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Spore: General / Spore + Robot Chicken = ???
« on: May 11, 2009, 12:15:27 pm »

I have no clue what this is about but, knowing that Robot Chicken is involved, I can guarantee it will be CLASSIC! (Classic in sing-songy d-bag voice)

Warning: Hatred for Robot Chicken, Adult Swim, Spore, Tie-ins, Marketing, Money, and/or Puppies will follow this post.  You have been warned.

Spore: General / Spore suddenly corrupted?
« on: December 28, 2008, 03:34:32 pm »
Maybe not corrupted but something's wrong.  I haven't installed the last patch (it won't work but I'm not concerned) and I don't have any mods, but suddenly, just as I'm heavilly using Spore again, the game is acting oddly. 

First, my creations have blurry pictures on Sporepedia.  Just today I've found that my trick of raising all the graphics levels to max before saving a creation suddenly won't work.  The pictures of my creations look WORSE than they do at base levels.

Second, the copyright notice won't go away from the bottom of the screen.  Especially during the actual game this is upsetting because the graphic disables any buttons it appears over, thus making the game very hard to play.

Does anyone know why this is happening or what I should do?  I have no plans on reinstalling the game unless absolutely necessary.

Spore: General / War: What's the best way to do it?
« on: December 26, 2008, 04:27:25 pm »
I used to hate space stage but now I'm enjoying it after starting up a brand new space game with some new rules for myself:

1. Do ALL of the "training" missions first.
2. Always have 100,000 spore-money-thingies in my account.

However, I've broken both rules.  I'm not worried about the 100K thing as I now have enough colonies to recoup the costs (Another tip: Don't even bother settling on T0 planets.  I find T1s, hopefully with animals, and I get money from the get go.)  The training missions are a different story.

I think the last training mission before the story really begins is the "war" mission.  Aside from hating war in general, be it imaginary or real, I find the war parts really hard to play.  Wonky controls aside, I'm playing on a just-below-minimum-specs computer that really has trouble processing the action.  I often find myself getting blow-up without being able to do anything about it.  After trying one war I decided to ditch the mission and let my assets build.  I've got some decent colonies now and I can easily earn $500,000+ without leaving my empire.  I also have two sidekick ships but they often get blown up before I can heal them, even when my computer can process the battle correctly.  All of this is on Easy mode in which Space Game is supposed to be a breeze.

So here's my question: What strategies should I take to finally finish my war mission?  Is there a weapon I should grab first?  Or should I just upgrade everything and keep trying the mission until I beat it?  In my other space games I know that war can really open a nasty can of worms so I'd like to not only beat the war mission but also make sure I can wipe out the entire enemy empire before they know what's coming.

Spore: General / Alien eggs: what do they do?
« on: October 28, 2008, 09:44:18 pm »
Do you still have to wait for your egg to hatch, thus meaning you have to protect it from predators?

I only ask because Hydro said that you can eat other creature's eggs, so I assume you must spend some time protecting your own.

Or do your creatures just dance and you enter the Editor, then when you click the tick, you're in the nest, playing around as a baby?

In tribal i had to protect my egg from egg thieves. Sadly i lost my 1st baby since i did not know.

Your egg will hatch immediately, because the player is the baby. If you have a new part, with a new ability you need to practice that first before leaving the nest. When you have successfully used the new ability, you grow up. So your grown when you leave the nest. The NPC creatures have eggs though, so those you can eat, I think. I haven't seen that happen, because the eggs we ran into were kinda special so we didn't recognize them as such until they hatched.

Yeah i saw those "Aliens"-like eggs which were dripping.

I did not get too close but i wonder if they would have latched on to me if i got to close or made me explode from the inside like in Aliens.

In one of the streams he passed one.

Dripping Eggs

I've run into the "alien eggs" mentioned above a few times in games and they scare the hell out of me.  I don't know why they show up and I don't know what they do. I think mine might have a glitch.  Whenever I come near them there is an awful grinding/humming sound that freaks me out.  The creatures that are supposed to be there aren't but sometimes I see them turn into the eggs.  I can't interact with the eggs at all.  They only respond as barriers.

Have any of you seen these eggs in your games?  Can you do anything with them?  Do they do anything to you?

Spore: General / Best Way to Report Theft on Sporepedia
« on: October 06, 2008, 01:35:10 pm »
I hate running across stolen content!  Too often I see something really cool only to see that someone else has uploaded the exact same object or creature.  I've tried reporting them but I don't think that's effective.  The report button seems to be just for reporting penis monsters but stolen stuff is much more offensive to me.

If anyone from Maxis is reading this, I hope you add features to let us specifically report stolen content, regardless of whether or not it was our content that was stolen or someone else's.  As for everyone else, what's the best thing to do to try and stop this?

Spore: General / Excitement Becomes Anxiety
« on: September 05, 2008, 06:43:55 pm »
Now, with the reviews appearing ("Great ideas but not-so-great execution" -Generic Gaming Magazine) and the SecuROM issues and all else, my excitement for Spore is becoming anxiety.  Even if the game is a colossal flop, I want to play it.  I've been waiting for three years just to see this technology, let alone the game.  But now I'm just worried and I'm seriously considering whether or not I should return my copy once I get it and wait for EPs or console version.  Anyone else feel the same way?  And if you have spore (you lucky non USAsians, you) and want to allay the fears of myself and others, could you do so please?  I'm probably worrying too much over $39.99 but what can I say?  I'm a typical, paranoid fanboy.

Spore: General / Your Favorite Building
« on: September 03, 2008, 09:42:25 pm »
It's finally here ;D ... For Aussies.  :'(

Good reviews or bad, I'm so happy that Spore is finally arriving! Actually, as much as I'm excited about making monsters (because I only have the Trial CC) I am really excited about making crazy buildings, even though they're the mostly decorative.  Post your favorite buildings here, especially if you can only look at the buildings in Sporepedia.  I already see some really cool looking ones.

Spore: Creation Corner / Blue Genesis - Puppeteer, Teatotale,
« on: June 24, 2008, 10:14:52 pm »
Don't ask me why I picked that name.  Somehow my usual handle, Ryuukuro, was taken so, until further notice, my Spore creatures WHATEVER will be posted on the official site under the banner of:


It's a dumb name and I don't like it for this but it's what I'm stuck with.  Therefore, here's what I have so far.

Below are my favorites:

Puppeteer - A seemingly nice creature that entertains with hand puppets...and eats with them.  It was inspired by other people who made multi-creature monsters, followed by my realization that limbs are really just less malleable versions of the main body structure.  Imagination took over and I just added a story.

Teatotale - A teapot that spits whatever that purple stuff is.  The poison is a delicacy in some circles.  For the longest time I've been wanting to make teapot monsters.  I got the idea from reading about teapots in a SaGa game but I can't remember which one has them.

Lunares - My attempt at making a cute cartoon moon, but it also has horns so it can charge-attack other animals.  Most of the time, however, it looks like a walking pillow.  Lunares, as you can see, is also my current avatar.

Spore: General / Favorite Spore Designer So Far
« on: June 10, 2008, 04:37:54 pm »
With the Sporepedia opened accessible through the back door it's time to see who's popular!  What, you thought that only mattered in high school?  You thought it never really mattered at all?  NONSENSE.

My favorite so far is MaxisCactus.  His (her?) monsters are weird and fanciful but they make sense to me.  And Limeon is my favorite.  It looks like something from Mario Bros or Kirby.  All of his Cactus' designs look like extra time and care was put into making them look good.  They weren't just done on the fly at a demo.

Who's your favorite?  No, Will Wright doesn't count.  He's everybody's favorite.

Spore: General / Multiple Sentient Species in One World
« on: June 02, 2008, 07:17:13 pm »
I know I should not be grouchy about this--the game isn't even out yet and surely it won't be bad--but parts of Spore are starting to irk me.  Now it's the evidence of multiple creature types going sentient for Tribe Stage. 

Keep in mind that there is mild evidence to show that there were other species considered non-humans in existence at the same time as early modern humans.  Some even say that certain Pygmy groups aren't actually human beings--a notion that I find appalling.  However, the majority of the time we humans have been around and for most of our prehistoric time we were the only ones using tools and language at the levels we did then.

I though both Tribe and City stage would be a great metaphor for race.  Having different species won't eliminate that but it's one thing to have the people on the other side of the world have a different skin color.  It's another to have them all sporting three eyes, no arms, and 15 legs.

All that said, I think there are others who feel exactly the opposite of me so feel free to argue away.

Spore: General / Fine Details in Creatures
« on: April 24, 2008, 06:43:15 pm »
I was looking at the creatures Maxis made based off of fan designs.  While it was great to see that the designs were possible (yay for Naucean!) I was disappointed to see that some of the creatures lost the elegance depicted in their original designs.  Particularly, it was the Lensis design that didn't quite translate.  The original design was long and lean and disturbingly familiar.  The recreation was...cute.  It was cute and the original Lensis wasn't cute but pleasantly creepy and endearing in it's own way.  Of course, this could just be the recreator's interpretation.  Likely, that is it, but almost all of the creature designs have gone towards the happy, Pixar look (which is what they wanted, apparently) but only now do I share the worry that others have had that we might not be able to make anything that isn't cute or, at least, isn't as uncute as we pictured it.  I hope I'm wrong though.  I'm sure Saerain was thrilled to see Lensis made up regardless (maybe even liked the Maxis version better, who knows?) but I wonder...

Spore: General / Spore Cameo in Next (Last?) Sims 2 Expansion
« on: January 06, 2008, 10:11:51 pm »

In the next Sims 2 expansion, Free Time, the sims will be able to play Spore...likely before we do!  It's nothing important but it's still Spore publicity, even if it's gives me an uneasy feeling to see blatant, tongueless cheeked advertising within video games.

Spore: General / Spore to be Like the Sims?
« on: May 11, 2007, 05:11:18 pm »
Quote from: Gamespot
As is often the case with high-profile titles, quality control concerns were behind the delay. "We're focusing on quality to make sure we build a franchise that feels more like The Sims, a franchise that we see around for some time in the future." Riccitiello promised, hinting the publisher has big plans for the property.

Is anyone else as disturbed as I am by that quote?  The Sims has its charms but I find it to be a shallow experience where the creativity amounts to dressing up a very boring interactive movie.  My hopes are that Will needs more time to make Spore a more engaging experience but this smells like EA pushing for the opposite.

Portable Games / Will the PSP make a comeback?
« on: November 27, 2006, 10:27:23 am »
I know there's a long thread about PSP death but I think it's coming back or, at least, its hanging in there.

How do I know?  I work at a retail store that sells video games although not many.  We're all out of DSes and parents are coming in specifically looking for GBAs because they think the DS is a little too complicated for small kids--and I agree but thats besides the point.  While I see lots of people coming in for Nintendo product, I'm noticing a spike in PSP purchases for both the system and games themselves.  While smaller kids and grown ups seem to prefer Nintendo hand-helds, teens and tweens are more interested in the PSP since it has the "mature" games and, although no one has mentioned it, I suspect that some of the older crowd is interested in the PSP homebrew scene.

So even though the DS seems more popular overall, there are more than a few people who prefer the PSP.

Spore: General / Wright at Entertainment Gathering
« on: February 04, 2006, 07:12:42 pm »
A new round of Spore buzz is going through the MSM with a good showing of Spore at the Entertaiment Gathering (I've never heard of it before.)

Aside from showing up the Godfather game, Will showed off more architectural possibilities and, more importantly, spoke with XBox evangelist J. Allard.  The mutual appearance furthers the speculation (and near certainty) that Spore will be on the XBox 360.  I haven't found any pictures, however.

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