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Switch - Breath of the Wild 2
« on: June 16, 2020, 06:36:51 pm »
Beep boop. Been a year since the teaser trailer came out. Gotta be something rolling around soon... though I'll settle for some Mario Kart DLC instead.

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Hoping they go with the premise that Ganondorf (this age's incarnation) was not yet possessed by Demise before the Royal Family and the Sheikah figured out the vessel that the evil spirit would inhabit. And so they in turn did an incredibly evil thing and took Ganondorf's life and freedom away from him while he was still just his regular self and not the evil being inhabited by Demise. That'd be pretty slick. Anything Ganondorf did after that would kind of be justifiable as his revenge would be righteous.

Until he gets possessed by Demise and then we have to kill him because THE GODDESSES DEMAND IT. I would also be okay with the angry Grandpa Ganon that we know and love. He's cool too.