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The Choice of Life

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After thousands of year's of Grottian Research they finnally managed to transfer their Sentience into the Universe. Through acquiering access of all Universal energies they became as powerful as gods. Soon Grottian Individuals started to create own Utopias on different planets. You play as Dizon Grottikus, a relatively young Grottian Sentience. You decided to settle an empty planet with a new race and you will bring them to a high level. You will ally with other Grottians, and fight evolutionary Wars with your opponents to become the master of all life.

Task A-1: Pick a planet
A: Harasar - Desert Planet, the oceans do not exist
B: Ayalamih - Mountainious Planet, its rather cold here and water is common in frozen form here
C: Quetzacoto - Jungle Planet, this planet has a high air humidity and is Really hot
D: Urohp - A plain planet, the climate is very mild and Nice here

I chose C because it is a more rigid wild enviroment more due to change. Which makes a more adaptive creature which is strong. Dunno about the high air humidity though.

Oh crap... I just chgose "C" because you know... "C your way out" and then I realized there were choices.

Anyway, I would rather have "D".

I chose C as well, you find more life in a place like a jungle then anyware else.

C wins Rather Clearly by 6 points to nothing

Grottian Political Situation: None at this time
Weather Situation on Quetzacoto: Warm

Dizon Grottikus pondered long before he came to a conclusion. He decided to move to a very humid planet that had developed many plants, and some life whatsoever. He searched the whole planet for a reasonable beginning spot, and he maintained this spot safe for a while until he was completely done with his creation. Then it was done, in a little puddle of mud and gooey green water he created a microorganism.

Our microorganism exists in the waters of the puddle and is floating aimlessly about. Whenever plantlike structures (if you can call them that since they are even smaller than our little bacteria) get in the organisms way, its membrane simply absorbs the plants. After absorbing a certain ammount the cell usually splits up and has a partner. It worked so well. Then one day a rather passive, yet gigantic (in comparison to us) organism started to spread in our area. The organism, which was like huge round hairry blob, started to absorb our little bacteria's food source, and eventually also some of our specimen as well. The bad thing was that none of ours ever noticed the blobs since they were blind.

A: Develop Flagella
B: Develop a sucker
C: Develop a Spike
D: Develop some sort of sensing


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