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Okay, after reading several spore creature ideas on different pages ill come up with my own,
I will write a little story of our creature, what happens to the creature and then i put 4-8 options that are part of their evolution,
you just vote for it thats it ;)

After developing into a multicellular underwater flea (2mm), we swim aimlessly arround in the ocean eating of plants and small particles in the water. We are shaded transparently and we have no real defenses yet, however, out of luck we feasted well for years and we breeded. Our only predator at this moment is the Limfish, a gigantic red fish with 6 fins(2cm). We lay an egg:

A: Grow fins (faster movement in water, it gets easier to get away from our predators)
B: Grow Bigger (we can feast on different food but we become preyed upon easilier)
C: Grow Tiny Horns (helps us defend against Limfish)
D: Grow Legs (Little stumbly legs that would lead us to the ground of the pond we live in)

I think this would technically go in forum games, but anyway...

is 2 centimeters like 2 or 3 inches? right? and its pretty funny to call the fish gigantic even though its tiny, but it would be gigantic to the water flea :)

I vote D.

2cm is about 0.8inches 1inch = 2.5cm
sorry ill learn the inchsystem!!!

I Vote for A, you cant fight a gigantic 2 cm monster  ;)



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