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Everything Else / Even Badass Scottish Lumberjacks need help
« on: December 25, 2010, 09:14:45 am »
Hey all how are you all doing? I decided to post this here because frankly I need some of Gaming Steve's bright individuals opinions and overall knowledge on a topic that's pretty important to me. So as much as its weird for me to even be posting this here im going to go for it anyway!

As of a week and a half ago my long time Girlfriend and I were FORCED to split up by here parents. Now this wouldn't have been a problem for me if it had been any other Woman. However as cheesy as it is, this Woman is the first Woman Ive ever said "I love you" to. For me to say that to someone is a big deal, I personally think that phrase is thrown around to easy, and im 100% sure I was genuinely in love with this Woman not just the idea. What makes it tougher is I have known her since I was 14 (20 now) and so were very close always have been.

Now I guess its onto the important part. Like I said earlier we were FORCED to split up by.....*drum roll*....*wait for it*....her parents. Now onto the honesty part of it. For some of the Gaming Steve forum that know me by my real name and not B.A.S. the reason for the breakup may not come as a surprise. So her parents found out both of us together had tried smoking a certain weed from the ground.

Still following? Great, so now that they've found this out they don't want her around me at all. If they know shes out with me or any of my friends they will take away her vehicle, her insurance, her sports and schooling funding. Shes saw me once since the forced breakup and they took away her keys, now there forcing her out of being a waitress because they think that's a bad influence for her as well.

Any ideas on what to do here? I don't want to give up on this, but I'm not sure really what to do! If anyone can help me out here in a smart way please let me know!

Everything Else / Starting a Podcast
« on: January 11, 2010, 09:16:17 pm »
Hey guys, so as some of you may know the Roommate and I are going to be starting a Podcast about all sorts of things, we belive each podcast will be around 1hr 30 minutes to 2hrs long. Were planning on having on each week or one every two weeks.  Currently were still coming up with topics but heres what we have so far.

Hosts Names: Alex E(Roommate):Fr0x, Alex M(Myself): B.A.S.
Topics(In Order)
Intro:We introduce ourselves yada yada
Sports:Hockey, Football, Etc
Mixed Martial Arts: Has its own section because my roommate and myself are big fans and will be more in depth with this. This will include upcoming MMA events, overall discussion of the sport and our training in it!
Games: New Releases, Reviews, Thoughts on the gaming world, Overall discussion of Games
Movies: Same as Above
Music: Same as Above
Technology: Same as Above
World Affairs: Overall World Affairs, like whats been going on lately, new finds, elections that fun stuff!
Food: We both love to cook so we shall share our recipes and our favorite dishes of the week, as well as awesome restaurants to check out!
Drinks: You know what this is about...same as food but it makes you see double. Also once a month (Depending on popularity) we will have a Drink of the month, this will come right after our intro, this is where we introduce what we shall be drinking during the sure hilarity will ensue!
Epic Story of the week: To finish the show we shall all have our epic story of the week, it pretty much sums it up itself. We share something insane that has happened to us during the weekend!
Outro: Unfortunately its the end :(

And between and during all those topics we plan to have lots of fun, off-topic discussions, and breaking into random song! Keep in mind although we will be talking about some serious matters, this is mostly for us to have fun, get our voices out and for the audience to have fun!

Currently were thinking of names for the Podcast, so feel free to contribute as well as for the topics for future podcasts or any stories you find!

We will be making a seperate email address for the podcast that you can send everything to! For now im just seeing what the interest level is like on this forum!

Thanks everyone!

PC Games / Mac Help
« on: July 29, 2008, 01:19:38 pm »
So at the new house im living at the only computer is a Mac/Apple whatever you guys call them, but already Ive had some difficulties with them. First of all and most importantly I cannot use MSN because whenever I try to install it a window flashes up saying "This Program cannot be run in DOS mode" and then theres all this crazy lettering after that which im guessing is code. The same goes for a game I got off the internet, Im thinking the game itself isnt able to run on a Mac because it gives me the same message. If anyone can help me with the MSN problem that would be great, I mean they wouldnt stop people from accessing MSN on a Mac would they?!?

Everything Else / The Highlight Thread
« on: March 24, 2008, 08:03:39 pm »
Hey guys/gals, I was inspired by the Half Life Highlight video in the PC section to make my own thread that centers around Highlights and or Custom made movies that are around the net. I know theres a youtube section but I figured this thread could be used to compile all of the highlights out there from various catagories they dont even have to be from youtube. So lets see what Highlights you guys can get! Dont be afraid to make your own and post them either!

My Found Videos:
GSP Highlight-
Damn straight it had to be the first one on the list! Great use of all the editing tools especially blackouts and it has a badass introduction with props to X-3!
Highlight Reel Video-
Simply awsome video compiling all sorts of great stunts and feats!

Storytelling and Roleplaying / WMMA MetaGame
« on: March 07, 2008, 07:27:11 pm »
Hey guys, I guess its time for my first RP/Meta Game, its called WMMA (World of Mixed Martial Arts) and its based in whatever year we choose to have it in. Now I know some of you arent into MMA or Wrestling as you falsely call it so save your "I dont like Wrestling" comments for another thread. I use a very well made game called WMMA and its highly moddable and customizable features allow you to do virtually anything within the game so its alot of fun. Anyway as I am rather new to making my own MetaGame I would love to have some suggestions from you guys, but first I will post how I plan on centering the game. First of all we will start with some options.
Option 1-Start off with our own Company, with our own fighters
Option 2-Start off with another Company of our choosing
Overall Game Setup
Depending on whether or not we start our own company we will all have to make our own Fighters, the layout information will be provided here.

3-4 Weight Classes depending on what we choose, it goes from heaviest to lightest.We may also add a Womens weight divison if there are any female characters.
Super Heavyweight: 245-+ pounds
Lightweight:146-169 Pounds

There are several "Areas" in which we can choose to begin in some have advantages and disadvantages but those will be listed when the voting for that comes up.
5-South America
6-United Kingdom

This is where things may get slightly complicated, I will post the layout for characters below the actual character information.
Physical Description:
Becomes Active:(Please keep in mind, you cannot become active until you are 18 years old in the game so for characters to be usable there birthday and Activation must be before the time we actually begin the sim)
Based In:Where you live in the game
Fighting Style:
Fight Approach:(Choose from-Regular,Counter Fighter,High Aggresion,Methodical,Explosive,Showman,Intense,Relaxed)

The most important step, this is what defines our characters. Too make things fair we will start out with Points in which to purchase our skills and upgrade our characters, points are awarded after you win a fight or if you get a Fight of the Night,Submission of the Knight or Knockout of the Night.

Starting Points:200
Fighting Weight:105-320 (Please let me know what your fighting weight is, keep in mind this will decide your weight class)

Athletic Type
This determines your "General" attributes from strength,conditioning,reflexes,mobility,chin strength/recovery as well as your reflexes.
Average:0 Points
Above Average:25 Points
Superb:50 Points
Exceptional:75 Points
World Class:100 Points

Base Template
The Base Template adds modifiers to your Character, Level 10 is your average fighter meaning you would get in the 40-50 stat range depending on what type of fighter you pick. Level 15+ are fighters who are naturally gifted and will generally have a range of 70+ depending on the level.
Level 10:0 Points
Level 11:10 Points
Level 12:20 Points
Level 13:30 Points
Level 14:50 Points
Level 15:60 Points
Level 16-70 Points
Level 17-80 Points
Level 18-90 Points
Level 19-100 Points
Level 20:110 Points

Fighter Types
These are what your style and strengths are, they will be listed in no particular strength order.

Ace In The Hole(25 Points):This fighter is well rounded, having a good standing game and strong jiu jitsu skills, but he does tend to prefer to strike and look for the knock out. His weakness is that while he is very good everywhere, he isnt exceptional in any one area.

Beach Boy Gone Bad(30 Points):This fighter is noted for his exceptionally vicious and deadly ground and pound style, as well as his supreme conditioning. His weak point is his stand-up game, although it can only really be exposed by the very best strikers.

Big Daddy's Home(35 Points):This fighter is all about raw power, smashing enemies in a blitz of clubbing punches, whether standing or following a big slam takedown. He is vulnerable to submissions though.

Cyborg(65 Points):This fighter has virtually no weaknesses, and is basically an MMA Machine. He can manhandle opponents when up close, knock them out with his punches when standing, and is almost unbeatable when on the ground.

Enter The Spider's Web(50 Points):This fighter has outstanding Muay Thai, and loves to stand up and strike. He also possesses under-rated jiu-jitsu skills, and is fully able to compete if the fight does go to the ground.

Farm Boy Ground and Pound(45 Points):This fighter uses the normal ground and pound tactics, but uses his exceptional natural strength to make the 'ground' part more devasting, using big bone-crunching slams just as much as traditional takedowns.

Feet Of Fury(40 Points):This fighter is noted for his deadly powerful kicks, but also has good punches too. His weakness is on the ground, but that is hard to exploit because of his solid takedown defence.

Fireball XL(40 Points): This fighter has a strong wrestling background at his disposal, but has also developed a top quality stand-up game and now loves nothing more than to knock his opponent out with his amazing punching power.

Ice Cold Killer(35 Points)-This fighter is a knock out puncher whose power, hand speed and precision make him extremely dangerous. He can be beaten on the ground, but his top quality takedown defence means it is difficult to get him there to begin with.

Man Of A Thousand Tap Outs(25 Points):This fighter isn't particularly dangerous when exchanging strikes, although he can defend them well, but is absolutely deadly on the ground, being a master of submission wrestling.

Pain Prodigy(50 Points):This fighter is naturally gifted, and can do it all. He is extremely flexible and uses that to his advantage when using his incredible jiu-jitsu skills. He has good hands too, and can knock out, people just as easily as he can make them submit.

Rampaging Onward(35 Points): This Fighter is strong and supremely aggressive, he loves to pick up and slam his opponents. He is more than capable of knocking opponents out with his heavy hands, and he is also a top quality wrestler too.

Rush Job(50 Points): This fighter is one of the new breed; a competitor who can do it all. He can wrestle, use jiu-jitsu, and use takedowns to setup submissions, and also has KO power in his hands. He has no specific weak points to his game.

Skull Of Steel(45 Points):This fighter has a Greco-Roman wrestling background, but seems to prefer all out brawls where his heavy hands, incredible determination and legendary thick skull make him difficult to beat. He also has fine submission skills at his disposal.

So I faced An Axe Murderer(25 Points):This fighter is all about intensity, coming at his opponent hard and fast, looking to simply blow them away with a whirlwind of punches, kicks and knees all designed to get knock outs.

Welcome To Hollywood(50 Points):This fighter is a truly exceptional wrestler, but has grown to become a multi-dimensional competitor, boasting KO power in his hands, a vicious ground and pound attack, and an excellent submission game. It's very difficult to spot a weakness.
Alright thats it, remember every point must be spent and you must choose a Fighter Template. If you have any questions please let me know. Also you must have a character for every weight class.

Everything Else / People can be stupid sometimes! (Rant/Sharing)
« on: January 11, 2008, 04:55:33 pm »
Hey guys, I needed too vent this bad plus I want too know if anyone has had the same kind of problem I just recently experienced.

I was walking my two dogs today about 1hr ago, I walk by this young couple relaxing infront of there house and I nod too them but they just look at me and dont even do anything. The Mom (I guess) is parked just infront of the house on the other side of the road and watches me with alot of interest as I walked by and after a few steps I hear this, "Hey do you mind coming here for a moment", says the Mom. I figure she just wants too know what kind of dogs I have as this has happened several times before. She has a slight smile on her face and the couple get up and walk towards the end of the yard and lean on there car. I say "Hey!" with a smile on my face. Suddenly her whole face changes, "Was it worth it", she replies. I tilt my head obviously unknowing too whats going on. "Was it worth breaking my sons car with a rock and stealing his phone? He had too pay $300 dollars for everything you know!". I suddenly realize whats going on, I turn towards the couple and the young man is just looking right at me but he seems unsure. "Im sorry but I think you have the wrong person I really do". I sounded stupid but hey it was alot too take at once. "No your the one, my son chased after you and couldnt even catch you, why would you even do something like that". At this point I was completely aware I hadnt done this in my sleep or was under some sort of drug as anyone on the planet can easily catch me Im a horrible runner even when under pressure. Not too mention I was aware she had made up her mind already and I was the Theif.

"I dont know whats going on...but it wasnt me", I continued too say as I looked back from the young man too his mother. "Is this not the kid who you chased after", spoke the mom too her son. He simply nodded and then brief added almost unsure of himself, "It looks like him I guess", he said with a shrug after a slight pause and stare from me. I chuckled at this point, "Look man, I really think you guys have the wrong person, I dont do this kind of stuff..Im really sorry too hear about this but It wasnt me". I looked at both of them straight in the eyes. Then she said, "So on Monday of this week you didnt leave at 10am and smash my kids car and take his cell phone". "No I-", I was cut off by the kid, "They get out at 11, thats when there lunch is". Then I spoke up a bit of irritation in my tone, "Look if it was at 10 I would have been in class, I go too GP thats Guildford Park. You can go there and find out, if its that important too you. Secondly if it was on Monday and at Lunch time I can get alot of people including my law teacher too tell you that I was in the Cafateria, Infact I had Lasagna and Coke for lunch". The Mom laughed sarcastically obviously PO'd and very frustrated, the kid just shook his head. "You just dont get you?", spoke the Mother. I didnt say anything, "You have no idea what your talking about at all", she said again. "I have no idea what your talking about thats right", I spoke out..extremely angry now that she would insult my intelligence in such a way. "This all happened LAST MONTH", she said. I was silent for a few seconds, "Last Month?", I said again.

She shook her head, "Yes thats what I said", I laughed, "Silly me I thought you said it was monday of this week", I looked again at the young man and he instantly lowered his eyes as did his girlfriend. I than looked back at the Mother who obviously didnt notice. "Well if it was last month I can let you know that I was in FortMcMurray, Alberta". "Can you prove it?", she spoke out her hand waving in the air. "I sure can, I can give you my Iternerary,infact my dads home right now, why dont you go over there...all of us and we'll sort this out". (Hope I spelt that right) She looked kind of hesitant now, "Fine by me where do you live". I gave her my name,number and address and then continued on my way, she began talking too her son and the girlfriend while I walked down the street. I got up too my door and saw her pass and point at my house, I figured she was just giving herself the mental image of where I lived. I walk in tell my stepdad everything that happened, he laughed about it all and said if it was so important too her she has our phone number and address. I still felt extremely PO'd, I didnt want too have too walk by that house everyday and think that someone else belived I was a felt like an insult and tarnish on my name and I was shaking all over with anger. I phone up my mom and let her know that when she comes home were all going over too there house and getting everything straight.

Currently my mom will be home in 10 minutes and I can finally get this over with. I needed too vent and this helped made me think. So I want too make a discussion out of this, has anyone themselves had a problem like mine where someone has already made up there mind on you? Or that they belive your guilty of something your not? Share your stories. I will tell everyone how this goes when I get back.

Everything Else / How many five year olds could you take?
« on: December 26, 2007, 06:05:53 pm »
Just a fun game I found on another forum, has some hilarious questions and the morality of it all is just great. I often have lay in bed pondering just how many 5 year olds I could take. Im sure nobody will be a Neo but we'll just see.

P.S. Let me know if this should be in Forum games! ENJOY!

I was able too take 36 Five year olds out before finally falling.

theres the link!

Everything Else / Community Appreciation
« on: November 30, 2007, 04:20:01 pm »
Hey everyone, theres a few words Ive wanted too share with the entire Community. Ive been thinking about the best way too say this but I guess it will just come too me as I type this out. I want too start by saying Ive been here for a while, not as long as Patman and whatnot but its been a while. Although my post count seems too be rather noobish. My personal internet bio aside I wish too thank the entire community of Gaming Steve. Ive been too forum after forum since I started the whole Internet thing back in 2001. I remember the first Forum I went too was for the upcoming game was called Alter Ego at the time. The Forum was Egomaniacs it was similar too Gamingsteve, there we built a community and made friends. We had forum games, off-topc conversations it was great. But slowly it died out, we still have a vet forum where we talk from time too time with the vets (MSN took the forums over). Since then ive been from Forum too Forum. Many Forums have communities that die out due too flame wars or the Moderators just dont give a damn about whats going on and simply ban the odd person here and there too keep the level of flames down. But here its different.

I want too thank Gamingsteve for making an amazing site, it covers events in the gaming world and had some killer Podcasts. Even though he cannot be on as much as people would like he still has a great rep in my opinion. He made this place what it is and Im thankful for that!

Next I want too thank the Moderators. If anything they are the best and brightest Mod's I have ever seen on a forum. They are interactive with the community, fair and respectful. They dont use there power as a way too instill fear amongst the community instead they use it too make the community better. There human beings who understand why people do certain things and for this I rate them easily the best mods I have ever seen. I have been too so many forums where the Moderators use there power too submit the Members into not starting flame wars. Heck a forum I am currently part of is rank with power abuse. If a member has a different viewpoint on something the Moderator does he will get banned! Mods your the best!

Next I want too thank the Members, some of you I know others I dont but you are what make the Community. I havent see such a classy community in the entire time ive been on the internet. Your logical, understanding and helpful. I feel like I dont have too really watch what Im typing for fear of getting the typical: "Nice wall of text, I wonder what it says", kind of crap. I appreciate the politeness that everyone shows eachother. Sure we have our ups and downs but we are easily one of the best Communities out there.

So too end it all I just want too say Thanks. Im sure its unneccesary but I felt like I had too say it. Too GS, the Mods and too the Community: Thank you all, your a great Community one I hope will continue too be great for many more years too come!

Console Games / Xbox Live Help
« on: November 10, 2007, 02:20:24 pm »
Hey everyone, got my xbox 360 middle of october and after completing Halo 3 I have the craving for some live action only ive encountered several problems. First of all I looked at the xbox live site and I have no idea what there talking about with all there various methods of getting the cable too the computer and what not (Im an idiot when it comes too computers), alas I came here as I belive you'll be able too help me with my problem. So let me get started.

Appearently I need too hook up two ethernet cables (I think thats them) too connect too xbox live. I have the xbox 360 elite so im sure it comes with it. But heres my problem, looking at the cable it appears it wont be big enough too get into the next room over. The way its setup is that my xbox 360 is in my room which is beside the computer room and the cable is just waaay too short too reach the computer room even if i was too drill a hole in my wall (Which is not an option). So I ask you, is there anyway I can possibly buy another cable (Are they cheap/expensive?) or is there anything else I can do? Im looking for the easiest/fastest and least expensive way of doing this. Any other information you need just let me know!

Thanks alot!

Everything Else / The Liger
« on: October 12, 2007, 06:28:30 pm »
Hey all, I was having a discussion with some friends in Law 12 when one of the girls mentioned seeing something about a Liger on youtube. So I took a look and lo and behold I find it. This is the first time I have heard/seen about this and I must say its rather impressive!

Everything Else / A Project, I wanted your input on
« on: October 06, 2007, 03:15:45 pm »
Hey all, on Friday I was given a Project by my law 12 teacher who is in my opinion one of the best teachers I know. The Project is in a nutshell something like this. Planet Earth has recently come into contact with several other species of Alien, you are one of these Alien races and have been studying them for thousands of years watching them progress and evolve. I am expected too classify what the Human Race is. So the way I set my page up will look something like this of course I will add alot more.

Classification:Warmongers or Warrior People
The Human Race are somewhat a Warrior people who have fought thousands of battles in the name of Religion,Power and Ego. There has not been I time I do not know about where the entire Planet Earth has been at peace and so this is why I am classifying the Human Race as a Warrior People or as Warmongers since basically every generation has a point where there is a war/important battle.

He than asks us too classify where the Human Race would be on the Alignment scale. Myself I would rate us as being Neutral leaning towards the Evil side. We tend too harm what we dont understand and our Religion can call things we dont understand as Demons or Creatures that will eventually harm us.

So my question is, based on my setup how do you see the Human Race as a whole? What are your thoughts about our people?

PC Games / My Medieval 2:Total War Review
« on: September 01, 2007, 02:38:41 pm »
Hey all, I know its a bit late for a review especially with this game, but I thought I should post one up anyway as Ive been asked a few times what I think about it.  Well I guess I'll just start with my review format. First of all let me say though I am running this game on a "Low End Computer", appearently this shouldnt even work on my comp but it runs fine except for in Sieges where if any type of Siege Projectile is activated my computer explodes, same with if a gate is rammed or opened by a spy. Anyway Moving on!

Graphics-The graphics are great, I have mine on Medium settings and everything looks spectacular from different indinviduals too various assortments of armour on units, theres a great deal of diversity. For those few high lag moments I had the game on the highest possible settings it looked amazing the Trebachutes in my opinion look great because it seems like there actually made out of wood. The moment was short lived when my comp exploded. Compared too games from 2006 I would say the graphics on the highest setting are: 8.5/10

Sound-I dont really know how too score sound, but everything was great from hearing units shouting over the sound of battle too every arrow sliding into some poor fools chest the sound was great: 9.5/10

Gameplay-Medieval 2's gameplay is amazing from massive armies clashing too the Grand Campaigns world map the game is defenitly diverse. First of all the main focus of Medieval 2 is too completely obliterated your opponents mainly through Military might. This is done by simply duking it out on a large battlefield. Combat is easy but extremely fun there are from what Ive seen four different types of units. Infantry,Archers,Cavalry and Siege each type of unit has its own ability that varies from nation too nation as well as a different class. Most Infantry have spears making them great against Cavalry while other Infantry have swords making them good against Infantry with spears and so on. Unit Animations are great, theres stylish finishing blows ranging from sweeping a guy with there weapon and making there axe meet the guys face too a simple stab too the heart followed up by a slicing of the neck its all great. Units have individual duals with eachother as I saw when one of my Scottish Noble Swordsman fought off two Denmark Unmounted Knights. The defending units about too get charged will tighten themselves and huddle close too eachother as they bend there knees an raise there weapons in an attempt too stop the charge, the battlefield is just an amazing experience. The Campaign is a risk style map where your goal is too complete your Nations objectives ranging from holding Antioch too simply defeating your rival. You have a family tree where all of your Family is listed (No ****), as well as adopted sons or daughters. Each Family member have there own traits making them good or bad in combat or diplomacy. Your General can range from being a Drunk too a leader that bans all types of Rum from his army. There are also Retinues, Priests can have Choir Boys who must be kept close too ones self at all time (You know it), or Witch Hunters if there not into the little boys. Although it does have some flaws like the AI's Diplomacy being severely idiotic. I had completely destroyed England too there last City and I asked them too be my Vassal, as well as having all my map information,trade rights and I would pay them for 10 turns and give them 5000 gold each turn, appearently that wasnt good enough. Overall Gameplay:8.5/10

Overall:9/10-A great game with great action scenes and a fun and strategic Campaign map with a few flaws. It hasnt gotten old yet, I just really wish I had a better computer too play the game too its fullest. I suggest buying it if you dont have it already, as well as getting the Expansion "Kingdoms" which Im currently getting as well. Hope this review helped you :)

Hey all, I hope this hasnt been made I searched and couldnt find anything. Anyway basically just put down the one part of your life you could go back too in your life and why. Hope too hear some good ones!

Although Im only 16 I wish I could go back too when I was 12-14 those were the best times of my life so far, everybody was always having a good time and nothing seemed too really matter theres also a few things I wish I could change.

Books / Dragonlance series
« on: May 05, 2007, 12:22:19 pm »
First post in the book section. Anyways lately ive been reading alot of the Dragonlance series although Im just starting out with it Ive only read about three books that I belive are in the middle of the storyline. Ive read Kaz the Minotaur, Doom Brigade and Draconian Measures both of those books are part of the same storyline.

They seem like a pretty interesting series and I think I might start from the beggining. Have any of you read up on the Dragonlance series? If so what books have you read and whats your opinion on the series?

Forum Games / What Pulp Fiction Character are you?
« on: March 20, 2007, 09:01:19 pm »
As the thread name says, what Pulp Fiction character are you? Heres the link.

Heres who I got....
Tired of being underappreciated and manipulated by powerful "others," you fight back. Though possesssing a cold, violent outside, you have a soft, scentimental inside. You love your partner, you cherish family heirlooms, and you want nothing more than to be geniunely happy -- but you don't mind having to kill a couple of nimrods who happen to clutter your path.

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