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Movies / Cool Movie Props.
« on: May 09, 2009, 02:44:29 pm »
So yah, in my many hours of searching the web I have managed to find quite a number of interesting sites. One of these happens to be a site where you can buy movie props. So yah, they have a lot of cool junk on their. Like these, for instance...

So yah, some cool junk on their.

Forum Games / The Vending Machine Game
« on: April 26, 2009, 12:21:57 am »
Ok another simple game to keep us busy. Just insert something into the magic vending machine and get something else, what will you get?

We'll start with something simple.

*Inserts a quarter*

Everything Else / ¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo!
« on: March 31, 2009, 06:58:36 pm »
¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

¡Hoy es Cinco de Mayo y es tiempo tener una fiesta!

Forum Games / Post the above posters theme song!
« on: March 18, 2009, 07:27:57 pm »
Ok, new game. Find a song that would best seems to describe the poster above. Simple and fun!

Ok, since there is no one above me I'll start by picking the first guy. AlwaysWatching, this songs for you!

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Storytelling and Roleplaying / Volunteers of America: A War RP
« on: March 13, 2009, 11:08:14 pm »
Cantar Conejos, South Altomesa
June 24, 1969

Dear Molly,

Sorry to keep you waiting so long... But today is my fourth anniversary of my deployment to Altomesa.
Four years, Molly. Four damn years. Four ****ing god damned years since I volunteered and their isn't a minute of everyday that I haven't regretted it. Hell, with all I've seen, if I could somehow go back four years and tell myself what I would go through, what I have seen done for this damn quest for "worldwide liberty and freedom" he would have **** his paints and cried himself into a coma. I mean hell, who would have thought those damn Commie's would show up in Africa? I beat half the free world expected Southern Asia and the South Sea's to turn first but nope, they had to go and set up here, in this damn tropical hellhole! At least those Asian places had beaches, and Mangoes, and  pretty women. All this place has is tripmines and roiting folliage, hardly a place to kick back and relax. Man, their isn't even a decent army to fight against, just a bunch of ragtag African Mercs and about a hundred thousand NA guerrillas waiting to ripe your head off and stick it on a pike. Man, if only those saps back in the states knew what was happening here, maybe they could do something about this mess, vote on it or something, just anything to stop this ****. Awe hell, maybe it's not just the war, maybe I'm just a little homesick. I sure do miss you Molly, the way you kiss and hug me. Just righting this is making me miss you greatly. Maybe they'll give me a leave one day so I can come home for a bit and spend some time with you. I doubt they'd let that happen though, they need all the men they got over here, fighting the good fight. The good fight, what a load of horse ****. What good is fighting for these guys anyhow? I mean it's just a fight between one small capitalist hellhole and one small communist hellhole, how the hell can that affect the world in any god damn way! I mean come on, is my life and the lives of thousands of Americans really worth a bunch of stinking Africans savages and their petty fight over what government is right for them? Hell, I'm starting to ramble. Anyway, I'm almost out of paper and I need to get to what I need to say. I got a mission from command and it's a big one. They won't even tell me what it is, all they told me was how far I needed to go. That's all I can really say about that, mostly because of classified crap and all that junk.  Anyway, I love you doll and I always will. Hope to see you soon baby.

Your Honey Cake,

Captain Jacob Rosenwein
4th Infantry Division


   It was nine o'clock in Cantar Conjeo and Jacob was smoking what would probably be his last cigarette for a while. He puffed it slowly, letting the rich smoke fill his lungs and then letting it go. He looked out over the city, over the Spanish style facades and tiled roofs which grew illuminated with each passing minute under the rising moon. He wondered if would ever see the moon as full as it was ever again or if he would be dead before that time. He knew he had to die soon. After all, almost all his buddies had kicked it long ago and even then none of his surviving friends were here with him. They were all over at Walter Reed, breathing through iron lungs and getting their food through tubes. It was only when the hot ash began to burn his fingers that he was finally brought out of thought. He flicked his cigarette butt out the window he was leaning on and walked to the table in the middle of his room. On the table sat his equipment for the upcoming mission. A pack with provisions for next couple weeks, a Colt Commando sub machine gun with ten clips of ammo, his trusty service pistol, and an ammo box filled with any other piece of useful junk he happened to pick up from around town. He carefully picked up each of his equipment, fitting them into any free pocket or strap on him before finally grabbing his captains cap of the front hanger and leaving the room. He had pretty much filled the ammo box with everything he had since he figured that he probably wouldn't be coming back, not alive anyway. The mission meeting spot was across the city at a small shack in the harbor district. He moved quickly through the cobble stoned streets. There was nary a soul out that night except for a couple drunk grunts coming from the bar or a few newbie FOB's who couldn't find their assigned housing. A quiet fog that drifted out of the sea soon began linger past each house and door, giving the city an ethereal look. Soon the entire city was under it's rich blanket. Jacob tried his best to keep moving. He finally made his way to the shack, where he hoped his men would be waiting. He had hoped that the higher up's had taken his personal recommendation's for the positions but he had his doubts. He figured they probably gave him a bunch of old men like himself, just to give them to the enemy and put them out of their misery. He checked the door and finding it locked began to knock. A stark black marine opened the door.

"You must be the Cap'm" said the marine

"Damn right I am" replied Jacob.

"Welcome, sir." he said smiling "The men are already out back and in the boat. It's through that door on the left."

"Thanks soldier" said Jacob, giving the man a pat on the soldier.

He made his way through the shack and opened the back door.

Storytelling and Roleplaying / Volunteers of America: OCC and Planning
« on: March 13, 2009, 08:40:14 pm »
Ok, here it is, the OCC and planning topic for my Heart of Darkness inspired RP. Hopefully this thing will fly but if it doesn't well at least I tried something. The layout will basically be the same here as it was for the Medieval and Superpower RP's, with a complete information station with helpful links to the whole RP. It will also contain links to the beginning of the story arcs, helpful summaries of said arcs, a general summery of the story up to a certain point, and finally character posts and information.

So, now I will talk about the contents of the RP. Overall, this RP is your basic good ol' War RP, with tanks, planes, trash talking soldiers, and huge exploding tracts of jungle as far as the eye can see as well as a good helping of mystery, dark humor, and international intrigue thrown in for good measure. Think the action of Full Metal Jacket mixed with internationalism of the UN and the horror and chaos of Apocalypse Now and you will get a good idea for this RP's intent and content. Thus, while I have tried my best to make this RP as open to change as it possibly can be, keep in mind that the RP intent of the itself is to be very graphic, very actiony, and overall very dark in nature, so don't expect this RP to filled completely with sunshine and lollipops. Expect blood, gore, violent deaths, and all the other nasty things that go into making a good war story. Still, despite the violence and horror, the overall objective of this RP is entertainment for it's players so don't be afraid to have fun with it. It's ok to be a bit outlandish or kinda silly, just keep it within some level of realism and believability and it should be alright. Also don't forget to check out the the RP creation guide and the guidelines for Roleplaying for both the basic RP rules and the helpful pointers it gives.

Lastly, be keen to note that I (and hopefully a number of more RP experienced helpers in time) will be running the overall course of RP, due to it's complex nature and overall difficulty in effectively planning a coherent story based on the subject matter. Despite this fact, I still want to leave the door open for suggestions and other things of that nature. If you want anything added or taken out, or simply don't like the way things are going just post a comment here or PM me. I will try to adapt the overall plan to suit the characters and the developing plot. Don't worry about everything else, I'm sure you can handle that.

The form for this RP will be as follows.

Quote from: Volunteers of America Character Form

Now that the basics are down, let's get this party started shall we? More details will come in the coming days and weeks. Thanks for your time and god speed!  :)

Movies / Hobo with a Shotgun
« on: February 10, 2009, 07:28:25 pm »
One word: AWESOME!!!

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Everything Else / Communism
« on: December 23, 2008, 05:37:17 pm »
It has become clear to me, after many months of waiting, that a counter-topic is necessary in order to bring a little bit of "political and philosophical composure" back to the forum after the recent elections. Since it is blatantly obvious that their are several Communists and Socialists who belong to this forum, or at least idolize Stalin and Marx to some degree, these are the views that this topic will be addressing. 

For me, Communism has always been a philosophy I've disliked, if not outright disgusted by.

The basic core principle of Communism and Socialism is "From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs". Which is to say, doing things which benefit's those most 'worthy' by those who can 'give' the most. People seldom recognize that these idea's are the same idea's that have been used by thousands of years in both feudal and totalitarian regimes to justify the cruelty and despotism used by it's ruling classes. The difference is that Communists and Socialists simply switch the needs of the people around, so rather than the rich taking from the poor everything they have and distributing evenly among themselves we have the poor taking from the rich everything they have and distributing it evenly among themselves. Few seem to recognize that these idea's, while different to a degree, are fundamentally the same and have the same general effect on everyone. Most Communist idea's come from Carl Marx's and Friedrich Engels book "Manifesto of the Communist Party" and their later and earlier works, both together and separate.

Now, according to Communist theory, all social problems can be brought back to the principle of class struggle and, as proletarians, it is our duty to fight for our class and make sure it finally wins the war of class struggle.

This scares me greatly. Communist idea's, built upon the principles of selflessness, worry me. The idea that 'We owe Society" seams foolish to me, and utterly flawed. It speaks of class derogation and almost Orwellian conformity and oppression, which isn't really revolutionary at all if you look back to the Romans and the times of the Middle Ages. The assertion that a majority of people 'deserve' something more than a small minority simply because they 'worked harder' is highly offensive to me. My second response is bewilderment; I hold the view that the advancement of civilization (not society) is the work of everyone who belongs to the said civilization, not just the working class or the wealthy. The view that only the 'working class' produce everything for society and that the rich are simply there to leech and to parasite of the work of the lower classes is simply a lie meant to dehumanize the upper classes and paint them as monster . To me, this view neglects to take into account the reason that a man is 'above' another man, at least in terms of ability to create and lead effectively. Communism neglects this reasoning and instead naively goes into tirade about how repressed the working class is by everyone above them, even if the wealthy don't care in the slightest about the working man or are even trying to help the working class in some way.

Secondly, the endorsement of complete state control of the economy, which was prevalent in Soviet Russia and Communist China before it became a simple totalitarian society. The idea that government should intervene in every aspect of business so that 'society' benefits the most, simply baffles me. As I am very liberal when it comes to social issues and believe in equality when it comes to things such as freedom and gun laws; I also believe that we should warrant liberality when it comes to matters in business, at least up until a certain extent. Communists believe, however, that all private business interests act unethically and unscrupulously and that somehow if we hand over all our economic controls over to the 'people' that things will suddenly be fair and that everything will get better for everyone. To me, this view is much more naive than believing that all businesses are evil. It practically relies on the fact that the people voted or put in charge running the business is good at what he does and not some government or political hack, which more often than not is what is required of the person in order to be put in the position in the first place. This also brings into focus the first contradiction of Communist business, the claim that their are no 'bosses' running the business. This is a contradiction because even though all people of higher office's are elected or put in their positions by the authority of the people they still have the same authority that a boss would normally have over them and the same responsibilities to meet quotas, increase productivity, and improve profits as would any other boss, except that these needs are dictated by the people nonetheless. In other words, he may be a democratically elected boss elected by the people but, just like the president or the Prime Minister, he is still a boss and still has authority over you. Another idea prevalent in Communist ideology is the idea that a free market economy somehow breeds poverty and makes it so that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. While this may have been true in the 19th and early 20th centuries, the advent of unions, ways to voluntarily control industry, and certain limited government controls and regulations have largely negated one half of the reasoning behind communism. The rich may be getting richer but the poor certainly aren't growing poorer or more repressed. In fact, if one looks at the rights of citizens and compare it to the economic status of the time, we find that as the wealth of a nations business (locally) grows the wealth and freedoms of it's people grow too. 

Now, this is not to say I am a complete Laissez-faire Capitalist. I believe that some government controls are necessary only to keep a nations economy in equilibrium. However, the type of government restrictions and controls set in place by Communism only lead to economic stagnation and that a wrong move in economic planning by the government in charge can lead to total economic depression and eventually collapse. This has been proven true in 3 cases, the Soviet Union at the end of the 1980's, the North Koreans since the founding of the country, and the Chinese before the 1970's.

Thirdly, is the irrational hatred of anything upper class, be it helping out the poor or building a multilevel skyscraper. This hatred is at the core of Communist class struggle and hence the heart of Communism itself. Yet it is this belief that is Communism's greatest lie. While it is true that some upper class members are cold, heartless bastards that aren't even worthy of being spat at (Paris Hilton for example) it is also true that some of them are truly worthy of wealth and their place in society (Warren Buffet and Thomas Edison just to name a few). What I can't seem to understand about Communists is why they all seem to think that they don't produce anything in society. This may be true of some of them, but surely they must understand that without this financial inequality we would have never had some of histories greatest works or art or fantastic inventions. To drive in my point, name one great thing artistically, technologically, or philosophically EVER created by a man living in a communist country? Can't think of one, that's because there aren't any. Without individual creativity and individual wealth, such discoveries can never have been made and even if such a discovery is made by an individual, the state always takes all the credit. Now look at the rest of the world and what it's created artistically, technologically, and philosophically. The light bulb by Thomas Edison, E=MC2 by Einstein, the Eiffel Tower by Gustav Eiffel, the list goes on and on. Even the Mona Lisa was commissioned by a wealthy family in the city Florence. To say that the rich contribute nothing to society is a lie. Yet this is what Communists spout every single day, to millions all over the world. Now, I'm not saying the rich the rich are the intellectual lifeblood of the nation, the middle and lower classes have contributed just as much to society as have the rich. But to take something away from someone that they have rightfully earned, that's thievery. To take something away from someone that they have rightfully earned and trying to justify it by using philosophical and political means, that is what Communism is at it's heart, plain and simple.

I guess that's all I have to say on the subject right now. Please feel free to rip apart, dissect, or otherwise desiccate in any way you see fit. Good day, gentlemen.

Forum Games / Beat that!
« on: December 15, 2008, 08:18:40 pm »
Ok this game is very simple. I will post something and you will try to find something that can top it. Then the next poster will find something that could top the word he just used and so on and so forth. That simple, although their are a few quick rules to keep things "restrained".

1: Please limit the words or phrases to things that are at least semi-appropriate.

2: If someone asks how something beats what he's got, respond simply and in the shortest way possible. After it is settled, continue on with the game.

3: A picture or description of how your thing beats the previous thing are not required although they are encouraged.

4: No word or phrase can be used more than once, although synonyms and other phrases can be used in it's place.

5: Nothing is too ridiculous or silly. Be creative! Have fun damnit! It's meant to be silly!

Anyway, let's begin shall we? I'll start simple and we can go from there.


PC Games / It's back from the dead...
« on: October 02, 2008, 09:10:02 pm »
Now, if you have been keeping up on gaming history I'm all sure you know about Interplay, one of the giants from the golden age of gaming and makers of both the Fallout and Baldur's Gate Franchises. It was once a giant publisher, making some great games and giving us many good times. I'm also sure you know that that company collapsed financially just after it's first CEO, Brian Fargo, left, with a Fallout 3 in the works at the time. For a while the company seamed to be dead, with the current CEO, Herve Caen, selling out almost all of Interplay's franchise rights to other game companies (like when they sold the Fallout Franchise to Bethesda Softworks) and disbanding almost all of it's game production capacities. For a time it seamed like this giant was dead... until I found this and this just tonight.

That is right people... INTERPLAY LIVES!!!!!!11!!1

...and they have a Fallout MMORPG in the mix!!! YAHOOOO!!!! :D ;D :D ;D :D

UPDATE!!! Andrew Ryan's Optimized Creature Eugenics is officially open for business! Step right up and witness some of the wackiest, the strangest, the weirdest creatures ever to grace your computer screens!!!

Ok, enough with the self-promotion, onto the freak show creatures!

Name: Blobuous

Name: Bruno

Name: Fylod

Creators note: My first creature.

Name: Hanz

Name: Honey

Creators note: This creature pushed the limits of what the editor could do. In fact, some of the dances and emotions for this creature are gliched into a jumble rotating creature flesh. Hope to make more creatures like it in the future.

Name: Horsefly

Name: Jester

Name: Jumper

Name: Majesty

Name: Royal

Name: Sachmo

Creators note: This creature, despite what it looks like in the picture, is in fact the largest thing I've created in the creature creator. Trust me, it was GINORMOUS!

Name: Scorpio

Creators note: My personnel favorite.

Name: Spiney

Name: Stire

Name: Stratosaur

Name: Talle

Name: Weirdo

Spore: Creation Corner / [NG] The Raessi
« on: April 11, 2008, 09:16:47 pm »
(Ok, this is my first ever Spore creation so please go easy on it. If you have any constructive criticism of my creature or writing style or anything, it would be appreciated. It's still a work in progress so I'll update it now and then.)

The Raessi

Name: Raessi

Biologic class: Reptile

Planet type: Water world, with high mountains and plateaus scattered around the planet.

Government: Feudalism

Technological level: Space age

Male/Female ratio: 3/1

Average lifespan: 100-140 years

Length of Year: 240 Earth days

Length of Day: 50 Earth hours

Description: The average Raessis physical body would probably be summed up by one word, “abomination”. Malformed limbs stick out of the main legs. Small lessons cover the leathery skin, festering and rotting. Several digits are often missing from the small, claw like hands. There bodies are often lope sided and asymmetrical. If you were to gaze upon such beasts, they would appear to be quite the monster. That is if you didn't know about their very sad history.

(More to come)

A Brief History:

   The Raessi as a species first appeared in the fossil record of the planet Ra approximately 4.7 million years ago, during a period of violent geologic activity. Vast fault lines buckled and strained just beneath the surface of the planet, creating high plateau's and jagged mountains as well as low rift valleys and deep undersea trenches. It is on the high cliffs of the R’huo plateau, jutting thousands of feet above the surface of the ocean, that the Raessi species first took root. Originally a species of cliff dwelling reptiles, the Raessi ancestors spent most of their time in herds of thirty or more, tightly gripping the cliff faces on which they lived. Their main prey was the stromatolites that grew out of the cliff rock, which they leisurely grazed with their specialized mouths. Over the course of millions of years, the Raessis ancestors changed little until one herd found a cave system in the cliff side. This herd found the cave to be large enough to live in, so eventually it migrated inside. Feeling ground for the first time, the herd had a hard time adapting to having something beneath them. Over time however, the herd learned to walk on the solid earth and quickly evolved into the Raessi known today. It is at this time, this cross road of evolution, that this herd of Raessi began to show some rudimentary signs of higher intelligence.

   So it was, approximately 30,000 years ago inside P’pol’dew’al’traca cave system on the R’huo plateau in the southern hemisphere, a herd of Raessi began making and using primitive tools. They were simple at first, a stone axe, a grinding stone, a flint knife, all very crude in their construction. However it was a huge step for the Raessi. They had proved to the world that they were no longer an animal, content to graze on stromatolites all day long. They had proven they were self aware. This group of Raessi was no longer a herd, but a tribe. Within the cross of 2,000 years, this tribe (now calling themselves the Y’uilro) grew in both size and wisdom, gaining such technological insights as how to make fire, how to mine copper from the earth, and how to create tools out of the copper they mined. Within 500 years of entering, the tribe had completely taken up the entire cave system from front to back. This proved a huge problem for the tribe as without more cave space, the tribe would quickly begin to overpopulate the caverns, weakening the tribe substantially. Several village elders debated this issue hotly. Some said they should simply carve out more rock and expand the cave, another said they should take a section of the population and find another cave. One radical elder even suggested they should kill a select portion of the population, freeing up room for the next generation (this elder, of course, was promptly expelled from the elders council and exiled from the cave). Eventually it was agreed upon by the elders that abut 600 Raessi of the 2000 Raessi population would pack up their valuables and leave the cave. So it was, the following day, a group of 600 Raessi reluctantly left the safety of P’pol’dew’al’traca and began their long trek for a new home. (To be continued...)


Everything Else / My computer mouse just quit on me...
« on: March 17, 2008, 03:05:34 pm »
Yeah, my 50$ Razor Diamondback gaming mouse that I got 6 months ago suddenly died and now I need a new one. Has anybody else experienced problems like this with this model? Anybody got some suggestions on a new mouse?

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