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Spore: Creation Corner / [RG]The Kiaal
« on: December 03, 2010, 08:44:06 am »

I suck at keeping my creatures alive. I also suck at tribal stage and got the Careless Parent award. But I know my problem. I HAVE NO DETERMINATION. I can't do something for a second. So I'm starting right in the on the edge of the space stage.

Introducing the Kiaal
The Kiaal are a race of reptilian humanoids with a strange mix of simple and electronic technology. They are predatory carnivores that inhabit the misty jungle world of Kundi, which has never had a snowflake touch it's surface. It's rich in metals and despite having a small surface area, has a larger gravity than Earth. Because of this, it also has higher atmospheric pressure. The single large ocean in the center is surrounded by flatlands, rivers, marshes and gigantic deltas. All civilization is located on the fertile, coastal deltas.

Kiaals are bipedal digitigrades that evolved from small-prey predators. They have teardrop shaped heads which curve back slightly. At the bottom of their head they have a blunted snout, similar to D'ocra mouth from spore, which has 20 sharp, multi-use teeth and a triangular, highly flexible tongue. They have arms slightly longer than their legs which they keep tucked up to their chest. They have a small palm ending in two strange fingers which can rotate 180d so they don't need thumbs. They also use sexual reproduction and have two toes.


Storytelling and Roleplaying / Raptor RP (OoC)
« on: November 27, 2010, 08:49:53 am »
Yep, my first RP had nothing to do with aliens!
A player based game, we will first define time, location and species of our raptor pack. Then I will allow a maximum of 12 players to join the game. After that I will not allow any more players to join unless I'm in a good mood. Finally, you'll specify your Raptor and we'll start!

Any questions before we start?

New Rules
We will all vote on a fixed time and location together. This will effect the environment and what species we can be. Then people will start sighing up. I will allow up to 12 players to join. After that I will give a long list of raptor species you can be, along with a wki-link to show the species true size and appearance. Finnaly, the game will be played out as some kind of mini-map game, with each pack representing a "clan with their symbol, colour and profile silhouette.

Spore: Creation Corner / [RG] The Kin...
« on: October 12, 2010, 05:22:59 am »
Please don't post on this topic. Post ideas/questions on Tonguetastic



(Section 1 -- System)
Star Type:F8
Planet #1:Kurahai.
Planet #2:Kinshoi.
Planet #3:Sido.
Planet #4:Hakai.

(Section 2 -- Terrain and Atmosphere)
Average Temperature: Hot (steamy).
Liquid:Oceans, lakes/rivers, air (vapor), underground lakes/rivers.
Land-Liquid Ratio:84% ocean/16% land.
Average Terrain:Volcanic/high lands.
Continents:2 but many islands.
Air Density:Dense.
Composition:Nitrogen, Oxygen, Water Vapor, Hydrogen, Carbon Dioxide.
Length of Day:36 earth hours
Length of Year:474 days

(Section 3 -- Life)
Main Species:Kin/Hive
Native Animals:Simple to advanced, widespread.
Imported Animals:None
Native Plants:Simple to medium, very widespread.
Imported Plants:Sporg Slime (simple)

(Section 4 -- Development)
Structures: Underground dwellings, surface, stone constructs.
% Urban:27% land, 3% planet
Imports:Tech, culture, trade, foreign materials.  
Exports:Food, culture, minerals, life.

The Kinshoius

(Section 1-Biology)
Gravity Preference:0.6G-2G.
Temperature Pref:0C-60C.
Atmosphere Breathed:Nitrogen/Oxygen.
Body Cover:Slightly slimy, thin skin.
Body Colour:Grayish yellow.
Eyes:1 pair of small, colour-blind but inferred eyes.
Eye Colour: Entirely black, no iris or white, just a pupil.
Body Characteristics:Tongue "legs", body in three sections, only 1 pair of true limbs.
Diet:Omnivore but mainly herbivore/scavenger.
Reproduction:Use sexual reproduction, three genders;male/female/children.
Reproduction Method:Eggs are hatched inside a false womb and then given birth live.
Limb Pair #1:Large muscular tongues.
Limb Pair #2: Shorter, bony arms equipped with hands/feet.
Mass:300kg all.
Height:120cm females/130cm males.

(Section 2-Culture)
Racial Tolerance:16
Social Cohesion:18
Lifespan:270 yrs male/300 yrs female
Tech Level:3/4

(Section 3-Culture)
Government Type:Communism/Democracy
Religion: Elementism/Dualism

(Section 4-Extra Things)
360 Vision
Acute Smelling/Taste
Color blind
Extra heart
Heat Tolerance
Heavy sleeper
Nictating membrane
Night Vision
Poor Vision
Poor hearing
Time sense
Vibration sense
Infrared Vision

Spore: Creation Corner / Tonguetastic!(The Kin)
« on: October 03, 2010, 09:34:12 am »
This is the main article for my main creature, the tongue walking Kin. Please post your ideas, question and anything else related to The Kin.

Spore: General / What Spore Could Have Been...
« on: September 27, 2010, 10:28:45 am »
Yes we all love spore but when we see our cartoon cell our rigid cities and and no DAM aquatic stage, don't you just love to dream about what it could? If not (BUT OUT OF MY TOPIC!) if yes, post your ideas, images and whatever to imagine... wait for it...SUPER SPORE, no thats crap... :P :P :P


Spore: Creation Corner / [RG]The Usoi. My first creature
« on: September 11, 2010, 04:29:55 am »
I've finished my description, I hope it clarifies things

(section1.1: basics)
Name: Usoi (us-oy)
Scientific Name:

Type: Warm blooded bipedal terrestrial vertebrate
Lifestyle: Social opportunistic carnivores
Main habitat: Mountain Jungles
Size: 1.4m-1.7m
Weight: 60kg-100kg
Diet: Anything small enough to eat.
Armour: Medium strength, leathery skin makes armour out of hide and lichen bark
Attack/defence: Punching, tail swipe and biting
Weapons: Sharp and powerful jaws, horns and technology
Tools: 2 hands on front limbs, 1 finger and 2 thumbs and a prehensile tail
Method of eating: Grabbing with quadruple jaws (like a mantis) and then ripping of chunks with hands
Lifespan: 40-60 years

Appearance: A mix between a raptor and a worm (a picture is coming out soon)
Temp pref: 15C-45C
Grav pref:10.5N/kg-11N/kg
Vital gas: Nitrogen
Body cover: A smooth but leathery skin
Body colour: Bright greens, reds and purples
Hair: None
Scales: None
Eyes: 2 large main eyes and 6 small, inferred and ultraviolet sensing eyes
Senses: Sight smell hearing touch taste inferred  
Live/Carcass diet ratio: 63% live/37% carcass
Reproduction method: Hermaphrodite but still needs 2 individuals
Reproduction Rate: Reaches sexual maturity at 8 and can mate at any time of the year
Gestation: 4 months then 3-8 eggs are laid
Incubation Period: 2 months then babies are fed vomit until 5 years
Offspring survival rate: 80%, new parents 65%
Intelligence type: Un-imaginative problem-solvers

(section2.1: star system)
Type: Medium class
Planet 1: Kapu-A'a a gas giant the hottest planet and 6 times larger than Jupiter
Planet 2: Usoi-Halle a rich jungle world home of the Usoi
Asteroid Belt
Planet 3: Kin-Hok a small gas giant that shines due to it's reflective atmosphere

(section2.2: planet)
Name: Usoi-Halle (us-oy hal-eh)
Diameter: 20,500km (averaged)
Circumference: 60,000km (averaged)
Average Temp: 32C
Gasses: Nitrogen WaterVapor Hydrogen Oxygen  
Distance from star: 155 million km (averaged)
Escape Velocity: 15 km/s
Average terrain: Steamy mountain jungles coastal swamps and inland deserts.
Atmosphere density: 3kg per cm2
Main land formation: Mostly volcanic but with sediment mountains at the south pole

Culture and Development

The Usoi are at a tribal-prehistoric half-way stage. The Usoi have long discovered fire and use it to cook food, make better medicine, scare of predators and herd prey into traps.They use sharpened rocks for all kinds of uses and sometimes hunt with wooden spears hardened with fire and make small leaf shelters to hide from the elements.

Art Science and Religion
coming soon!

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