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Ah! I've read that one. It's great. I kind of want teddy bear aliens...

Also worth looking into is "The Seagull Army Descends on Strong Beach" by Karen Russell. I can only find a preview of it online, but it's worth getting the whole thing somewhere. It's showed up in a couple anthologies so far. (Best American Short Stories of 2010 is the one I own it in)

Great Distance:
Anyone remember that short story linked on this forum a long time ago, where people form a colony in Mars, then some people are genetically modified by aliens to suit different planets? I thought it was really awesome, and would like to show it to a friend.

Anyone remember the name?

Or even better, have a link to it?

Are you talking about All Tomorrows? I'd try to find a link but I'm on my phone.

Great Distance:
Yes! Precisely that one! Thanks! Found it.


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Wow, that was enjoyable! That's a really neat idea.

I've got a collection of novellas called "The Science Fiction Hall of Fame Volume IIA". Most of the stuff in there is pretty good, although the only one I remember reliably is the story "Call Me Joe", which you may know as basically being Avatar but on Jupiter and minus the sex, and also far preceding it. Pretty good, that. They're all 35-60 pages though, don't know if that counts as a short story.

Also, here is a short story I read somewhat recently. It's the movie "The Thing" told from the point of the alien. Really fascinating read, I love reading about alien thoughts like that.


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