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the kneecaps?  I was wondering if that was it but it seemed a bit of a stretch.  Well, if you can see it then I guess I can understand the removal although I reserve my right to be as petulant as I can.  as for sending it to you, how would i go about doing that?  I can neuter him and have him back on my sporepedia profile which is just under lemurbouy if that works for you. -leeman

ps.  Am totally unbanned.  very nice feeling.

I agree but given how there is nothing particularly "nude" about my creature (aside from the fact that All the creatures are fairly clothes-free) it shows a problem either in how they screen reports or what criteria they use to consider something ban-worthy.   I certainly can't imagine how spammed these guys are with ban reports and then by the complaints from banned users. 

One quick warning if you find yourself in my situation: you only have one chance to respond to the situation so make sure to say everything you want.  My second email from EA repeated what the first one said about "crude and vulgar content" and then said this was the end of the issue and not to reply which was frustrating but also keeps their customer service from being plagued by the same issue. -leeman

thank you for your kind words, Necrox.  I, too, was worried about what this means for the whole banning process for exactly the reasons you said.  It seemed to me that either someone was just having fun randomly reporting creatures or else maxis has very odd reasons for banning.  I'd like to be able to  contact a real person and not just get a form response from their customer service so things like this aren't so easy. 

To turn this from just being about me and into a possible discussion, do people feel Maxis has a responsibility to side with being too safe in order to protect themselves or do you think they could alienate much of their market with draconian content security?  Where should the line be drawn and God help you if you answer "Here, and no Further!"  -leeman

from Spore Faq:

Q: Several creatures are in My Spore Creations\Creatures folder, but aren't available for loading in the game. How can I publish these and make them available?

A: This may be the result of the game not shutting down properly. As we look into a fix, you can follow these steps to restore your creatures.


    * 1. Go to the Spore application data directory:
    * Vista users: C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\SPORE Creature Creator\
    * XP users: C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\SPORE Creature Creator\
    * Mac users: Users\\Library\Preferences\SPORE Creature Creator Preferences\p_drive\User\Application Data\SporeCreatureCreator\
    * 2. Delete these two files: GraphicsCache.Package and ServerCache.Package
    * 3. Run the game. You should see your lost creatures restored in the Sporepedia under “Everything”
    * 4. To share them, open them in the editor and make any small change. Save and publish.

Got everything working although now I have a bunch of duplicates.  not a biggie.  I'll just use them as templates to make new creatures.  For anyone who's interested, I can PM a picture of my banned creature, completely undoctored and let you see if it merited all this fuss.  -leeman

That was supposed to happen...

sadly, that did not.  how do I go about re-saving them?  Do I need to treat the .png files like downloaded content? -leeman

woah!  'reatures' fix did not work and now it looks like I've lost a whole bunch of my creatures.  They're all still in the Creatures file but only about 20 show up in the Sporepedia in game and they don't show up  as "my creations".  How can I fix this?  -leeman

does the 'reatures' fix work for macs?

I checked the file folder that has all the .png files of my creatures but it looks like when I deleted the Elmut, it's file went with it.  As for the misspelling coming from Maxis, that still suggests some level of sloppiness or at least lack of attention.

yes they did.  unless 'nudiyt' is some hot new thing I'm missing out on.  -leeman

this was the first notice I received.  I deleted the offending creature, hoping that would make the situation better but now I'm kicking myself because it may have been the only proof I had of no wrong-doing unless bony knees are some sort of problem.  I emailed twice, asking for further clarification and both times, I was referred to the section of the end user agreement where it says I promise not to upload crude, sexual or vulgar material.  very frustrating but we'll see if I'm allowed back on this sunday.  -leeman

I actually got banned Sunday and the whole process confused me.  Here's the note I received:

"Hello ,

Your Electronic Arts account has been suspended for 7 days for repeated
 or extreme content that violates the Electronic Arts Inc Terms of
 Service. We believe that the violation or behavior is serious enough to
 suspend your access to the service.

Violation: Inappropriate Content –Creature
< Asset Name: Elmut>
 Asset Creation Date:  06.28.2008 >

Understanding the EA Terms of Service is extremely important, should
 you have any general questions or concerns please review the Terms of
 Service here: Should you
 then need additional assistance, or wish to appeal a violation, you can
 contact us here:

Customer Support
Electronic Arts, Inc. Customer Relations"

I've put in Bold the area that concerns me.  It looks like just one person tagged me with "nudiyt",not even bothering to stop and spell it correctly.  Now, I've deleted the creature so there's no proof of what I say but here's my profile: so you can see the type of creatures I've been making.  The creature, Elmut" was, to my mind, not obscene in the slightest.  He had spikes running down his back and little bony protrusions on his knees.  No suspicious tentacles or soft bits.  So what I'm worried is that another user flagged me for fun and EA's instant response was to ban my account. 

Now, it's not so bad because I can still play and all my creatures are still saved; I just can't upload to the sporepedia.  However, if it just takes one flagging from one user having fun, I'm worried about the abuses that can come from this.  Has anyone else had a similar experience?  -leeman

Books / Re: Roleplaying games
« on: May 29, 2007, 10:24:53 pm »
does it now?

Spore: General / Re: Will spore be appreciated by the masses?
« on: May 16, 2007, 07:58:42 am »
I think the age, sex, and casual margin is going to be bridged very readily by Spore or at least, I think that's what Wright is aiming for.  The Sims were brilliant because you could just pick it up, enjoy it for a bit and then set it down but you could also go nuts for hours on end, losing track of time.  If Spore maintains an easy enough gameplay that anyone can just enjoy it to whatever degree they want, then I think it will be a smash.  Marketing doesn't hurt but there has to be some substance.

I also disagree with the statement about videogames going downhill these days.  As someone who played Karateka back in the 80s, I think games, like any media are bound to change over time and whether we play what's coming out, to dismiss them as bad is no better than people back in the day talking about how MTV was going to destroy music or how movies are just getting dumber and dumber.  Ecclesiastes 7:10 Do not say, “Why were the old days better than these days?"  for it is not wise to ask that.

won't it be very similar to the movie maker in Sims 2?  I never used it so I don't know if that would be a good or bad thing.

Books / Re: Roleplaying games
« on: April 26, 2007, 05:13:47 pm »
Possibly.  These days, I don't write as much as I should but I read a fair bit.  Any good things going on rpgwise on the board?

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