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Everything Else / Your first gaming experience!
« on: May 17, 2005, 05:43:45 pm »
Hey all,

Was just wondering about people's very first system or very first game they played. How old were you when you played it? Do you still play it today?

I am 18, but I was 6 or 7 when my dad brought home a shiny new amstrad CPC computer, complete with games! I can't remember which specific one it was (either 464, 664, or 6128) nor the specific titles of the games, Just that they were incredibly fun.

The next system I had when I was still 7, but I can remember it alot clearer. It was a ZX spectrum.. and my all time favorite game was "chucky egg" I would play and play and play. Also text/graphic based adventures were a whole lot of fun like the original LOTR games for it.. got a real immature kick out of typing in swear words I had learnt.

It's really weird to think that the games used to run off those little audio tapes! I really can't for the life of me understand how that works. Also games would take FOREVER to load, and you were treated with a strange screen full of coloured rectangles moving up and down followed by a total carcaphony of electronic screeches. I'd just sit infront of it eating my fishsticks afterschool, so patiently. ;D

You think the load times are bad now? back then they were maybe half an hour.

Spore: General / Spore may not be called "spore" after all...
« on: May 14, 2005, 09:26:59 am »
but rather, SimSpore..

according to the news at

" searches for spore reveal that EA games have purchsed the domain name"

I kinda hope it will be called SimSpore, putting "sim" on the front of everything is like Will's signature :)

On the other hand this could mean nothing at all.  ???

Spore: General / Hybrids?
« on: May 13, 2005, 04:02:09 pm »
Did will specifically mention the possibility of creature hybrids at the gdc?

I am really hoping this is an aspect that isnt overlooked.. I mean how cool would it be to not only swap creatures with your friends.. but also have kids with them? (well, err in the game that is).

I'm speculating that it could be some kind of technology that gets discovered later in the game... I mean with all the math working the animation out - it doesn't seem like a total impossibility. Wev'e also seen it in the sims 2 with genetics, so hopefully this feature will be included.

I mean "impossible creatures" royally sucked but I have to admit, it was supremely enjoyable to see what a Spermwhale/baboon would look like. :D

Spore: Creation Corner / Visual creature concepts.
« on: May 10, 2005, 09:37:04 am »
Okay, I know there are threads out there with what there first creature/race will look like and do.. but this ones a little different.  Due to the enormous time on my hands this week and the fact that I'm just well.. a nerd, I thought it would be cool to paint a creature Id want to make in spore.

So this thread is for posting your visual  ideas/concepts for creatures.

Am really itching for this game!  ;D

He is a herbivore called a BOSh. Not sure why.  ??? is could for storing pics, for those of you who want to submit ideas!

Painted him completely into adobe photoshop CS for anyone that cares.

Books / Anyone read any Haruki murakami?
« on: May 10, 2005, 09:14:04 am »

Just finished "Kafka on the shore" today and what can I say? Its incredible.

Ive never come across a surrealist author before, and the way Haruki weaves his words touched me so deeply.. (even if it was translated from Japanese with little annoying americanisms such as "JEEZ LOUISE") The story itself is utterly bizarre but not to the extent where you get irritated (ala David lynch)... it leaves you in a strange kind of trance when you put the book down and that itself is very difficult to do.

This is the first book Ive read from the author so far and am definately going to collect the rest.

Anyone read any of his works? or can recommend a similar author?

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