom however, there was one beacon of hope, one location that would remain a shining light of happiness for this town…

The Giant’s Mug  AKA: Where people drank their troubles away until they passed out.

It was perhaps one of the largest buildings in the settlement, large enough to accommodate a variety of species that usually passed through the town to hunt for relics in the old giant’s city. Like the rest of town though, the Giant’s Mug had seen better days, its woodwork look like it was rotting and its structure was full of improvised patchwork repairs. Despite the establishments haggard appearance still, the beer was flowing, which meant business was good. Inside the drinks flowed, stories where told, and better days where remembered.
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Post by: Crazen on October 19, 2011, 09:46:29 pm
Castur, unusually, was relaxed this evening. he had stayed here for a time, and never had a night off. He was always busy tending to the inebriated (where having no sense of smell is a blessing) or those who suffered mishaps in the ruins. but with the number of expeditions down, and the general lack of passion, he found himself free.

"I think I shall play a light tune" Castur commented cordially, gesturing with his instrument.

"anyone care to join me?
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Post by: GroxGlitch on October 21, 2011, 04:09:06 pm
The Photos known as Vor'kera stumbled into the Giant's Mug. His hand was clasped over a bloody gash in his shoulder, hand stained red with cakes of dried red blood. He caught sight of Castur, the only one he knew from a glance. He slumped down in a seat near him.
"Castur." He said, unbuckling one of the pouches on his belt. He sifted in it a moment before retrieving a pair of small, brightly-glowing diamond shaped gemstones. "I need your help. I found a decently sized cashe of these inside the ruins to the north. I don't know exactly what they are, but from what my modest instrumentation can tell, they're radiating great energies. I'd wager they're a form of power cell." He shifted in his seat a moment. "But before I can do anything, I need medical attention. One of the cashe's guardians managed to get in a decent hit with a sword." He nudged his head towards his clasped wound.
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"my invitation still stands, but I'll have to attend to this first"

Castur paused a moment, hovering over Vor, examining him.

"your veins sound normal. you haven't lost a dangerous amount of blood yet. I'll have to start now to reduce risk of infection"
without looking he picked up a bottle from his cabinate, and poured three drops onto the injury.

"have to sterilize the tissue, stop the blood flow..."
and he set to work. some small, delicate tools came from within his arm and set upon the wound.

"you have an unfortunate name in my language. so who was guarding the ruins? something concerning, or just another hunter of a less reputable nature?
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They appeared to be some form of stone automaton..." He said, wincing a moment as Castur did something particularly painful. "Armed with stone shields and a sword made of some material like that of obsidian. My staff made short work of them but there were so many. Their eyes, an overwhelming sea of baleful green glows... I know not of their origin, be it advanced technology or arcane sorcery. But either way, what they guard is too valuable to be left sit where it is, for fear of it being lost to the ages again, or worse." Then Vor'kera remembered something. "Oh, also, I found you this." He reached into his pack, which he had set on the ground beside him. "I don't know if it matches the plugs, but I think this power cell might work for the generator I found you last year." He set it on the table upright, throwing an arduous glance at the flickering candle by which Castur worked.
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A lone armored figure appeared on the outskirts of the settlement. The large humanoid was completely encased in blackened armor, and further covered with rags that blew on the wind in tatters. It walked towards the settlement with a constant step, never slowing down, never speeding up. Soon it was at the closed gates, to which it rolled up one its ragged covered sleeves and knocked hard.

"Eh?" A small view port had opened up in the gate, revealing nothing but a curious eye visible. "What’s your business in Dartterkirk?"

"I am a large armored Vrinish warrior…" The armored creature answered indignantly "…with a rather short fuse. There also happen to be some Sky-Giant ruins nearby. Why do you think I’m here?"

“Oh!” The voice answered sarcastically before the visible eye scanned behind the Vrin. "Where’s your company?"

"I plan to get one here." The Vrin stated plainly.

"HA! Good luck with that. All the relic hunters here are to scared out of their wits to go back into those ruins. Ever since they…well… stop coming back alive."

“There have been no survivors?” The Vrin questioned.

"Well…" The creature on the other side thought for a moment. "Actually… I heard that one person did make it alive recently! One of those Photos techni…whatever you call them."

"A good enough lead let me in" The Vrin sounded impatient.

"Say the magic words!" The voice said sarcastically.


"Eh… close enough."

The gates flew open. Revealing the town, and hiding the annoying gate keeper. Good, Arcold didn’t wish to even be tempted with the thought smashing his skull open and sacrificing his heart on an altar. He quickly made his way through the settlement, quietly keeping to himself, and to his luck the inhabitants afforded him the same courtesy.

The tavern known as the Giant’s Mug was soon before him. He entered, casting a temporary light on the shaded room, illuminating the apprehensive stares of the inhabitants briefly before returning them to shadows. Arcold scanned the drinking room, looking for a certain Photos. He soon spotted him, being healed by a graid. The Vrin quickly made his way across the space, shoving a passing drunk carelessly out of his way before locking eyes with the Photos.

"You, Photos" He stated almost accusingly. "…where you the one who recently returned from the Giants ruins alive?"
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Post by: Cyst on October 21, 2011, 06:08:33 pm
I smell blood.
The thought raced through his mind, considering all possibilities. It could just be a butcher shop. No. Its coming from the tavern. Yuta straightened his body a bit and darted towards the tavern, he couldn't stand any risks. Within minutes he slammed through the swinging doors and saw only a Graid standing over a bleeding photos, and, with the thought that a fight may be present, his hand erupted in flame. "Explanations within the next 5 minutes will be acknowledged. Any movement is deemed as threat. Threats will be eliminated."
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Post by: GroxGlitch on October 21, 2011, 06:34:01 pm
"There is no problem. I was wounded and I am being given medical attention." Vor'kera waved off Yuta.
"And as for you, Vrin, I'd recommend you speak of me with a more courteous tone, lest I run you ragged all up along this nice clean street." Seeing that Castur was done, he rose, using his staff for support as he did. "But to answer your question, yes. I am the one who returned from Giants' Ruins alive." He looked the Vrin over a second. "I'd assume that, from the gear you are carrying, that you are a Relic Hunter as I. I'd also assume that, due to your interest in my survival from Giants' Ruins, that there's a business proposition in the immediate future. Am I correct in my assumptions?" Vor'kera said, his tone warning Arcold that he meant business.
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Flintlocks clicked, swords where unsheathed and all eyes were directed upon the Capftain. Nearly every patron in the tavern… a tavern full of veteran relic hunters… had drawn their arms, practically daring Yuta to disturb the peace and their drinking because of some misunderstanding. The hum of what could have been charging spells from hidden mages could also be heard.

Arcold briefly regarded the scene before returning his gaze to the Photos. "Correct on all accounts" He stated a bit more diplomatically. "I am Arcold and I am currently gathering a company to enter with me. Since you have previous experience with these ruins you would be an excellent choice." He then looked towards the Gradient healer next to Vor’kera, seeing another potential partner. "The offer extends to you as well Graid."

Arcold then turned towards Yuta and the rest of the tavern "And anyone else who still possesses the backbone to venture into those ruins!"
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Post by: GroxGlitch on October 21, 2011, 07:13:09 pm
"I shall gladly accompany you forthwith." Vor'kera acknowledged. "There were a cashe of items I wished to procure. I was driven off by it's guardians, sadly." He said, his shoulder accentuating the point.
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Post by: Crazen on October 21, 2011, 07:17:37 pm
Castur eyed the tension in the room chearfuly, but with an edge."I would suggest we settle. as a keeper of order in this community, any conflicts are a personal Insult against me. you brevitals find the smallest excuse for a fight, all of you."

"also as a peacekeeper, this danger in the ruins cannot be left. my student Oata-Uzmhoc can look after the unwell while I am gone.

a small (three feet) winged ant-like creature raised his hand.

"hello, I am Uzmhoc, machy of the autumn flock. before you ask, I am not a rapist. that is a gross stereotype of-"

"-thank you Oata!" cut in Castur, rather vexed.
 "but yes, I will come with you. My name is Castur"
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He flicked his boneless arm and the flames went out, his minds processing the value of his life compared to information and deeming the former worth far more. He turned to Arcold and expressed interest, "I lack a spine, but perhaps if there is pay I would lend myself, I have no use for archaic weapons that killed their owners."
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"Pay can almost be guaranteed." The armored warrior replied. "They may say those ruins are cleaned out but I’m sure some of us can prove otherwise." He nodded to the Photos.

Alcord reached into one of his own packs, pulling out a fresh looking map. Carefully, he unrolled it, revealing a thorough drawing of the ruins, with details of directions, passageways, and entrances. Detailed as it was however, it was still limited by the observations and recording of previous relic hunting teams, making it incomplete. Alcord studied the map himself for moments, confirming to himself that this venture would need at least a little bit of planning. There was no telling what could be lurking inside a dead giant city. From bandits, to monsters, to outcast mages, the dangers where ever present.

"First..." He said as he laid the map out for all to see. "…we need an entry point." He continued as he pointed to some circled locations indicating access points to the ruins. "We seem to have two viable options, either we approach from the streets or we go below and enter through the underway (Subway tunnels)." He then looked to Vor’kera again. "What do you think? You been in the ruins before."
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"I'd say forget about the street entrance." Vor'kera said, looking over the map. "I went in through the street and most of what was there was either picked clean or far too risky to go after. I made the mistake of going after one item and you can see what happened." He said, pointing to his shoulder. "Underway access seems a much more profitable entrance, though there's likely to be thugs, privateers and other forms of lowlives cowering down there. So long as we don't get overwhelmed, however, those should be within our capability. There's going to be risk to life and limb no matter which route we go, so I'd say take the more profitable of the two, just to make it more worth our while. Light shouldn't be a problem, I've got a couple of small hand-held illuminator devices, they should be suffice for our number." He continued.
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"underground...your lucky it's me, as there few other of my kind with the willpower to be underground, let alone searching for vicious violent vagabonds."

"but they wont be a problem. Ive been here three years, thirty seven days, 9 hours, two minutes and.. eight second there, which is enough to become renown among local brevitals. also, most of us have guns and I have a two hundred and five pound broadsword. they don't. any hostilities from criminals and brutes would be despicably one sided."

"Vor, detail any other fancy ancient unkindness you know of to be found in there. no, not now, wright it down. and Alcord, give me a list of places you know up north that have pretty skylights into the summer. And...being I am unfamiliar with but look forward to knowing soon, please at least pretend to have some personal investment in this. it makes for a more multifaceted story in dramatic re-tellings.
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"I’m sure we can handle a few bandits." Arcold said confidently. "From what our technical friend here says, it appears the underways are our best choice. We’ll take this entrance." He continued, pointing to a spot that was reported to be safe, or at least safer.

"And don’t you worry bard, I’ll write them down for you. I’m sure you won’t be short of material to add to your story." He said rather comely. "Just be sure to get the gory niceties right." He added half jokingly. "More to the point though…" his tone slowly returned to its former gruffness "… We will need some time to gather supplies. The underways may be infested with bandits that we can handle, but it also happens to be the least mapped out area. I’m sure that’s just one reason such vermin would choose it as a hideout, once we’re passed the bandits though there’s no telling what could be waiting for us down there."

"So, if there are no other questions, suggestions, or concerns, I say we take an hour or two to gather some supplies for this expedition. We meet back at the gates and head off from there."
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Castur arrived at the gate and hour and three quarters after the meeting adjourned. he had with him his weapons, 

also with him was a very sad looking Kryloth (a 5 foot white chicken-frog thing. eats slugs and shrubs) packed with supplies; dried food, ammunition, lanterns, spare cloth, leather clay tablets, And a full trauma kit, supplemented with a verity of homebrewed remedies and powders; being a man of singleminded and ridged study, his spiritual abilities only allowed for increasing the speed of the healing process*

on his person where his, flute, zither, Blade (though its weight, size, and that it appeared to be made of concrete, made it more of a crushing weapon), and bolt launcher.

He greeted those who had arrived and waited for the others.

*(eight hundred times faster, as it is. if that sounds like a lot, remember most normal injuries take days or Weeks to heal. unfortunately this cant heal himself, as graid regenerate extremely slowly compared to many races)
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One by one the party made their way to the gates, greetings where exchanged, last minute information was shared and final provisions where gathered. Armed and armored, the group made their way out of the gates and headed into the wilderness. Even from Dartterkirk the peaks of the Giant’s towers could be seen from a distance…

Aside from the occasional random growl of some predator and the constant, sleepy chirping of avian flora as day turned to dusk, the journey to the giant’s city was relatively uneventful. The only moments of short conversation mostly consisted of references to map, not so much to make sure that they were on the right path to the city (considering they could see it from their position) but to make sure they were heading to the right entrance.

"It’s here…" Alcord said almost excitedly as he drew his sword and began to hack at a wall of flora, each cut of the foliage slowly revealed a solid, metallic, surface behind it. Soon the Vrin ceased his rampant slashing and stepped back from his work. In front of the group was a large circular hatch, attached to a stone like wall, a recorded entrance into the underway. The party’s strongest members loosened the hatches locks and slowly opened it, the hatch making a squeaky groan all the way.

Nothing but darkness greeted them. In front of the group lay an impermeable void. The only source of light consisting of the occasional spark flickering in the distance before being swallowed by the hungry gloom. The silence was strong enough that the noise of the wilderness behind them seem to quiet in respect to the scene. The only sound that occasionally interrupted the quiet was the occasional "drip-drip" of leaking water and the rapid scuttling and hisses of startled vermin. Arcold pulled out one of the illuminator’s Vor’kera had passed out and lit it, lighting a small span in front of him, yet even then, the shadows seemingly had minds of their own as they tried to snuff out the light where ever it shined. Slowly he stepped in first.

"This is it. Don’t let your guard down for a second." He said as he headed inside.
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Yuta scoffed at Alcord's use of ancient technology, the thing could fail at any moment. He snapped his fingers and held a ball of light in his palm and walked down. "Alcord, allow me. Leave the toys in your bag and let true power illuminate our path."
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Suddenly, there was an ear-piercing crash. Those inside turned about to notice a rather large (relatively speaking) individual making apologetic faces.

"Sorry about that," the Pentekonterus chuckled, "but you know how unwieldy these things are!" He was stumbling about around the gate.

"My name is Hurgigus Althar. I've come seeking the strongest opponents to face and defeat! The crash you heard was my weapon of choice hitting that metal thing back there."

Indeed, there was a flail attached to his horns, swinging about, and several of the scars on his back looked as if he had hit himself with it once or twice.

Tapping his foot twice, he uttered, "so, did I interrupt anything?"
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"Yes. Have you been following us? For shame.

Still, your welcome to come with us. Just be sure to listen to Arcold here, as the de-facto team leader, Vor'kera, as our guide, and me, as a peacekeeper. feel free to ignore or harass poor Yuta there as you wish. Oclus knows his antisocial tendencies aren't lightening any time soon"

speaking of unprovoked threats of violence against my person, there are definitely things in here,* just a fair distance further in. I count at least one that might be a sort of man, and several that might not.

*(Graid: no taste, no smell, no depth perception. ears like a bat)
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"Got it."

With that, Hurgigus settled down and began to take in the surroundings. There was sure to be someone worthwhile to fight here.
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"Take note of the crank on the luminators," Vor'kera patted the crank. "they store power from getting cranked, and I haven't cranked them in a while so you might want to do so now." He batted a small piece of debris from his path with the end of his staff. Thinking, he cranked the luminator hard a moment, and as he saw the beam became brighter, he clipped it onto his belt and drew his pistol into his free hand. He flicked off the safety and held it at the ready as he walked. He heard something fall to the floor and he snapped to the source of the sound. He saw a hunched, disfigured creature descending from an alcove in the wall, a jagged knife clutched in one hand. He brought up his handgun and fired off a trio of shots. His first two went wide, hitting the wall beside the bandit and scattering dust into the air. The last two hit their mark, one landing in the shoulder and the last square in the chest. He lowered the gun and groaned, shaking his head.
"Bloody beady-eyed fool. 'Gee, he has a gun, let's try to jump him with a knife.' Moron." He slid out the clip and loaded a new one, the cocking mechanism clicking when the clip took.
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"That was wholly unnecessary!" exclaimed Castur, hurrying to inspect the fallen would-be assailant.

"it had a knife! a knife! she couldn't have hurt you!"

he checked the persons status. this being releyed on a large air circulation system, which was cleanly hit through in the core. the mind was cut off from the flow; he would have to expend a potent heal to keep it from brain death.

"Nakak" he called to his packbeast. "this brevital lost its way at some point, and is quickly losing her chance to ever find it again. take it safely from this place and keep it until it is safe from ending. you know where to go from there."

Nakak gave a soundless confirmation as Castur unloaded his gear and placed the broken figure in it's place. then the creature hurried off with a what could have been a sigh.

"let me clarify things." spoke the graid, facing away from his teamates. "I have won almost four hundred battle with this weapon, and have fired it twice.  I will not allow the reckless ending of the aware. If you end one thoughtfull life in my presence," he said softly, still to no one. "I will eat your face and skin your limbs"


"now, let us disperse the remainder. they seem to have turned frantic from the sounds of your sociopathic outburst."
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"Regardless of what it was armed with, it was a poor miserly creature, outcast from society, with no quality of life. These people are bandits, marauders, whatever term you prefer. And if you want to argue the practice of putting them down, you've got a large number of Relic Hunters to talk to. This thing won't ever, as you put it, 'find it's way again'." Vor'kera turned from the Gradient and continued walking, holstering his pistol and cranking up his luminator.
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Approaching Castur slowly, Yuta placed a hand on the Graid's shoulder. "It was uncalled for, yes. But there is little we can do now that the boy used his artefact on the woman. Your compassion for this soul is touching, but lets move on, perhaps we can stop him from killing any others." He turned and cast a small spell, almost tripping Vor'kera but only causing a stumble in his walk.
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Vor'kera turned back with a growl.
"What would you have preferred I do, wait until it's knife was plunged into my stomach before I retaliated?" He snapped, hand coming to a rest on his now-holstered handgun. "How many times have you been down these tunnels? Once, perhaps twice? I've been doing this most of my life, and I've learned one thing; giving people the benefit of the doubt typically ends up with you dead. Compassion and survival are mutually exclusive in this job, something you two don't seem to get." He turned and continued walking.
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it seemed he had misjudged Yuta from that awkward first impression. he would look for a way to honor his words.

Castur silently though that yes, he would have let it stab him. then it would be disarmed. but so many brevitals are fragile. transient.
difficult, difficult.

He trotted to the front of the group, striding next to Vor'kera. the others could not see or hear them clearly. he adjusted the braids of his dark hairs. when he spoke, his tone was warm and open.
"Vor, I want us to come to an acceptance of eachother, and an understanding. first, I would like to show you something."

Grasping his left forearm, Castur undid the strap of his leather armor, revealing the arm below.

"it's my fourth set. I made these ones myself, you know. mostly out of bronze. they use no power, just very intracite clockwork. that took me time you can't imagine. but they function well, and are connected through. more importantly, they are indistinguishable from the real thing. this is important, because a graid with no hands is a graid who has ended another, with Malice aforethought."

"it was a bad day. I was wrapped in chains for the operation. afterward my captor let me go, I thought immediately of replacing my loss. it took a long time of careful anatomical study to learn how to properly construct and meld them to me. and the anger in me diminished. I came to find peace in the structures of the body. that is how and why I became a doctor.

"now I have saved the existence of thousands. someday, maybe, I shall have saved more than I have ended"
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Arcold rolled his three eyes at the before him. He could care less about the creature Vor’Kera had injured, but Castur’s insistence on helping “The Aware” was possibly going to be trouble. He didn’t need the group to start in-fighting at the wrong moment, but then again most of them seemed to be above that, and even then at least they seemed to be trying to make amends. There were tensions, but it was unlikely to be too much of a problem if the life and limb where suddenly put on the line.

Cranking the illuminator Vor’Kera had gave him; he added his own light to the ever present darkness and lead on, Yuta by his side casting his magical glow to reveal the path.

The party proceeded on and the tunnels remained eerily quiet, the only noise breaking the silence was the occasional spark from ancient wires and the shifting debris of small scavengers fleeing into the darkness, but this was hardly a comfort. The underway was supposed to be infested with bandits and marauders, yet the group had yet to encounter a single living band of these dregs. Dead bandits and marauders however, where in ready supply; there were plenty of them to fill a graveyard. The group passed by many abandoned encampment as they explored, inhabited only by a collection of corpses. There were definite signs of battle, the deads wounds suggested they were killed with sword, gunfire, and every now again one looked as though it was savagely torn apart limb by limb. Furthermore, the corpses seemed rather fresh, decomposition had begun to set in but whatever battles that broke out here could have only happened a day or two ago.

The shadows slowly began to recede, and the tunnels began to open up into what looked like a station, a meeting point the giants once used to act as crossroads for their massive transit system. The situation here was the same as the tunnels: Lots of dead bodies. Only these looked far better armed than the raiders they found in the tunnels. Their armor and weapons suggested that this must have been a band of Relic Hunters, one of the groups that had disappeared into the ruins and never emerged. The state of the corpses however was cause for alarm, while the condition of the bandit bodies suggested a battle from days ago, these corpses could have only been made mere hours ago.

A sudden rustle was heard as a figure slowly shambled from the shadows, a humanoid figure that was unmistakably a Photos.

“Ca-Castur?” The Photos wheezed out as he limped towards the group. The individual in question as one Lar’vios, a rather green, but talented Relic Hunter, on his last venture into the ruins he had gotten injured and had sought out the healers help, his wounds were not exactly fatal at the time but without a doctor they could have easily proved critical if not treated. However Lar’vios was hardly daunted by the wounds he sustained last time and had went back into the ruins with his group after he healed. He was never heard from again. Here he was now however and these wounds he possessed now where hardly scratches…

Large amounts of blood was dripping out of the Photos side; he managed a few steps to Castur before falling on his knees and leaning on a nearby pillar. Letting a rather a small sack fall to the ground as he groaned.
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"Lar'vios?" Vor'kera said, alarmed. "What in the Creator's name happened here?" Vor'kera sifted through one of his bags a moment before bending down, holding a strange device in two hands. He placed it on the floor, and with a flip of a switch, a bright flash took the room before settling to a calmer light. Most of the room was lit by this small device, a rapidly spinning crystal suspended in it's center. The scene revealed in the light was a bloodbath in every sense of the word. Vor'kera strode to the fallen Relic Hunters, more than a few of which were Photos.
"Such destruction," He noted, stepping over the remains of priceless artefacts that had been cleaved in half or blown to bits. He did not check for signs of life; they were clearly dead.
"Can you heal him, Castur?" He asked.
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(short post)

Castur entered the trance that always seemed to come when his services were needed. too much lost blood. damage too deep. it was pointless to try.he laid out a blanket and carefully aranged Lar'vios to minimize dicomfort.

"Be vigilant. there is something terrible still close."

"lar'vios, I can ease your pain and give you your time. if there are any rites you wish, I can perform them. Al Akshir seque Oclus, glaem-Vanero."
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Lar’vois made a deep, hacking cough; trails of blood ran down the sides of his mouth as the light ever so slowly crept from his form, slowly taking on a deathly pallor. He weakly reached to his side, trying to grasp the sack he had dropped from before.

"Please…" he said weakly…

Within the damp and darkness of the tunnels the group had just passed through, not all seemed to be dead and empty, not anymore. Within each corpse an unnatural and sickly green glow entered into their lifeless eyes. Slowly, they push themselves off the ground, out of the rubble, and grasped their old weapons. As more of their brothers and sisters rose from their graves the undead shambled through the narrow tunnel, their actions directed by an unseen hand.

"Please…" Lar’vois said again as he brought the sack up and tried to hand it to Castur. The strange bag actually seemed to glow with an outlandish blue light from within. "…Castur… all of you… please, you must not let this device fall into his hands. If it does… I…I don’t know what might happen. But I know it will be nothing good."

"He *cough* He’s a monster..." He continued, his voice becoming fearful as the memories came back. "We tried to fight him and his minions, but he picked us off one by one... he tore apart Ker'Cairdon with foul magic, he was so fast he danced circles around Jenel, a-and then he picked up Greivax and... and I swear I think he sucked out his soul!"

Lar'vois began trying calm himself as he attempted to banish the memories of that horrifying battle.

"I know I won't make it... but please... just keep this out his grasp... don't let him do any harm with it.... and...." Lar'vois breath slowly became labored as the life in his eyes slowly faded "I'll...... rest..... easy..."

And then there was nothing. The Photos body remained limp on the blanket, eyes staring blankly into nothingness.

Arcold had drawn both of his weapons, having put away the illuminator since Kor’veras had generously provided a light to the room. The Vrin looked on edge. "Ready yourselves! There’s a foul stench in the air…"

And foul it was. The sound of rushing footsteps, moans and screeches rapidly began to close in on the room, and soon their forms where revealed. They were familiar, many of them where the previous bandit corpses the group had passed by previously, while others who emerged from other entrances and crevasses where less so. No vestige of life was in their glowing eyes, all that remained was the stripped and shattered fragments of a soul. Their eager advanced became even more furious when they spotted still living, warm, flesh.

Arcold lashed out at the first walking corpse. "Back! Back you mindless wretches!" He yelled as he stabbed his long sword into his first target, when that wasn’t enough, he wretches the blade upward and spit the things upper body in half. First kill. He violently swung his axe into another abomination’s head, spilling it’s gray matter onto the floor, but soon it was replaced by another…
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Yuta sighed, Undead? Of all things for me to encounter my first time underground, it had to be zombies. Without a second thought he pulled a vial of oil with a cloth in it from his satchel and held it to his ball of light, following up by tossing it at the monstrosities, the glass exploding and setting the floor and undead on fire.
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Castur picked up the object and quickly stowed it into his bag.

when the things came, he did not speak a word. he did not hesitate; he charged through the fire and rammed into the pack, knocking several down and trampling them. next, he drew his sword/club, shattering another two corpses. then they surrounded him, attacking with knives, stones, and fists. he ignored the scratches, and began meticulously crushing each one that moved in front of him.
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Vor'kera, who was right in the midst of the now-zombified corpses, knocked the legs out from beneath the closest one with the lower end of his staff. He retreated back a distance and depressed a rune embedded on the staff. With a slight blue glow, the head of the staff began to resonate; it didn't look like much but the staff's blades were vibrating such that their cutting power was exponentially increased.
He lunged forward, bringing the head up at an angle; he carved the first zombie in angled halves. He brought the staff around again and decapitated another, slamming the bladed head down into the body to finish the job. He stabbed his staff into another and yanked it vertically into the zombie's head, and it fell dead. Another had it's legs cut off at the knees followed by it's arms being removed. It sat squirming on the floor face first, no longer a noticeable threat.
"I require aid!" Vor'kera exclaimed, noticing that he was starting to get overwhelmed.
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The horde continued to charge forth towards the group, only now a small part of that horde was on fire. ( Zombie after zombie fell before Castur, their breaking bodies making a satisfying crunch as bones snapped and collapsed upon themselves. But no matter how many where slain, the fiends just kept crawling out of the woodwork.

Arcold maneuvered as he fought, trying to keep the undead in front of him, when facing an enemy who relied on numbers, he needed to make sure they couldn’t take full advantage of it by somehow getting behind him or flanking. Something that Vor’kera had a minor lapse in. Arcold cursed under his breath, knowing the Photos was going to be quiet literally eaten alive if someone didn’t help him. Castur, seemed to be busy with the horde around him, and everyone else was fighting for their lives.

Arcold lifted his axe above him, activating his god given abilities as one of their chosen warriors. The axe began to glow with an aurora of color shifting flames that changed quickly from red, purple, to green. The undead around him stalled for a moment at the display but a moment only, fear and self preservation was something beyond the pathetic creatures. Without a second more of hesitation they lunged at him, to which Arcold responded with a nice, clean, swipe of god blessed fury. One swing unleashed torrents of dark flames, disintegrating multiple undead in front of him. His sword had taken on similar blessed features as his axe, to which he unleashed a flurry of strikes from both weapons as he slowly hacked a path to Vor’kera.

Breaking through the thick horde between them Arcold took position behind Vor, watching his back while letting the Photos watch his. The undead where relentless however, attacking in waves between seconds long intervals. Gunshots began to ring through the air as some of the undead apparently had enough memories of their past lives to use their more complex weapons. They where clusmy shots, but harmful all the same.
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Hurgigus charged into the fray, swinging his tail and flail wildly. His shouts of "BRING IT ON!" and "HERE! HAVE SOME MORE!" rang throughout the corridor. As he continued swinging about, undead began hurtling towards the walls... and towards the other adventurers.

"Oops! Sorry about that, Arcold!" he yelled after accidentally lobbing a flaming zombie towards him. One could wonder how Hurgigus hadn't been surrounded or set aflame by then.

However, it seemed as if even more were coming. Thinking surprisingly quickly, Hurgigus angled himself so as almost to make himself a living, counterattacking barricade.
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by the time he had crushed thirty skulls, Castur was completely covered in undead up to the neck: it just did not matter. the knives and arrows glanced off of his hide, though his shell was imbedded with bullets. he paused a moment to survey the battlefield.

and that was his mistake: one of the zombies managed to come from above and drop on his face.

"..." (castur doesn't speak during battle. that would be dumb)

he reached up to grasp it, but this one was a small spidery thing, quick and limber. with eye stabbing talons.
the situation had just gotten tedious. he fell face forward, pinning it to the ground. then he bit it's head off. it was more gooey than crunchy.


but now he was on the ground, with two dozen corpses on top of him.
"Cant get up, but won't end! carry on! "