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PC Games / GOMtv Update
« on: June 13, 2009, 09:36:02 am »
Original thread:

Heh, I'm a bit surprised how little attention this has been getting here. Guess the people at gamingsteve aren't the esports crowd.

Anyways for those interested GOM has also started streaming a Warcraft 3 tournament:

The starcraft commentators have also set up an 'foreign' (that is, non-korean) tournament on the site:

Meanwhile the tournament that started it all, the Averec-Intel Classic is in its third season:

we're moving towards the quarter-finals. Jaedong and Flash are still in it, but some of the new players like Effort are also really good. The competition is really heating up, so if you want to step in and start watching now's a good time. ;)

Hey guys! Sorry if this was mentioned already but I didn't see anything about it and wanted to get this to people's attention.

GOMTV, a big Korean company has decided to try and market professional Starcraft to the world outside of South-Korea. They've spend 1 million USD to set up servers and bring the English commentator Tasteless (if you don't know him it should be enough to mention that he's the guy Blizzard hires for the Blizzcon invitational and the likes) to webcast their new professional Starcraft tournament live to

This is a big thing, not just because of the tournament by itself, but also because this tournament is like testing the water for GomTV, if it's successful they will be setting up their own permanent Starcraft league, and the same goes for trying to promote said league oversea with live and archived English commentated broadcasts.
I'm not a big Starcraft gamer or really much of a gamer at all, but over the past few months that I've been following this I've been really impressed by the skill, professionalism and sheer enthusiasm of the Korean professional Starcraft scene. I really hope this will be successful, GomTV has invested a lot in this venture and deserves to be proven that there is a foreign market for professional Starcraft. Which is why I'm posting here, because I feel that out of all the English sites on the net. The home of intelligent gaming discussion is the best place to find people who might be interested in this.

The first game is live now, but if you read this later you will still be able to watch the archived VODs on:

Spore: General / Men in Black :D
« on: September 08, 2007, 08:21:24 pm »
I'm sure this must've been posted somewhere already, but I didn't see it and I wanted to share it. I found this by a forum post on here. And going through it with the pause button I saw this.

Anybody want to speculate why we'd need men in black? 8) Maybe there's an option to keep your UFO secret from your own people? Or maybe you can forge alliances with less developed worlds. Either way it seems the UFO stage will be a lot more complex then simply flying around visiting worlds. I like :)

Spore: General / Spore Biggest Surprise?
« on: December 24, 2005, 06:29:54 pm »
Hmmmm, doesn't seem anybody has posted this yet. However IGN has a Reader's Vote award for the biggest suprise of 2005, and on it is, suprise suprise, Will Wright's Spore  ;D Let's all vote it in and get Spore that much needed extra publicity. ^_^


Spore: General / Interstellar Invasions
« on: March 20, 2005, 09:18:17 am »
I was wondering, what do you guys think the 'War of the Worlds' part is going to be like? I hope it's not just flying around with your saucer blasting things, I can see that being fun for a while, but in the end I'm much more an overwhelm em with my superior forces person. ;D Though if I remember War of the Worlds correctly, it was a full scale invasion with lots of forces, so it should be possible.
But even if that's possible, what about space figthing? Can we have more then one UFO, or do we just get one to fly around with? Will we actually be able to fight other creatures UFO's or will they not have UFO's in the first place? What do you guys think? ^_^

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