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This our first attempt at creating an RP in the new setting. New players and vets are encouraged to join/rejoin. After all this probably the biggest shift in genre this sections ever gone through.

For information about the new reboot go here. Feel free to contribute.



Badger Man 22: Yuta Frimen
Crazen: Castur
Groxglitch: Vor'kera
SimplyNecro: Arcold

I've been on the fence between two characters, but I'll go with

Name: Castur
Race: Graid
Class: Bard/Cleric (doctor)
Equipment: Claymore, Crossbow (repeating), Flute, Zither, mechanical limbs
Backround: a man with a weary past, Castur long ago dedicated himself to helping. for centuries, he studied much anatomy of all kinds and people, and became adept at curing illness and injury. in this research he also was exposed to much sights and sounds, the arts of many races. and found them delightful. unusual for a graid, he has no fear of the underground. called upon often by those who know of his skills, Castur could never settle while people suffered. the weight is never lifted. a passionate defender of the meek, he will not shy away from stopping those that threaten them.
heal the weak. block the wicked.

all in all, a paragon of Alevistian Philosophy.

at least now he is.

Name: Yuta Frimen
Race: Caftain
Class: Spellcaster
Backround: His fluid body rolls with magical energy, capable of bending reality to his will, with certain limitations of course. Born of boredom, he is among the first of his kind, having evolved from some old world experiment that was released upon the world some many centuries ago. He left his tribe on a quest to find another tribe of his kind. Or so was his first goal.

One or two more people and we should be good to go.

I'll have one up later, reserve me a spot.
Name: Vor'kera
Race: Photos
Class: Technology Specialist
Backround: Vor'kera is a member of the Photos' secretive Xylanis Technalis, which are responsible for the recovery, repair, redevelopment, and ultimately, re-integration of many of the lost technologies present in Auralon. While a small Xylanis of less than 300 people, Technaliase are powerful figures thanks to their vast (relatively speaking) knowledge of these lost technologies. Many, such as Vor'kera, have a good deal of lesser technologies, or at least items created from the few technologies that could be reverse-engineered.
Vor'kera himself is rather simple. He doesn't have very much in the way of any advanced technology on him. The only thing he carries is a bladed staff, almost more of a halberd than a staff proper. The blades oscillate at a rate of several thousand times per second, and is decently able to carve through most armor or obstructions.
Otherwise, his gear is fairly simple. He wears a fiber mesh chest-piece (think Flak Armor from 40k. Except in this case it doesn't suck because everything else isn't ridiculously powerful by comparison.) He carries a repeating pistol as a firearm and a belt and pack with an assortment of equipment suitable for dealing with any technology they come across, as well as spare ammo and the like.


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