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Gaming Steve:
Okay, here's a new topic we can talk about, various stats. This is from the "create a building" screen in Spore. If you look at the upper right corner you can almost make out what they say:

The bottom left one definitely says "Entertainment", and I think the lower right says "Housing" and the upper left says "Factory", but I'm not quite sure. What do you guys think?

Might be seperate building types for ur creatures and ur evolution.

I remember u said in Podcast 3 that Will said that keeping ur creatures happy is important so enternaiment might be like movie theatres, Strip Clubs ::) :P(just kiding), Playgrounds, and such

Factories, well You did say that their won't be much resources like rts have, maybe this is how you make money and keep unemployment at its mininum.

Houses, Maybe like mansions and apartments and stuff where u creature pay rent on them and gain u money, or just adds to a population limit?

Lord Janos:
I think you're right.  The top right one looks like it's in arabic though... i can't make it out either.

top right looks like "Farm" to me

kinda makes sense, have factory for the tanks and weapons
                           farms for food, and maybe other supply
                           houses for living in
                           and entertainment for culture

After messing with it in Paint shop pro, I'm also pretty sure it says "farm".


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