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Spore: General / Re: Awesome Screenshots: Lets see them! [NO SPOILERS!]
« on: January 11, 2009, 07:45:14 am »
That Torg city is awesome! Wish I were that creative

Everything Else / Re: Switching from computer to t.v. screen
« on: January 07, 2009, 10:12:38 am »
Why post this in the SPORE section?

To answer your question, I dunno what american remotes might have, but Miclee has hit the nail on the head. INPUT is normally a good bet. Our tele lets you select from about a dozen input modes, if yours is new, its bound to be similar.

Spore: General / Re: spore wont start
« on: January 06, 2009, 10:19:58 am »

Spore was working fine before. I have a few weeks away from it, and come back to find it crashes before even loading! >:(

Guess I'll have to try and get some sort of help from EA


Spore: General / Re: First Expansion: Cute and Creepy Parts Pack
« on: October 08, 2008, 06:44:57 am »
Well I wont be buying this expansion pack unless they add some actual gameplay features to it. I'd urge anyone else to do the same.

I'm hoping they go along with the Sims, and that this is just the equivalent of a 'Stuff' pack, and a PROPER expansion pack is coming as well. Either that, or FREE expansions, but the concept of FREE (or even 'Good Value') has eluded EA for years, god knows why they should start being fair to their customers now.

Spore: General / Re: How do YOU kill pirates?
« on: September 16, 2008, 09:36:50 am »
Frickin' lazer beams!

Spore: General / Re: Fantasy Land Formations
« on: September 15, 2008, 10:06:47 am »
I don't care much to be honest. I had a gears planet once, and it made me rich with blue spice! I love it!

Spore: General / Re: Awesome Screenshots: Lets see them! [NO SPOILERS!]
« on: September 13, 2008, 02:19:44 am » the SKY?!

Heres a question...

I have an account which has been set up for use with Spore, and it works fine an lovely.

My brother uses the offline 'Admin' account (my computer user's name)

If I download creatures online made by others, will they appear in my brothers game, even though he doesn't have an account? I think EA could give us that right, at least

Spore: General / Re: AUSTRALIANS - SPORES out! screens inside-56k warning!
« on: September 03, 2008, 09:32:52 am »
Okay, so all you Aussies have Spore.


Spore: General / Re: Guy says he has Spore
« on: September 01, 2008, 08:36:25 am »
Any idea when he'll be back?

Spore: General / Re: The timeline
« on: August 18, 2008, 05:40:50 am »
Deja vu.

I'm sure we had a thread on this less than 2 weeks ago.

Spore: General / Re: Countdown!
« on: August 05, 2008, 06:54:41 am »
For those who pre-ordered for delivery, you might be in luck. A site I buy from ( tends to send out games a couple of days before release. If you have first class, that means that it usually arrives the day before release! I didn't risk it this time though.

Pre-ordered Spore from GAME yesterday. As soon as it opens a month today, I'll be in there with my receipt!

Going to see Lee Evans the night before, going to be an awesome first week of September!

Spore: General / Re: UFO in Sporepedia?
« on: August 01, 2008, 08:13:07 am »
AhavoRaboTaco, this is for you...

Spore: General / Re: New videos! (SPACE STAGE UP!)
« on: July 31, 2008, 09:03:03 am »
I agree. It would be nice to see it in action. That last video was very disappointing.

Spore: General / Re: Where in Sporeville are you?
« on: July 28, 2008, 01:32:30 pm »
Derbyshire, England

Right in the middle

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