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forgive me if these ideas have already been submitted, but i didn't feel like running through all 77 pages to check for duplicates.
and i suppose this isn't so much a wish list but more a "will spore feature x?" list.

can your creatures remain invertebrates? in all the videos i've seen, the creatures seem to have a spine, but would it be possible to have, say, jellyfish be the dominant species?
are legs necessary to movement on land? if you don't put legs on your creature will it just sit there or will it wriggle on it's belly like a snake or worm?
if you leave empty space under a structure in the building editor, will it fall to the ground or will it magically stay afloat? meaning, will there be any kind of physics for 'static' objects?
also in the building editor, if you decide to build in the same place as a tree, are you given the choice to build around it or chop it down, helping to define your species as one who adapts to nature, or forces changes in it's environment to suit it's needs?
lastly, can your species eventually build a race of robots? would sentient machines be possible?

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