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Alliances and diplomacy with other civilizations

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Some of the reports of will wright his talk hinted that there are peacefull ways to deal with other tribes. He also said that beyond the sim city like gameplay there would be civilization like gameplay and diplomacy is crucial in all civilization games. In all civ games expect civ1 could you even form alliances with other civilizations and civ3 had even a diplomatic victory.I often enjoyed the diplomacy more in civilization then the war. It is also very fun to protect a weaker but friendly civilization againsts other civilizations.

So I wonder if one of your creatures would be the "king creatures" who you could sent to other king creatures to negotiate. It would be cool if diplomacy was not totaly abstracted but that you could actually see the carebear king his reaction to your diplomatic proposals.

It would also be cool if members of befriended civilizations  would have an animation to show that they are friends when they meet each other, so that the carebears would hug there little pony allies when they met :)

What other things could be included in the dimplomacy of spore?

I can't wait to play with my carebear civilization who help all other civilizations until the whole galaxy is transformed in one big happy galaxy that cares :)

No idea about diplomacy with other tribes during the tribal stage.

Maybe during city.

I'd like to know too how this system would work.

There was a game i loved to play it was a simple space conquest game involving planets and artifacts and ship combat.  It was called empire something on www.download.com and I have tried very hard to find that game to download again but i cant find it anywhere :'(

ANYWAY my favorite activity was researching new technologies and giving them to people and that increased our rating... eventually we would sign a non agression pact and ultimately join in a federation.  When that happened you basically peacefully took over everything they had... you were given control anyway.

I did this with every single alien species in each universe map untill you got to the very last one and had to kill them off.

I wouldn't mind some system like that, as once you get to the city era you evolve technology more then biology.
FYI if anyone has head of this game it was shareware.  the only thing about it that was different was that the game had artifacts on planets that increased your civ stats somehow.  It was my personal mission to steal every single one with spies once they were all collected.

I miss that game if anyone has heard its true title or know where I can redownload it, I would be the happiest dan in the whole 20!

mmm, diplomacy, such a forgotten part of RTS

Xian Xio of the Chinese Empire
[ ] Ally
[ ] Hostile
Click one

That's always been the extent of it.

u forgot.


maybe alliances will have somehting to do with trade and money making.


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