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Poll Over - New Creature Adventure

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I am going to try the Prison Escape again but i am limiting this new story to 10 people. I figure this is a good number in which can be maintained and kept on track. Plz vote for your favorite 4 in which you would like to participate in the creature story. This story will be the same as before but started over. Of these you pick some will be the prisoners and the other against them in such roles as prison guards and stuff. This will be determined based of the personality of the creature. Note only one creature per creator for this. So if a person drew more than one they may only choose one to play. Once the game has started no one may be added but people may leave if they do not wish to play anymore. This is so people will not be begging to join once started. So if you are not picked just sit back an enjoy the story. The top 10 will be chosen at the end of 3 days.



OK we are restarting the poll to find the final 5.We already know who are the top 5. Now here are the next 5 to be told in the story When the poll ends we will use the first set of 5 and the 2nd set of 5 in the new story.

Top 5 Are

1. Hydromancerx - Naucean - 43 (25.4%)
2. huggkruka - Kazea - 25 (14.8%)
3. Krakow Sam - ViS - 17 (10.1%)
4. Red_Fish - Baobas or Nauruna    - 16 (9.5%)
5. operaghost21 - torpal     - 9 (5.3%)

Ok now i will take those out and restart the poll for the final 5.



Ok then 2nd 5 are ...

Bonemouse - Borark - 15 (11.6%)
Areku - Quillaran - 14 (10.9%)
kcron -  Fuffel or Kares - 9 (7%)
Dake - Rapturians or  Mikan - 9 (7%)
Lambsquirter - Lermiun - 8 (6.2%)

So the order will be ...

1. Hydromancerx - Naucean
2. huggkruka - Kazea
3. Krakow Sam - ViS
4. Red_Fish - Baobas or Nauruna
5. operaghost21 - torpal
6. Bonemouse - Borark
7. Areku - Quillaran
8. kcron -  Fuffel or Kares
9. Dake - Rapturians or  Mikan
10. Lambsquirter - Lermiun


The game can be found here...

The NEW - Prison Escape Adventure!

Well im suprised that u put my two other creatures in the list... as I havent put any info on them I have only drawned them...
but well I think you should pull out zneeezzz from the list if I really have to draw, cuz that i dont have time for...

I think that the Naucean should be in because you made the idea...
The kazea, well that thing was planned to be in from the start
what would a baobas prison be without baobases
and my last choise was the torpal... no comments

as for my entry, well you guys can use the Tschai if you want to because the Kintorrah, bieng a turtle-like race are pretty big, but that defense mechanism of thiers is awesome. although I'm not sure what the Baobas are going to do with it because its a potentially lethal weapon when ingested, but a Baobas wouldn't be stupid enough to eat it, in fact with thier alien physiology it may have no effect, but the stickyness of it will be effective :)

and like Zneezz said, Nauceans, Kazea and Baoabas are integral to the story.

as for having to draw, I'll try my best, although I could send it to Hydro or Hugg to touch it up if needed.

My my... never thought my creature would be on the list  :o

dont really care if it gets in either... ::) probably wont  :P

I didnt even vote for mine anyway....

If I get in I'll use the Odosan


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