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Yeah, thanks from me too, I didn't knew it either...
I have another question, how can I copy a part?

Alt-click the part.

Look to the upper right when you're in the build editor, not when in test mode. I see why you thought only punch now though. Anyway, up in the upper left you should see a bunch of icons. A row of blue... here's a screenshot;

Ignore the change of interface, I grabbed the quickest thing I could google. The buttons are still in the same area. You can click those.

To answer your weapons question, Essentially, by my observation each attack animation is tied to an object. The "mechanisms" are; Bite - Mouth, Strike - Graspers, "spitter" - Spit, and nothing for charge. You'll propel yourself foward and even make the "hit" noise as long as you have some charge stat. Though interestngly, adding a mouth grants the actual visual effect.

You'll still animate without those "mechanisms".. just.. well, only partially. There'll be no sound, nor will there be a graphic either. I kind of wonder if you'd even be able to use the ability without those enabling mechanisms (i.e. could you strike with a +5 strike creature that had no graspers?).

Anyway, the only way to get the weapons factored into the animation is to tie them to the above mechanism. So a trick I could offer - Add graspers to the hand with say, a spike ball on it. Reduce the grasper size to small, and increase the spike ball size to the point where it eclipses the graspers. Now you're bashing with a spike ball. You can use the default graspers for this.

Thanks for the report!  This is all GREAT information.

Were you able to see any different attack animations?  As we all know, the only "attack" in the CC is a punch (or bite if you have no arms).   I want to know if creatures will strike with other weapons you give them, or trample, etc.  I don't like when I put a bunch of weapons on a creature, but then he punches with the smallest arm he has.... 

There are four attacks; Strike, Bite, Spite, and Charge. All of which are in the CC (not sure why you think only punch). Each one with it's own attack animation directly tied to the stat level. So a stat of 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 in strike will all offer unique animations. Effectively making 20 combat animations in total.

The wild card, of course, are the "super powers" that come in each stage.

Spore: General / Re: Full Spore: Removing creatures and objects?
« on: June 23, 2008, 04:34:43 am »
Well, I currently can't delete the Maxis stuff from my database. So I'd say that's the answer. Granted, I've yet to look for the data in files or anything like that, but there's no delete function within the game. So I'd assume that whatever content Maxis ships with the game is can't be removed.

I took the bulk of the content from Baselord's GameFaqs thread and compiled it into a Q&A of sorts. I exluded the information already posted in this thread. A few editor's notes are in brackets.

Are there caves? my woIf pack will Iive in caves so I need to know.

Nope it didnt seem that there were any caves. During the creature phase you have a nest, which is your base of operations. It is where you can go refill health and where you will respawn if you die. Also, when at your nest, you can interact with creatures of your same species, and get them to follow you so you can hunt in a pack, etc.

In higher epochs did your species obtain clothes or do they stay the same for their entire existance?

In higher epochs there is no more creature evolution. But yes, you can put clothes on them. He showed this off, and put a helmet and shoulder pads on his creature during the civ phase.

What was Will saying about mimicking?

Mimicking is how you socialiize and make contact with other creatures. I'm not 100% sure of the mechanics, but if you have similar parts you will be able to mimic their movements, thus that purple bar when he socializes will fill up. One side is the other creature, one side is you.

[someone else]; Each species on the planet has a happiness meter with you. You can Mimic creatures movement by using charm. If you charm enough of that species then they will help you if they see you getting jumped or you can recruit them later to hunt. However if you tend to eat them a lot then they will run away or attack you. [It has also been mentioned you can use "allied" creatures nests to heal]

Why were you forced to turn off your camera?

Just a guy with an event staff shirt on came and said "Sir I am sorry but there is no video recording at this, you'll have to put the camera away. " So I did. The reason I had to stop recording had nothing to do with spore. The presentation was in the Apple store, and Apple doesn't allow people to record videos in their store.

Have they kept bubble cities and the ability to beam down from your UFO and explore on foot?
During the demo he traveled to a magma planet and on it was an outpost inside a bubble from another alien civilization, so yes there are still bubble cities. He did not demo anything regarding beaming down on foot.

Did he mention whether or not you will be able to give your creatures guns and use them as infantry in civ and space phase?

You cannot do that. At the civilization stage, all of your interactions will be limited to the vehicles. Someone asked your exact question and he said that they originally had it to where you can control every individual creature, but that it felt way more complicated than the other stages. He said they got rid of it to make it feel in balance with the complexity of the rest of the game.

so, he said what you eat in the cell phase determines what you eat in the creature phase. Does the mouth not determine that in the full game? Or is it just for when you start in the creature phase that it makes that determination for you?

The latter. Whenever you mate in the creature phase it brings up the creature editor and you can spend your dna points on your creature and swap parts, add new ones, etc. He changed his creature that you see in the video to be a carnivore. Anyway, once youve spent your dna points you click ok, and the egg hatches and you play as the new offspring. You then have to eat and grow as the newer evolved generation. The eventual goal of the creature stage is to fully evolve your brain; once that is done your creature learns to use tools (in quite a hilarious cutscene) and then you enter the tribal stage.

Miscellaneous Info

Will Wright mentioned that they may add features like vegetation and tribal editors in the future ala Sims, but he didnt say for sure.

With economic cities, your city has the ability to produce trade ships and caravans. You set up trade routes and earn spice that way. I am not sure if you can conquer the world through economics, but my gut feeling from the rest of the demo was that you can (not verified though). [We know that all 3 styles are capable of achieving victory]

Will did not actually demo the military side, but he demoed the religious aspect. You build religious missionary vehicles that will drive up to cities (and are more effective against cities with lower happiness) and you will start converting the city. The advantage to this is that you will not destroy the city and have to rebuild it when it has been captured. It is also quite funny, the missionary vehicle project a large image of your species talking (like a televangelist kind of).

In the tribal stage you have a chief, which can cast special abilities. The one he demoed was a rainstorm which caused the plants to grow around the area for food. I do not know how you acquire these abilities. [An apparent example of the "super powers" you can get, according to different sources, actions in the prior phases effect what these powers are]

In the tribal stage all the tribes are different species. Will said while this is scientifically unlikely, it makes the gameplay more interesting since you can distinguish other races more easily, since you have to manage individual units at that level (it plays like an rts). It also is more aesthetically pleasing to have unique races.

Once you get to the civ phase, all of the nations are the same race. But the vehicles will look different (obviously), etc. There is also a music generator at this stage, and you can make at least your national anthem.

Once you have 2 or more cities in the civilization stage, you can build naval vehicles. All the vehicles have two common stats, hp and speed. There is also one specific stat depending on which vehicle type it is (religious, trade, or military). [Screenshots indicate air vehicles come once you have 5 cities]

In the space phase, you can get a fleet of ships for wars, but it is a federation fleet. You do not have ship production facilities (from what I saw) and you will be able to have your allies ships follow you. He said the capacity for large intestellar wars is definitely there. He also said they avoided creation any one stage to make it feel way more complicated than the others.

You can play as a space trader as well, buying different spices from different empires and selling at higher costs, etc.

You can get missions from different empires that will vary depending on the race. The one he showed was that we had to collect a certain creature specimen and return it to the empire's planet. There was a little radar indicator that showed where we needed to go once we arrived on the correct planet. There will also be war missions.

Since I was just looking at it for for something else, this information is actually in the FAQ on Spore's website;

Q: How can I drag and drop a PNG file into my game? It's running in full screen mode.

A: Once your game has loaded, click the Options, then Settings buttons. Under Graphics Settings, uncheck fullscreen mode. In windowed mode, drag and drop a PNG file directly into build mode.

Although you don't need to be in windowed mode.

Spore: General / Re: Question About Actual Spore
« on: June 23, 2008, 02:48:36 am »
To quote the spore faq
Q: How will I be able to control content sharing in my Spore game?

A: First of all, the Spore Creature Creator does not automatically share content. To open another player's creature in your Spore Creature Creator you can download it from or drag the png file to your desktop and then onto the dias of your Spore Creature Creator once you have opened the application.

When Spore the full game ships, there are a number of features we've developed that will help you control what content ends up in your game or Sporepedia.

1. Sharing is optional. You can play offline and use only content that you or Maxis created.

2. You can enable the Buddies Only option in the Spore Online Settings options. With this setting on, only content from Spore players that you designate as Buddies in your Sporepedia will show up in your game.

3. You can Create and Subscribe to Sporecasts, which are collections of Spore content. Your game will be biased to select content from the Sporecasts that you're subscribed to.

4. If you do elect to have open sharing on, you can immediately Ban any content that appears in your game or Sporepedia with a simple click. This will delete the copy of that content from your computer as well as send a message to our servers. We review and address banned content regularly."

Q: Won't my planet become over-crowded with everyone's creatures being downloaded into my world?

A: Your game will only download as many creatures, buildings, and vehicles as it needs to build a great experience for you. If you have created a list of buddies, their creations will be prioritized when the game needs to download new things. This system keeps your game fresh, and makes sure there are always lots of cool new things to encounter as you explore the universe of Spore.

Now that still doesn't exactly answer the question of which order does content come in from. Though personally I'd assume it goes from Database->Friends->sporecasts->everything else. While factoring in needs, I.e. if you need an herbivore, but D,F, and S don't have herbivores, then you'd get a piece of content from everything.

If the process doesn't function like that and is entirely random, than technically the only value of downloading content is to fiddle with it. Though you could put yourself in 100% control of the content of you game by selecting option #1, and simply manually downloading everything you need/want in your game.

I'd think my assumption is correct though. As the game only downloads stuff into your database on a needs basis. So it would logically follow that if your entire database was filled with a thousand herbivores, I highly doubt your game would need to download another herbivore in order to populate your game. As long as you have a balance of weak/strong/whatever else, of course.

Spore: General / Re: New Box Art?
« on: June 21, 2008, 04:38:14 pm »
Really?  The only game I know of with blood in it that got a T was Portal.

World of Warcraft is filled with blood. Corpses, hands, shredded meat and bone spread across operating tables, etc. People grossly exaggerate the implications of a Teen rating. Check it out for yourself and do some research.

3,229 teen rated games that contain at least one or more of the following;

Mild Cartoon Violence
Mild Fantasy violence
Mild Violence
Cartoon Violence
Fantasy Violence
Animated Blood
Mild Blood
Blood and Gore
Violent References

The only content found in the general "violence" category that have yet to be showcased in any Teen games are the following; Intense Violence, Sexual Violence. That's 2 out of 13 violent pieces of content that don't show up in teen games. Which means everything else on that list (what I posted above) is fair game in a teen rated game.

To give a bit of perspective, that list displays 3229 Teen games with at least one of the above. The total number of Teen games rated on that site is 3563. That means there's only 334 Teen games that contain no blood or violence compared to 3229 Teen games that do.

Thus, if Spore is Teen rated, it is absolutely possible it contains blood of some kind.

Spore: General / Re: DNA "cost"
« on: June 21, 2008, 12:24:59 pm »
1. It is almost impossible to spend all 2,000 DNA points without hitting the complexity cap in the CC. This leads me to believe that the CC was designed to be a 'sandbox' tool, where cost is not an issue when designing your creature. Therefore, 2,000 points is an extreme high mark for a DNA budget.

My friend constructed a creature that spent all but about 80 points before hitting the complexity cap. So my theory would be that 2000 is the maximum amount of points you'd be able to spend on a creature that hit the complexity cap. I.E. there will never be any creatures that would cost more than 2000 DNA points in total. I naturally assume there's some combination of parts that would cost the full 2k, though.

Not that this changes your idea. I'm just saying I think 2k is the cap for DNA points in general. Especially since it's been said that you get part refunds in the game too. I can't factor in brain development, of course, but it would seem that as you progress through the game you'd eventually hit 2k DNA, at which point you'd be capable of making absolutely anything.

To the above folks, DNA points are used for Cell and Creature stages. Food is used for Tribal, and Spice is used for Civilization and Space.

Edit; It appears my above thinking is wrong. I went ahead and had messed around with my friend's creature. It had 81 DNA points left. I changed a few things around and below we have a creature that cost 2,000 DNA points and still has a bit more complexity left to spare;

Spore: General / Re: I want to play the original Spore.
« on: June 20, 2008, 03:54:46 am »
Plus the sporepedia is WAY overrated. When we reached 5 mio creatures what you design wont matter much besides in your own game.

I don't the sporepedia is necessarily supposed to make your creatures "matter", honestly. On the one hand the concept is to supply an endless stream of userbased content that'll provide unique gameplay experiences. On the other, it allows the community utility of being able to keep tabs on your friends and such.

When you think about it, it's really not much different than a typical "MMO" dynamic. In regulary (and persistent) MMO games, no one ever really "matters". Not many people shine above other people. Though there are groups of players who congregate and begin to matter to each other. That's no different here.

The point of the traditional MMO is essentially to toss you into a world where your interactions aren't solely matched against a scripted NPC. 90% of the people you interact with don't matter, and you won't matter to 90% of them either. But it's people that you do end up making friends with and interacting with (forming guilds, in the traditional case) that become important. The rest of the game forms the backdrop of that social dynamic.

Here, we have a single-player game where we're tossed into a world where the objects we interact with aren't solely the creation of some scripted design plan. 90% of the content we observer will likely provide nothing more than something to kill - it won't matter. Likewise, our content won't matter to 90% of everyone else too. But it's the creations that make us go "wow, that's awesome, what else has he made?" and allow us to make friends that become important. Again, the rest of the game is merely the backdrop for that specific social dynamic.

I don't feel it was designed to turn people into celebrities with their creatures.

To be perfectly honest I don't mind the idea of people "stealing" my content. I'm not really playing spore as some kind of popularity contest (not that others are) and if in the end it means that "my" creature gets more exposure, than I suppose that's the ultimate compliment whether I get credit for it or not.

I'm providing entertainment for people regardless of it's form. Even if there is someone out there touting my content as theirs, there will still be someone who now gets that content from the person who "stole" it and that creature now impacts their experience. If in the end that experience is positive and fun, then I honestly don't care if I get the credit for it or not.

I'm content in the fact that the simple act of creating funky stuff can supply entertainment to thousands of people. I don't need an adress on my creature to have that pleasure.

Spore: General / Re: I want to play the original Spore.
« on: June 20, 2008, 03:11:59 am »
The "apparently you don't need to eat other creatures" comment and the comments about singing/dancing/socializing don't hold any weight in my opinion.

First of all, as far as I'm aware, if you're a carnivore then naturally you'll need to eat other creatures. The whole "you don't need to" is technically true, becuase you could make an herbivore instead if you wanted. But this choice falls on you to decide what kind of creature you are.

Additionally, if you don't want to dance and sing your way to the top of the food chain then don't. It's really that simple. The option is there for people who want to do it. In this case, even if you don't "need" food, it's your decision whether you're going to progress through the game by being a predator, or if you want to hop, skip, and jump your way into a peaceful tribe.

So I don't see how either of the above are problems for you. If you don't like those playsytles (herbivore and social creatures), then don't play those playstyles.

As to the mission system, this too was even suggest far back as e3 05, albeit specifically centered at the galactic level. We have no idea specifically it's functions and even the necessity of it. You may have the "please 3 dukes" quest that offers some reward. That doesn't necessarily mean you have to do it. Which considering this is a Maxis game, I'm willing to bet you won't have to. I see it functioning like goals of Sims 2 - complete them and you get a good reward - Ignore them and you'll do all right, especially since most goals (and likely missions in spore) conform to what you want to do with in the game. If you're a violent guy, you'll probably have a mission pop up that says "eradicate/kill 20 of X species" - something you probably would've done anyway. So cheers, you get an extra bonus for it.

As a final note - just stop dwelling on the past. It was a tech demo. A prototype. They never had to show it and that footage was the only footage shown displaying that style of spore. Every piece of footage after that time made the progression into Spore's current aesthetic. Personally, I bet the vast majority of people who lament the change of artstyle would be completely content had they been unaware of what existed in the demo in the first place.

It's in that same vein that you should accept Spore for what it is now and be satisfied at what it offers you, which is above and beyond most other things out there.

Spore: General / Re: Anyone else a little disappointed by the CC?
« on: June 19, 2008, 08:14:37 pm »
The only thing I could even remotely agree with is the stat part... but my issue is entirely the opposite. In fact, I've been intentionally making very weak creatures. I intend to up the difficulty of the game and try real survival with a weak creature once it launches. Aside from that one goal, I usually just make whatever looks good.

Anyway, I'm doing the whole "be creative with certain parts to get unique looks" thing too, and I'd prefer it if all of the detail parts didn't have stats simply because maybe I don't want my guy to have a 5 in sneak. Maybe I just want him to have whiskers!  :)

But the CC is fantastic. It works great, and I'm not dissapointed at all. Even the above issue isn't a dissapointment rather than simply something I would've changed had I been in charge of the design. Can't really call it a dissapointment if I didn't have prior expectations of it.

Beta testing should be a paid position...

Every game has paid testers. It's just, in addition to them, companies know they can get people to test their product for free. Which usually results in subpar feedback. Which is why there are in fact paid testers in the first place. They're paid so their work is gauranteed at a better quality.

Spore: General / Re: "Spore will fail" says
« on: March 20, 2008, 02:02:25 am »
I think the Myspace (Myspore) component they've implemented it going to make this game explode, to be honest.

Take The Sims, Facebook, Myspace, Youtube, and Neopets. Combine them all and add in the concept of what Spore is. You've got what Spore is going to be.

Admittedly I always thought it wouldn't approach The Sims. It'd be a fantastic game but wouldn't be a massive seller. It'd do well, but not in a "best seller!" way. Though turning the Sporepedia into this without needing to leave the game. The simple utility of direct upload to Youtube.  Give this game to 20 people who are "Myspace junkies", and it'll spread like a plague. Because their Spore stuff will show up on their Myspace too. Then others will wonder, and want, and get involved. Even if only to follow the trend, some of them. Which means Spore captures an entirely new demographic of internet users who aren't even buyers for the game, but buyers for the interaction.

Huge sales in the first weeks? No. Massive sales over time? Absolutely, I think so.

My opinion atleast.

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