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Who here has read Neil Gaiman's Marvel comic book series/graphic novel 1602?  I really enjoyed this and I wanted to know what other people felt about it.  I'm not a big comic book reader but my older brother and best friend from college were so I osmosed a lot of knowledge from the two of them.  I do really like graphic novels though.  Dark Knight Returns, the Killing Joke, Watchmen, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, the little bit of Sandman I've read and others.  I really liked this particular series, however.  For those who don't know, it's the Marvel universe set in 1602.  Sir Nicholas Fury is Queen Elizabeth's master spy.  Dr. Stephen Strange is her court magician.  Mutants are called Witchbreed.  Lots of cool stuff like that.  What's also really cool is that none of the characters come from after the 60s.  It's the original lineup of X-Men (no wolverine), Spiderman (no venom), Fantastic 4 and the Avengers.  I highly recommend it but then again, I always do. -leeman

Gaming Steve:
I own it, but have never read it. I actually have a huge stack of comic books which has gone unread.

The only book I read on a constant basis is Knights of the Dinner Table, which has horrible artwork but is funny as hell. Definately check it out and don't let the bad art scare you.

I like KoDT.  I find it amazing that a marine who can't draw very well has created both an awesome gaming  comic and a very strange gaming company.  The fact that Kenzerco came up with Hackmaster as a joke and that I know people who play it is a serious game both frightens and amazes me.  It's a wonderful world in which we live in.  There was an interesting comic on kenzerco's website about a bunch of stuffed animals playing dnd.  Kind of surreal.  All done with photography and clever posing.  It gets very long and complicated but I recommend it.  -leeman

ps: you should read 1602, Steve.  Eight brands of awesome.  You know you want to see Peter Parker in leggings.


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